novel writing software - bibisco
bibisco is a novel writing software that helps writers to develop characters,design novel structure,organize chapters and scenes,analyze the novel.
software  writing  applications  linux 
january 2017
Glass Bottles & Jars | Mason Jars | Auckland | NZ
Glass bottles and mason jars for use as preserving jars, drinking vessels, presenting homemade treats and more. Bulk discounts apply!
preserving  vendors 
april 2016
Time to Make Homemade Pickles
Turning cucumbers into pickles is one of the best ways to store them and is remarkably easy if you follow these simple tips...
pickles  gherkins  preserving 
april 2016
10 Must Have Indicator Applets for Ubuntu 12.04
Indicator Applets are very useful in terms of providing quick information and play a very important role in overall Ubuntu experience. Here are my top 10 "must have" indicator applets for Ubuntu 12.04.
april 2016
Paletton - The Color Scheme Designer
In love with colors, since 2002. A designer tool for creating color combinations that work together well. Formerly known as Color Scheme Designer. Use the color wheel to create great color palettes.
web-dev  colour-picker 
march 2016
Flytext | Online Dropbox Text Editor
Flytext is a simple, free online text editor that lets you create and edit text files in your Dropbox account from any web browser.
dropbox  text-editors  flytext  cloud-applications  web-apps 
march 2016
A simple and distraction-free text editor
text-editors  dropbox  web-apps  cloud-applications  writing  write-box 
march 2016
Perfit Utility Jars 500mL Case of 12 - Jars - Preserving - Cooks Tools | Milly’s Kitchenware
Preserve your kiwi summer with these classic preserving jars made in New Zealand. Each of the jars come with a seal and band. Available in a case of 12.
february 2016
3 Ways to Mend Holes in Blue Jeans
Here are three easy ways to mend holes in blue jeans that don't require you to be an expert seamstress. Extending the life of a pair of blue jeans is a great way to save money on clothes.
sewing  diy 
january 2016
Responsive Web Layouts for Mobile Screens: Intro, Tips and Examples - Hongkiat
Designers have it tougher now than before. We not only have to design for stationary devices, but also mobile devices like the tablet and smartphones, and since
web-dev  responsive-layouts  mobile 
december 2015
Jackie French the magic of groves
Comprehensive list of shit that grows in the shade.
garden  permaculture 
november 2015
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