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Koya Bound — Eight Days on Japan's Kumano Kodo
Stunning photography, great design, and wonderful narrative of a trek through an amazing place.
DanRubin  CraigMod  photography  japan  maps  travel  walk  hike  personaldata  quantifiedself  linkfodder 
december 2016 by vanderwal
Episode 089 — Move On from the 80s | Exponent
Above and beyond the usual excellence. So many themes I have been talking with others about over the last 10 years hitting more mainstream, but also ignoring the shifts are detrimental. Some of my favorite themes in this are "there isn't a one size that fits all", "focus on the user and their needs not the need of CIO / IT is the only way to be successful", and the painfully poor old model of large expensive consulting and "integration" of large enterprise systems that mostly user not overly useable nor provide value, but do provide some improvement over what was in place prior, but create other problems.
JamesAllworth  BenThompson  enterprise  business  onesizedoesntfitall  oneside  softwareasservice  efficiency  cloud  linkfodder  blogfodder  podfodder 
september 2016 by vanderwal
Facebook recommended that this psychiatrist’s patients friend each other | Fusion
The hazard of using address books to recommend people to connect with in social platforms gets worse when that is a mental health worker or doctor's professional adress book. but with Facebook this is also location based recommendations that don't involve address books.
facebook  security  privacy  contacts  linkfodder  location  locationbased 
august 2016 by vanderwal
U.S. Energy Data
Want to know how ALL the energy in the US gets generated and used? Here ya go: @OtherLab @Saul_Griffith #2MA
energy  interactive  economics  graph  visualization  dataviz  linkfodder 
august 2016 by vanderwal
Home | TripMode | Your mobile data savior.
A wonderful menubar app that allows ease of blocking network data access for use when traveling using mobile data or when on a web video conference / call.
osx  travel  mobile  mac  linkfodder 
august 2016 by vanderwal
Don’t Replace People. Augment Them. — What’s The Future of Work? — Medium
Hmm, I really like this @timoreilly piece on the role of augmentation / robotics -
ai  augmented  TimOReilly  linkfodder  blogfodder 
july 2016 by vanderwal
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