Electrode sensor transfers biometrics via cloud | MobiHealthNews
A new elastic electrode sensor paired with a wireless communication module can noninvasively monitor a patient’s biometric data and send it to a doctor via the cloud. Jae-Hyun Chung, an associate professor of mechanical engineering at the UW, is quoted.
Department:Mechanical.Engineering  !UWitM  2018  College:Engineering  Mobi.Health.News  natl  Chung.Jae-Hyun 
13 hours ago
Get ready for major cold wave as Arctic blast heads toward Western Washington | KNKX
Bundle up and brace for what could be the coldest weather western Washington has seen in a long while, says UW atmospheric scientist Cliff Mass.
Mass.Cliff  !UWitM  2018  weather  wawx  College:Environment  Department:Atmospheric.Sciences  KNKX  regl 
14 hours ago
Record-low unemployment rate in Yakima County is good news, but brings a new set of challenges | Yakima Herald
Yakima County, like the rest of the nation, had a slow and tepid recovery in the years following the Great Recession. Marieka Klawitter, professor of public policy and governance at the UW, is quoted.
Klawitter.Marieka  !UWitM  2018  Evans.School  Yakima.Herald  regl 
14 hours ago
How on earth did Seattle’s train tracks wind up in mudslide zones? | KUOW
Landslides on railroad tracks along Puget Sound frequently delay trains. Dave Montgomery, a geologist at the UW, is quoted.
Montgomery.David  !UWitM  2018  Department:Earth&Space.Sciences  College:Environment  regl  KUOW 
14 hours ago
Advocate wants I-5 converted into corridor for autonomous vehicles | KIRO 7
The idea of getting around Seattle in an autonomous car excites Tom Alberg. He'd much rather not be driving. Don Mac­Kenzie, a professor of civil and environmental engineering at the UW, is quoted.
MacKenzie.Don  !UWitM  2018  KIRO  transportation  College:Engineering  Department:Civil&Environmental.Engineering  regl 
14 hours ago
Back-to-back Mexico quakes offer clues about the Northwest | KING 5
The scenario of back to back large earthquakes is not out of the question in the state of Washington. Bill Steele of the UW-based Pacific Northwest Seismic Network is quoted.
Steele.Bill  !UWitM  2018  PNSN  earthquakes  KING  regl 
14 hours ago
DNA data storage gets random access | IEEE Spectrum
Researchers have devised a system to recover targeted files from 200 megabytes of data encoded in DNA. Luis Ceze, professor of computer science and engineering at the UW, is quoted.
Ceze.Luis  !UWitM  2018  IEEE  natl  DNA  College:Engineering  Allen.School 
14 hours ago
How UPS delivers faster using $8 headphones and code that decides when dirty trucks get cleaned | MIT Technology Review
UPS's EDGE program has sparked changes in everything from how workers place packages inside delivery trucks in the morning to how the vast army of temporary hires that UPS recruits during the busy holiday season are trained. Barbara Ivanov, a logistics expert at the UW’s Supply Chain Transportation and Logistics Center, is quoted.
transportation  Supply.Chain.Transportation  College:Engineering  !UWitM  2018  MIT.Technology.Review  natl  Ivanov.Barbara 
14 hours ago
Why even a moth’s brain is smarter than an AI | MIT Technology Review
A neural network that simulates the way moths recognize odors also shows how they learn so much faster than machines. Charles Delahunt, a postdoctoral researcher in applied mathematics at the UW, is quoted.
Delahunt.Charles  students  MIT.Technology.Review  !UWitM  2018  natl  College:Engineering  Department:Applied.Mathematics  College:Arts&Sciences  Department:Electrical.Engineering 
14 hours ago
Melania Trump’s ‘humiliation’ endurance questioned as she’s compared to ‘prop in husband’s reality show’ | Inquisitr
Just yesterday a picture circulated online showing Melania and Donald Trump sharing an intimate moment while seemingly unaware that someone was lurking nearby with a camera. UW sociologist Pepper Schwartz is quoted.
Schwartz.Pepper  !UWitM  2018  natl  Inquisitr  Department:Sociology  College:Arts&Sciences 
14 hours ago
How Russia exploited Black Lives Matter, Sean Hannity and mass shootings | Mother Jones
On Friday, special counsel Robert Mueller indicted thirteen Russian nationals for attempting to sabotage the 2016 US elections. Ahmer Arif, doctoral candidate in human centered design and engineering at the UW, is quoted.
Mother.Jones  !UWitM  2018  natl  Starbird.Kate  Human.Centered.Design&Engineering  College:Engineering  Arif.Ahmer 
14 hours ago
Editorial | Olympics are reminder of high stakes in Korean Peninsula | The Seattle Times
"One triumph at the Winter Olympics that’s worth celebrating is South Korea’s success convincing the United States to engage in talks with North Korea," writes The Seattle Times Editorial Board. David Bachman, professor of international studies at the UW, is quoted.
Bachman.David  !UWitM  2018  Jackson.School.International.Studies  Seattle.Times  regl 
14 hours ago
Seattle arboretum loop trail opens up new vistas, opportunities | The Seattle Times
Try to imagine building an asphalt trail through the exhibition halls of the Seattle Art Museum — wending your way around paintings and sculptures, or through the Burke Museum — dodging dinosaur bones, carvings and masks. That’s what it was like to design and construct Washington Park Arboretum’s loop trail, which quietly opened to walkers, runners and cyclists in November. Fred Hoyt, interim director of the University of Washington Botanic Gardens, is quoted.
UW.Botanic.Gardens  !UWitM  2018  Hoyt.Fred  Seattle.Times  regl  Arboretum 
14 hours ago
Opinion | My family fled political turmoil in Greece, and I fear for America | The Seattle Times
"The recent announcement by President Donald Trump for an annual military parade immediately recalled my memories of Greece. Those displays seemed pointless to me then and would certainly be oddities now, but they point to our growing militarism," writes Taso Lagos, lecturer of Hellenic studies at the UW.
Jackson.School.International.Studies  !UWitM  2018  College:Arts&Sciences  Seattle.Times  regl  Lagos.Taso  opinion.analysis 
14 hours ago
Editorial | Open records are in the public’s best interest | The Seattle Times
"There are legitimate concerns about privacy and identity theft. But they do not and should not justify the sweeping closure of public records that the Washington Legislature is now considering," writes The Seattle Times Editorial Board. Ryan Calo, associate professor of law at the UW, is quoted.
Calo.Ryan  School:Law  !UWitM  2018  regl  Seattle.Times 
14 hours ago
Mysterious wind may have felled more than 100 old-growth trees near Lake Quinault | The Seattle Times
Officials from Olympic National Park knew some sort of wind event was the culprit of the downed trees, but nearby weather stations reported only light breezes that night. Cliff Mass, professor of atmospheric sciences at the UW, is quoted.
Mass.Cliff  !UWitM  2018  Seattle.Times  College:Environment  Department:Atmospheric.Sciences  regl  weather 
14 hours ago
Intelligent machines that learn like children | Scientific American
Machines that learn like children provide deep insights into how the mind and body act together to bootstrap knowledge and skills. Rajesh Rao, professor of computer science and engineering at the UW, is quoted.
Rao.Rajesh  !UWitM  2018  natl  Scientific.American  College:Engineering  Allen.School 
14 hours ago
Rare but deadly merkel cell skin cancer is becoming more common | Newsweek
Merkel cell carcinoma — a rare, but deadly type of skin cancer — may be on the rise, according to new findings. Dr. Kelly Paulson, senior fellow in hematology and oncology at the UW, is quoted.
Paulson.Kelly  UW:Medicine  !UWitM  2018  natl  Newsweek 
14 hours ago
Mueller investigation: Russian trolls stoked racial tensions | Vox
An indictment filed Friday by the special counsel to investigate Russia’s involvement in the 2016 presidential election shows the lengths a Russian troll farm went to inflame racial tensions, operating several social accounts that intended to discourage African-Americans from voting in an election shaped largely by racial issues. Research from the UW is mentioned.
Starbird.Kate  !UWitM  2018  natl  VOX  College:Engineering  Human.Centered.Design&Engineering 
15 hours ago
Have an unhealthy relationship with your phone? It might be time you broke up | Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Have you ever looked up from your phone and thought: Where did the time go? And what have I missed? UW Information School professor David Levy is mentioned.
Levy.David  !UWitM  2018  Information.School  Australia.Broadcast.Corporation 
15 hours ago
Lawmakers worry about rise of fake video technology | TheHill
Lawmakers are concerned that advances in video manipulation technology could set off a new era of fake news. Now legislators say they want to start working on fixes to the problem before it’s too late. Research from UW engineers is referenced.
The.Hill  !UWitM  2018  College:Engineering  natl 
15 hours ago
Opinion | The Oxfam scandal shows that, yes, nonprofits can behave badly — so why aren’t they overseen like for-profits? | The Washington Post
Last week, news media outlets reported that Oxfam — well respected for its humanitarian work — had employed aid workers in Haiti who hired prostitutes," write UW professors Nives Dolšak (marine and environmental affairs), Aseem Prakash (Center for Environmental Politics) and Sirindah Parr, UW doctoral student in political science.
students  Washington.Post  natl  !UWitM  2018  Prakash.Aseem  Dolsak.Nives  Center.Environmental.Politics  College:Environment  School:Marine&Environmental.Affairs  opinion.analysis 
15 hours ago
Austin City Council mandates six to eight paid sick days for all private employees | KUT
Austin City Council members voted early Friday to require all private employers in the city to provide employees at least six to eight days of paid sick leave, depending on the size of the company. Jennifer Romich, associate professor at the UW School of Social Work, is quoted. [This story ran in multiple outlets]
!UWitM  2018  Romich.Jennifer  School:Social.Work  regl 
15 hours ago
Roughly 40 percent of Thurston County workers could be replaced by robots, analysis shows | The News Tribune
Roughly 40 percent of workers in Thurston County have jobs that a University of Oxford study has rated as having a high probability of becoming automated in the future. The people in those jobs, in turn, may have difficulty relocating or finding other jobs. Jacob Vigdor, a professor in the UW Evans School of Public Policy and Governance, is quoted.
Vigdor.Jacob  Evans.School  !UWitM  2018  regl  TNT 
15 hours ago
How can I make a living outside of Seattle? Read on | The News Tribune
A Workforce Central report aims to answer what jobs are hot now, what sectors people should be considering, and how to make a living in the South Sound without commuting to Seattle. Rovy Branon, vice provost for the University of Washington Continuum College, is quoted.
TNT  Branon.Rovy  Continuum.College  !UWitM  2018  regl 
15 hours ago
Do you have questions about transportation in Seattle? Here are a few of our previous answers | The Seattle Times
The Seattle Times' year-old Traffic Lab series has received queries and anecdotes from scores of readers. In this round-up of the "most interesting" questions and answers, Mark Hallenbeck, director of the Washington State Transportation Center at the UW, is quoted.
Hallenbeck.Mark  College:Engineering  !UWitM  2018  transportation  Seattle.Times  regl 
15 hours ago
Oregon lawmakers move to ease scrubbing of racist provisions | The Washington Post
Across America, many homeowners and buyers of older properties are shocked to see racist exclusions remaining on deeds, decades after they were outlawed. A bill to make it easier for people to scrub the offensive language from their deeds unanimously passed the Oregon House of Representatives this week. Research by the UW on racial restrictions in neighborhoods around Seattle is mentioned. [This Associated Press story ran in multiple outlets]
AP  !UWitM  2018  Washington.Post  natl 
15 hours ago
Scientists have developed a wearable sensor using cheap tissue paper | Firstpost
Scientists have used tissue paper to develop a Band Aid-sized wearable sensor that can detect a pulse, a blink of an eye and other human movements. Jae-Hyun Chung, an associate professor of mechanical engineering at the UW, is quoted.
Firstpost  !UWitM  2018  natl  Chung.Jae-Hyun  Department:Mechanical.Engineering  College:Engineering 
15 hours ago
Electric vehicle policy finds place in Green Budget suggestions | The Hindu
As part of its proposed Green Budget, the Delhi Environment and Forest Department has suggested a real-time, pollution-source apportionment study in collaboration with the University of Washington.
!UWitM  2018  The.Hindu  natl 
15 hours ago
Delhi govt may provide subsidy for use of CNG gensets in its first green budget | Hindustan Times
In its first Green Budget, the Delhi government is considering incentives for lowering harmful emissions, including for compressed natural gas generators, in transportation and industry. A proposed collaboration with the University of Washington on a pollution study is mentioned.
Hindustan.Times  !UWitM  2018  natl 
15 hours ago
Scientists successfully test a vaccine in mice that could prevent many cancers | Gizmodo
Researchers have tested a vaccine made from stem cells that protects mice from tumors, while other promising vaccines also are in development. Dr. Sasha Stanton, assistant professor at the UW's Cancer Vaccine Institute, is quoted.
Gizmodo  !UWitM  2018  natl  Stanton.Sasha  Cancer.Vaccine.Institute  UW:Medicine 
15 hours ago
Fake videos are on the rise — as they become more realistic, seeing shouldn't always be believing | Los Angeles Times
All it takes is a single selfie. From that static image, an algorithm can quickly create a moving, lifelike avatar: a video not recorded, but fabricated from whole cloth by software. Research by UW engineers is referenced.
College:Engineering  !UWitM  2018  Los.Angeles.Times  natl 
15 hours ago
Seattle job futures looking brighter for low-wage workers | KIRO 7
More people in our state, particularly Seattle and King County, are finding it easier to find new jobs with better salaries. Pedro Domingos, professor of computer science and engineering at the UW, is quoted.
Domingos.Pedro  !UWitM  2018  regl  KIRO  College:Engineering  Allen.School 
5 days ago
Proposed new 'sexting' law could give teens a break | KIRO 7
KIRO 7 goes in-depth on the consequences for teens caught sending nude photos of themselves or their classmates. Sarah Walker, research associate professor of psychology at the UW, is quoted.
Walker.Sarah  Department:Psychology  College:Arts&Sciences  KIRO  regl  !UWitM  2018 
5 days ago
Is Washington weed crossing borders? Conditions are right, some say | The Seattle Times
For more than three months, the state has been using hundreds of thousands of spreadsheets to track its marijuana system. Meanwhile, a gram of wholesale pot costs less than a gallon of milk at the grocery store, and Idaho state police are confiscating more border-crossing pot. Sam Méndez, former executive director of the UW's Cannabis Law & Policy Project, is quoted.
Seattle.Times  !UWitM  2018  regl  marijuana  Mendez.Sam  Cannabis.Law&Policy.Project  School:Law 
5 days ago
UN experts concerned about deportation of US activists | The Washington Post
United Nations human rights experts Wednesday called on the U.S. to protect immigrant rights activists from deportation, saying they’re concerned about a pattern of intimidation and retaliation. Alejandra Gonza, director of the University of Washington’s International Human Rights Clinic, is quoted. (This AP story appeared in several outlets)
International.Human.Rights.Clinic  Washington.Post  !UWitM  2018  AP  natl  Gonza.Alejandra 
5 days ago
‘This is an urgent issue’: Seattle makes little progress on buildings that can kill in earthquakes | The Seattle Times
It’s been five years since an advisory committee recommended mandatory retrofits for unreinforced brick and stone buildings — the type of construction most likely to topple in a quake. There are more than 1,100 such buildings in Seattle and thousands more across the state. A UW building is referenced.
Seattle.Times  !UWitM  2018  earthquakes  regl 
5 days ago
Clues to the mind of Florida school shooter | Psychology Today
Eric Madfis, an associate professor of criminal justice at UW Tacoma, argues that there’s a tendency for the mass media to portray school shootings as pointless, random and motiveless tragedies when they are not.
Psychology.Today  Madfis.Eric  UW:Tacoma  !UWitM  2018  natl 
5 days ago
Space entrepreneur Peter Diamandis is trying to extend people's lifespans — using placentas | Inc
Slowing down the aging process has become an obsession for a growing number of high-profile tech entrepreneurs. Dr. Charles Murry, director of the UW's Institute for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine, is quoted.
Murry.Charles  !UWitM  2018  Inc  UW:Medicine  natl  Institute.Stem.Cell.Regenerative.Medicine 
5 days ago
Another cancer vaccine shows promise in mice | US News
In what researchers call a first step toward personalized vaccines for a multitude of cancers, a vaccine made from stem cells protected mice from tumors. Dr. Sasha Stanton, assistant professor at the UW's Cancer Vaccine Institute, is quoted.
Stanton.Sasha  !UWitM  2018  natl  US.News  cancer  UW:Medicine 
5 days ago
These perfectly imperfect diamonds are built for quantum physics | WIRED
In the mid-2000s, diamonds were the hot new thing in physics. Kai-Mei Fu, assistant professor of electrical engineering and of physics at the UW, is quoted.
Fu.Kai-Mei  WIRED  !UWitM  2018  natl  College:Engineering  Department:Electrical.Engineering  Department:Physics  College:Arts&Sciences 
5 days ago
Florida school shooting is reminder of high rate of gun violence deaths in US | NPR
It was the deadliest school shooting since a gunman took 26 lives at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newton, Conn. On Wednesday, a shooter killed at least 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Data from the UW's Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation is referenced. Ali Mokdad, professor of global health at the UW, is quoted.
Institute.Health.Metrics&Evaluation  !UWitM  2018  natl  NPR  UW:Medicine  Mokdad.Ali  School:Public.Health  Department:Global.Health 
5 days ago
A cancer researcher takes cancer personally | The New York Times
A diagnosis of multiple myeloma, cancer of the plasma cells, motivated Dr. C. Anthony Blau of the University of Washington to come up with an innovative approach to his disease. He combined his research in hematology, his physician wife’s clinical expertise and crowdsourcing to develop an individualized treatment plan.
New.York.Times  !UWitM  2018  Blau.Anthony  UW:Medicine  Becker.Pam  natl 
5 days ago
A ‘landslide observatory’: Scientists study Washington’s Rattlesnake Ridge | The Seattle Times
Researchers are tracking Rattlesnake Ridge near Yakima as it creeps downhill to learn more about unstable hillsides and — perhaps — improve slide prediction. The UW's Steve Malone, Scott Henderson and David Schmidt, all of Earth and space sciences, are quoted.
Schmidt.David  Malone.Steve  Henderson.Scott  College:Environment  Department:Earth&Space.Sciences  Seattle.Times  regl  !UWitM  2018 
6 days ago
Computing power raises the bar for ultrathin metasurface cameras | GeekWire
Imagine a camera that captures pictures on a flat surface, without any need for a glass lens. Such cameras already exist, thanks to exotic materials known as metasurfaces. They’re not yet ready for prime time, but a new approach that relies on heavy-duty computational processing could soon get them there. Shane Colburn, a UW doctoral student in electrical engineering, is quoted.
Colburn.Shane  !UWitM  2018  regl  GeekWire  College:Engineering  Department:Electrical.Engineering 
6 days ago
What would a truly disabled-accessible city look like? | The Guardian
Most cities are utterly unfriendly to people with disabilities — but with almost one billion estimated to be urban-dwellers by 2050, a few cities are undergoing a remarkable shift. A project out of the UW's Taskar Center for Accessible Technology is referenced.
Taskar.Center  !UWitM  2018  College:Engineering  The.Guardian  transportation  natl 
6 days ago
Eat breakfast after the gym for a spiked metabolism | Men's Health
Scientists set out to discover how timing breakfast around a morning workout could affect appetite for the rest of the day. A UW study is referenced.
Mens.Health  !UWitM  2018  natl  health 
6 days ago
Roses are red, are you single, we wonder? 'Cos this moth-brain AI can read your phone number | The Register
A pair of academics, UW's Charles Delahunt (electrical engineering) and J. Nathan Kutz (applied mathematics), have reproduced part of a moth's brain as an artificial neural network – and taught it to recognize numbers to a fairly high accuracy with just a few training examples.
The.Register  !UWitM  2018  natl  Department:Electrical.Engineering  College:Engineering  Department:Applied.Mathematics  College:Arts&Sciences 
6 days ago
Decoding the overlap between autism and ADHD | Scientific American
Until about five years ago, the American Psychiatric Association’s diagnostic bible held two conditions — autism and ADHD — to be mutually exclusive. Gail Jarvik, professor of medical genetics at the UW, is quoted.
Scientific.American  !UWitM  2018  natl  Jarvik.Gail  UW:Medicine  autism 
6 days ago
Parents battle for custody to stop trans son from receiving hormone therapy | Vice
A 17-year-old, who currently lives with his grandparents, was told by medical professionals that he should start hormone therapy as soon as possible as part of his treatment for gender dysphoria. Katie McLaughlin, assistant professor of psychology at the UW, is quoted.
McLaughlin.Katie  !UWitM  2018  Department:Psychology  College:Arts&Sciences  transgender  VICE  natl 
6 days ago
Opinion | The key to a successful carbon tax is how you spend the money | TheHill
"Twenty-five countries in the world have taxes on carbon emissions. However, neither the U.S. federal government nor any state has successfully enacted a carbon tax," write UW professors Nives Dolšak (marine and environmental affairs) and Aseem Prakash (Center for Environmental Politics).
The.Hill  !UWitM  2018  natl  Prakash.Aseem  Center.Environmental.Politics  College:Environment  Dolsak.Nives  School:Marine&Environmental.Affairs  opinion.analysis 
6 days ago
Experts fear US losing ground to China on AI | TheHill
China’s public intention to become the world leader in the development of artificial intelligence has many in the United States questioning what the U.S. government is doing to protect the country’s dominant position in the AI race. Pedro Domingos, a professor of computer science and engineering at the UW, is quoted.
Domingos.Pedro  !UWitM  2018  College:Engineering  Allen.School  The.Hill  natl  Artificial.Intelligence 
6 days ago
Opinion | North Korea: An energy portrait and its lessons | Global Policy Journal
Scott Montgomery, lecturer of international studies at the UW, explores how North Korea's drive to acquire nuclear weapons is bound up with its energy needs.
Montgomery.Scott  !UWitM  2018  Jackson.School.International.Studies  regl  College:Arts&Sciences 
7 days ago
Weinstein suit may be turning point, experts say: 'They'll bring him down’ | The Guardian
A new civil rights case filed by New York’s top prosecutor presents perhaps the biggest threat yet to Harvey Weinstein and his former film production company. Mary Fan, professor of law at the UW, is quoted.
Fan.Mary  !UWitM  2018  The.Guardian  School:Law  natl 
7 days ago
Another Earth? UW scientists are intrigued | KING 5
Scientists at the University of Washington say two planets just 40 light years away could be just like Earth. Eric Agol, assistant professor of astronomy at the UW, is interviewed.
Agol.Eric  !UWitM  2018  KING  regl  Department:Astronomy  College:Arts&Sciences  exoplanets 
7 days ago
Stay on task with a plan for productivity | KING 5
Stay on task and plan for productivity with a "ready-to-resume" plan, a concept researched by Sophie Leroy, assistant professor in the UW Bothell School of Business.
KING  !UWitM  2018  regl  Leroy.Sophie  UW:Bothell 
7 days ago
Researchers find no strong link between prenatal ultrasounds and autism | Scientific American
A rigorous new study examining the association between ultrasounds during the first or second trimester of pregnancy and later development of autism spectrum disorder found no evidence to suggest a link between the two. Sara Jane Webb, an associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the UW, is quoted.
Scientific.American  !UWitM  2018  natl  Webb.Sara.Jane  Department:Psychiatry&Behavioral.Sciences  UW:Medicine 
7 days ago
Tracking devices reveal the mysterious world of narwhals | IFLScience
Despite having a cult following among fans of obscure animals, narwhals remain an extremely mysterious creature. Until recently, scientists knew next to nothing about the hangouts, diet, and sex lives of these notoriously skittish marine mammals. Kristin Laidre, a research scientist at the Polar Science Center at the UW, is quoted.
Polar.science  School:Aquatic&FisheriesSciences  College:Environment  !UWitM  2018  IFL.Science  Laidre.Kristin  natl 
7 days ago
Opinion | Assad's Syria plays dirty with US humanitarian aid | The Hill
"Last week's attacks by Syrian government forces on the U.S.-backed army that helped drive ISIS out of Syria, and the U.S. military's retaliation with air strikes on Syrian forces in the southeastern Syrian city of Deir Azzour, create a worrying specter of escalating military action that could ultimately pit the United States against Syria's principal supporter, Russia," write Robert Ford of Yale University and Mark Ward, lecturer of international studies at the UW.
The.Hill  !UWitM  2018  Ward.Mark  Jackson.School.International.Studies  natl  opinion.analysis 
7 days ago
Ultrasounds unlikely to cause autism, study finds | NBC News
A new study meant to show whether ultrasound scans can cause autism appears to have added to evidence that they don’t. Sara Jane Webb and Pierre Mourad of the University of Washington, who were not involved in the study, wrote a commentary published in the Journal of the American Medical Association’s Pediatrics.
NBC.News  natl  !UWitM  2018  Webb.Sara.Jane  Mourad.Pierre  Department:Bioengineering  Department:Psychiatry&Behavioral.Sciences 
7 days ago
Here are the tools that could be used to create the fake news of the future | The Washington Post
At the heart of fake news — meaning deliberately misleading, untrue information presented as a news item — is a simple idea: People often want to believe things that aren’t true. Research by the UW's Supasorn Suwajanakorn, Steven M. Seitz and Ira Kemelmacher-Shlizerman is referenced.
Washington.Post  !UWitM  2018  natl  Suwajanakorn.Suprason  Kemelmacher-Schlizeman.Ira  Seitz.Steven  College:Engineering  Allen.School 
7 days ago
A speech professor explains where Trump's State of the Union fell short — and where it succeeded | Quartz
Matt McGarrity, lecturer of communication at the UW, offers his analysis of President Trump's State of the Union speech.
Quartz  !UWitM  2018  natl  McGarrity.Matt  College:Arts&Sciences  Department:Communications 
8 days ago
Dan Browning | Financial pros and cons of getting married late in life | Forbes
Dan Browning writes of his experience finding love after losing his spouse. Pepper Schwartz, a UW sociologist, is quoted.
Schwartz.Pepper  !UWitM  2018  Forbes  natl  Department:Sociology  College:Arts&Sciences 
8 days ago
Below freezing temperatures could mean snow showers in parts of Western Washington | KNKX
Bundle up and get ready for possible lowland snow in places. Cliff Mass, professor of atmospheric sciences at the UW, is quoted. (This story was published Friday, Feb. 9)
Mass.Cliff  !UWitM  Department:Atmospheric.Sciences  College:Environment  wawx  weather  2018  regl  KNKX 
8 days ago
Geek of the Week: UW’s new iSchool dean Anind Dey happy to be ‘home’ after 13 years in Pittsburgh | GeekWire
After 13 years in Pittsburgh, Anind Dey grew to love many things about the Steel City, including the people, his colleagues at Carnegie Mellon University, the Penguins hockey team and the cost of housing, to name a few. But the Pacific Northwest native, who grew up in a small town in southern British Columbia, is thrilled to be back “home,” as the new dean of the Information School at the UW.
Information.School  GeekWire  Dey.Anind  !UWitM  2018  regl 
8 days ago
What makes opioids so addictive? The brain science behind the epidemic | KNKX
To understand why opioids exert such a powerful pull on human beings, you want to look first to our brains’ natural “happy juice”: endorphins. So says Charles Chavkin, a professor in the University of Washington’s pharmacology department.
Department:Pharmacology  !UWitM  2018  UW:Medicine  KNKX  regl  Chavkin.Charles 
8 days ago
Inslee backs off bullish stance on Kalama methanol plant | The Daily News
On a sunny day in August 2015, Gov. Jay Inslee stood in a grassy park next to the Port of Kalama and extolled a plan to build one of the world’s largest natural gas-to-methanol plants on the banks of the Columbia River. Aseem Prakash, director of the UW's Center for Environmental Politics, is quoted.
Center.Environmental.Politics  !UWitM  2018  Prakash.Aseem  The.Daily.News  regl 
8 days ago
New findings show nearby earth-sized planets could have more water than us | Q13 FOX News
Seven planets orbiting a not-so-distant star may have water, a key component to hosting life. In fact, given the density of a few of the planets, they may have more liquid water than Earth. The findings, compiled by a team of astronomers including some from the UW, show the planets orbiting the star TRAPPIST 1 could have up to 5 percent of their mass in the form of water. Eric Agol, assistant professor of astronomy at the UW, is quoted.
Agol.Eric  !UWitM  2018  College:Arts&Sciences  Department:Astronomy  regl  Q13 
8 days ago
Olympic health: most dangerous sports and injury risk | KING 5
KING 5 interviewed orthopedic surgeon Dr. Chris Kweon from UW Medicine to give insight on the injuries Olympic athletes face.
KING  !UWitM  2018  regl  UW:Medicine  Kweon.Chris 
8 days ago
'Broken Heart Syndrome' is a real thing, say UW researchers | KING 5
Can you actually suffer from a broken heart? Researchers at the University of Washington say yes. UW Medicine cardiologist Dr. Zachary Goldberger is quoted.
Goldberger.Zachary  UW:Medicine  !UWitM  2018  regl  KING 
8 days ago
EPA awards UW $3 M grant to study links between pollution, heart disease | The Seattle Times
The Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday announced a nearly $3 million grant to the University of Washington to conduct a study that will look at air pollution and fatty deposits that clog arteries — a condition known as atherosclerosis. Dr. Joel Kaufman, interim dean of the UW School of Public Health, is quoted.
Kaufman.Joel  !UWitM  2018  School:Public.Health  regl  Seattle.Times 
8 days ago
Washington Legislature considers banning housing discrimination based on income source | The Seattle Times
Legislation in Olympia to ban discrimination by landlords against renters based on sources of income has failed over the years, but that may change this year — with the help of landlords. A 2016 study done by then UW doctoral student Kathleen Moore is referenced.
Moore.Kathleen  alumni  Evans.School  !UWitM  2018  Seattle.Times  regl 
8 days ago
Koch-backed group fights paid sick leave laws as flu sweeps US | The Guardian
This week marks 25 years since Bill Clinton signed the Family and Medical Leave Act, which gives US workers the right to unpaid time off to care for themselves and close family members. UW research is referenced.
The.Guardian  !UWitM  2018  natl 
8 days ago
Broken heart syndrome is real and it can be fatal if not treated right away | Tech Times
From a medical perspective, a person can really suffer from a broken heart. At least one person is afflicted by this condition, according to an expert. Dr. Zachary Goldberger, a UW Medicine cardiologist, is quoted.
Goldberger.Zachary  !UWitM  2018  Tech.Times  natl  UW:Medicine 
8 days ago
Scientists gain insights into the secretive lives of narwhals | UPI
The lives of narwhals have remained mostly a mystery to scientists. But new research is beginning to offer insights into the behaviors and movement patterns of the elusive toothed whales.
Laidre.Kristin  !UWitM  2018  College:Environment  School:Aquatic&FisheriesSciences  Polar.science  UPI 
8 days ago
Search for aliens to employ ‘ESPRESSO’: Black box detection device a more powerful planet hunter | Inquisitr
Astronomers are set to get a powerful boost to their capabilities of detecting exoplanets and in determining whether or not said worlds circling faraway stars are Earth-like. Recent UW research is referenced.
Inquisitr  !UWitM  2018  natl  Department:Earth&Space.Sciences  College:Environment 
8 days ago
'A tiny Band-Aid on a gaping wound': Why crowdfunding can't fill gaps in US health care | CBC News
GoFundMe has become the most popular site for those seeking help with medical bills. UW Bothell assistant professors Lauren Berliner, interdisciplinary arts and sciences, and Nora Kenworthy, nursing and health studies, are quoted.
UW:Bothell  !UWitM  2018  Kenworthy.Nora  Berliner.Lauren  CBC  natl 
8 days ago
Kim Yo Jong: What to know about Kim Jong Un's sister | Time
The younger sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un made history Friday when she paid an unprecedented visit to South Korea during the opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics. Clark Sorensen, a professor of international studies who heads the Korea Studies program at the UW, is quoted.
Jackson.School.International.Studies  Sorensen.Clark  !UWitM  2018  natl  TIME 
8 days ago
He predicted the 2016 fake news crisis — now he's worried about an information apocalypse | Buzzfeed
In mid-2016, Aviv Ovadya realized there was something fundamentally wrong with the internet — so wrong that he abandoned his work and sounded an alarm. A few weeks before the 2016 election, he presented his concerns to technologists in San Francisco’s Bay Area and warned of an impending crisis of misinformation in a presentation he titled “Infocalypse.” Research from the UW College of Engineering is referenced.
Buzzfeed  !UWitM  2018  College:Engineering  Allen.School  natl 
8 days ago
AP fact check: Climate science undercuts EPA chief's view | AP
The head of the Environmental Protection Agency is again understating the threat posed by climate change, this time by suggesting that global warming may be a good thing for humanity. Dr. Howard Frumkin, professor of environmental and occupational health sciences at the UW, is quoted.
AP  !UWitM  2018  Frumkin.Howard  School:Public.Health  natl  Climate.Change 
11 days ago
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