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Episode 32: Apps and Good Intentions – AppStories
I have quite a few apps I've collected over the years and use only a portion of them. I don't know if this podcast helps me focus on a few that I want to try to get into a workflow, or hinders by adding potential apps to the fray.
ios  apps  FedericoViticci  JohnVoorhees  podfodder  linkfodder 
3 days ago by vanderwal
Track Changes Podcast: Transcript: Rob Dubbin Goes Off-script
I deeply enjoy TrackChanges Podcast, but this one really was a gem for me as it got into the discussion of living documents and transparency needed when things change in documents (objects).
PaulFord  RichZiade  RobDubbin  StephenColbert  writing  transparency  scripts  scriptio  etherpad  livingdocuments  podcast  podfodder  linkfodder 
22 days ago by vanderwal
‘WTF?’ author Tim O’Reilly says tech and business elites are setting the world up for ‘war and revolution’ - Recode
I've missed having regular doses of Tim O'Reilly discussions and need to fix that. This was a great reminder as to what I love about his work and focus.
TimOReilly  KaraSwisher  podcast  ftw  innovation  tech  techculture  civicteck  podfodder  linkfodder 
5 weeks ago by vanderwal
Mac Power Users #399: Workflows with Merlin Mann - Relay FM
One of my favorite sessions whenever Mac Power Users does it is the Merlin Mann workflow podcast. They are always filled with insight, shared frustrations, and great link lists.
mac  MerlinMann  KatieFloyd  DavidSparks  ios  podcast  podfodder  users  inkfodder 
6 weeks ago by vanderwal
Presentable #31: Designed in California - Relay FM
Jeff Veen interviews Justin McGuirk about the California: Designing Freedom exhibit he curated. There is so many good things in this podcast that are fodder for further exploration.

I really love this one.
podcast  JeffVeen  JustinMcGuirk  LondonDesignMuseum  design  california  museum  exhibit  podfodder  linkfodder  blogfodder 
8 weeks ago by vanderwal
Presentable #28: Everything You Know About Web Design Changed Last March - Relay FM
Great Jeff Veen interview of Jen Simmons, of Mozilla about the newest round of web standards and foundations of web design. It also is a look at how web standards are now created.
JenSimmons  css  web  webdesign  design  standards  JeffVeen  podcast  podfodder 
august 2017 by vanderwal
The New Golden Age of Bookmaking
There is so much in this that resonates and triggers conversation desire.
CraigMod  FrankChimero  books  design  workflow  writing  podfodder  blogfodder 
july 2017 by vanderwal
Presentable #27: Designing Hardware is Insanely Difficult - Relay FM
I loved this chat with Matt Webb, I hadn't realized how much I miss his perspective and a solid modern way of deconstructing design of a product.
JeffVeen  MattWeb  genmon  prototyping  hardware  design  deconstruction  humancentereddesign  uxd  ucd  podfodder 
july 2017 by vanderwal
Jen Dary Wants You To Pluck Up – Track Changes
Another Track Changes gem. This time employee development is the focus. No. Not HR, which is a different beast and not aimed at getting the best from an employee or the employee from their job.
TrackChanges  RichZiade  PaulFord  JenniferDary  employment  podfodder 
may 2017 by vanderwal
Episode 113 — WeChat, China, and Apple | Exponent
There is so much good in this episode. The idea around later mover with lower cost simpler product is something I've been mulling the last few weeks, particularly after the Jive purchase.
podfodder  JamesAllworth  BenThompson  podcast  economics  business  linkfodder 
may 2017 by vanderwal
Track Changes Podcast #33: A Conversation with Michael Bierut and Jessica Helfand, Part One…
Helfand uses the phrase "tricks for biscuits" as a method of learning for those students who want to know how to get a good grade and do those thing, but not those there to learn.
design  podfodder  PaulFord  RichZiade  MichaelBierut  JessicaHelfand  teaching  seeing  blue  yale 
october 2016 by vanderwal
Episode 089 — Move On from the 80s | Exponent
Above and beyond the usual excellence. So many themes I have been talking with others about over the last 10 years hitting more mainstream, but also ignoring the shifts are detrimental. Some of my favorite themes in this are "there isn't a one size that fits all", "focus on the user and their needs not the need of CIO / IT is the only way to be successful", and the painfully poor old model of large expensive consulting and "integration" of large enterprise systems that mostly user not overly useable nor provide value, but do provide some improvement over what was in place prior, but create other problems.
JamesAllworth  BenThompson  enterprise  business  onesizedoesntfitall  oneside  softwareasservice  efficiency  cloud  linkfodder  blogfodder  podfodder 
september 2016 by vanderwal
5by5 | The Big Web Show #141: Big Web Show 141: CSS Grid Layout With Rachel Andrew
Good intro to Grid Layout and what is coming (finally) to web layout with grid layout that supports columns intelligently.
podfodder  css  JeffreyZeldman  zeldman  RachelAndrew  gridlayout  web  webdesign  webdev 
january 2016 by vanderwal
Welcome to Macintosh: 6: Somewhere In My Memory
Sounds in our environment trigger music. A brilliant collection.
music  sounds  podfodder  mac 
october 2015 by vanderwal
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