Video games help model brain’s neurons | The New York Times
The Center for Game Science, a group at the University of Washington overseen by Zoran Popović, developed a game that is helping advance neuroscience research.
Center.Game.Science  College:Engineering  Popovic.Zoran  Allen.School  !UWitM  2017 
5 hours ago
Millions in research at UW could be at risk in Trump budget proposal | The Seattle Times
The University of Washington has used federal dollars to fund the construction of 15 research buildings in Seattle. Now the Trump administration is talking about slashing that funding.
Pepper.Marion  UW:Medicine  !UWitM  2017  Seattle.Times  Cauce.Ana.Mari  Arkans.Norm  Ramsey.Bonnie 
6 hours ago
Opinion | Four years after one of the worst industrial accidents ever, what have we learned? | The Washington Post
"What do we know about the economics and politics behind industrial accidents?" write Sijeong Lim of the University of Masterdam and Aseem Prakash, professor of political science and director of the Center for Environmental Politics at the UW.
Prakash.Aseem  !UWitM  2017  Washington.Post  opinion.analysis  College:Environment  Center.Environmental.Politics  Department:Political.Science 
6 hours ago
Some states are making it easier to get birth control | FiveThirtyEight
Although the Trump administration hasn’t yet changed or removed the controversial regulation that requires insurance companies to cover birth control without making patients share the cost, many states are introducing or revising legislation to shore up or expand access to birth control. Dr. Sarah Prager, a UW associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology, is quoted.
Department:Obstetrics&Gynecology  !UWitM  2017  politics  Five.Thirty.Eight  Prager.Sarah 
6 hours ago
Seattle health startup speeds up lab tests to improve use of antibiotics | The Seattle Times
UW startup ID Genomics has developed technology to identify bacteria in 30 minutes, giving doctors all the information they need to prescribe the best treatment while a patient is still in the clinic.
startup  CoMotion  !UWitM  2017  Seattle.Times  Sokurenko.Evgeni  Department:Microbiology  UW:Medicine 
7 hours ago
Avoid conventional wisdom: Healthy soil is the real key to feeding the world | Salon
"One of the biggest modern myths about agriculture is that organic farming is inherently sustainable," writes David Montgomery, professor of Earth and space sciences at the UW. "It can be, but it isn’t necessarily." [This article originally appeared on The Conversation]
The.Conversation  Salon  !UWitM  2017  Montgomery.David  opinion.analysis 
7 hours ago
Climate Change Was the Epicenter of March for Science | Climate Central
Michael Freeman, a graduate student studying forestry at the UW, attended the March for Science in Washington, D.C. He is quoted in this Climate Central article.
Climate.Central  Climate.Change  !UWitM  2017  politics  Freeman.Michael  students  School:Environmental&Forest.Sciences 
7 hours ago
Connelly: Earth Day in Seattle draws thousands to defend science | seattlepi.com
The Earth Day March for Science in Seattle drew thousands to Cal Anderson Park on Saturday, a demonstration characterized by its good-natured participants and their worry that fake news is supplanting scientific fact.
seattlepi.com  !UWitM  2017  Earth.Day 
7 hours ago
Seattle’s March for Science draws thousands on Earth Day — including a Nobel Prize winner | The Seattle Times
“Damn right, I’m in this march,” said Eddy Fischer, 97, professor emeritus of biochemistry at the UW and Nobel Prize co-winner in 1992 for physiology or medicine. He was among thousands gathered at Cal Anderson Park on Capitol Hill.
Fischer.Eddy  !UWitM  2017  Nobel.Prize  Department:Biochemistry  Seattle.Times 
7 hours ago
New museum exhibit highlights 120,000 years on Whidbey | South Whidbey Record
Terry Swanson, a principal lecturer of geology at the UW, is consulting on an exhibit in Coupeville that tells the story of Whidbey very long history.
!UWitM  2017  Swanson.Terry  College:Environment  Department:Geology 
7 hours ago
Saturday’s ‘March for Science’ sparks political debate | Q13 FOX News
The March for Science is an international movement sparked on social media and rejuvenated after the Womxn’s March. Organizers say real science is being marred as fake news or fake facts and funding for important research is being slashed. Cliff Mass, professor of atmospheric sciences at the UW, is quoted.
Mass.Cliff  !UWitM  2017  Q13  College:Environment  Department:Atmospheric.Sciences 
8 hours ago
Island County least sunny locale of lower 48 states | South Whidbey Record
Island County is the least sunniest county in the lower 48, according to a federal study that measures solar radiation. Cliff Mass, professor of atmospheric sciences at the UW, is quoted.
Mass.Cliff  !UWitM  2017  wawx  weather  Department:Atmospheric.Sciences  College:Environment 
8 hours ago
UW gets high marks for commercializing research | The Seattle Times
The University of Washington ranked No. 7 on a list from economic think tank Milken Institute that ranked U.S. universities’ commercialization efforts.
Seattle.Times  !UWitM  2017  CoMotion 
8 hours ago
Letter | Nobel winner was an eccentric genius | The Washington Post
"The April 11 obituary for Hans G. Dehmelt, 'German physicist won Nobel Prize', took me back to my days in the 1950s when I was Dehmelt’s first doctoral student at the University of Washington," writes F.G. Major in The Washington Post.
Washington.Post  Dehmelt.Hans  Department:Physics  !UWitM  2017  students  Nobel.Prize 
8 hours ago
Seattle Week in Review: March for Science, Microsoft acquisition, CoMotion | Xconomy
Xconomy's week in review mentions UW atmospheric sciences professor Cliff Mass; a new ranking that puts UW at No. 7 for patents issues, licenses issued, licensing income and startups formed; and a new grant for a UW startup.
Xconomy  !UWitM  2017  startup  CoMotion  Mass.Cliff  politics  Department:Atmospheric.Sciences  College:Environment 
9 hours ago
Opinion | March for Science, stand as a community | The Seattle Times
"Now, more than ever, we need the power of community to stand for science," write Phillip Levin, lead scientist at The Nature Conservancy and professor of practice at the UW School of Environmental and Forest Sciences; and Mary Ruckelshaus of Stanford University.
Seattle.Times  !UWitM  2017  opinion.analysis  College:Environment  School:Environmental&Forest.Sciences  Levin.Phil 
9 hours ago
Why I'm Marching for Science in Seattle (despite the risk) | KUOW
David Montgomery, a science professor and MacArthur Genius award winner at the University of Washington, told KUOW why he's marching for science on Saturday. [This story was published Friday, April 21 prior to the March for Science]
KUOW  !UWitM  2017  Montgomery.David  College:Environment  Department:Earth&Space.Sciences 
9 hours ago
In 4 days, a river that had flowed for millennia disappeared | Vox
Last year, scientists documented the first “river piracy” in modern times. A photo by UW Tacoma's Daniel Shugar, a co-author of the study, is featured.
Shugar.Daniel  !UWitM  2017  Climate.Change  College:Environment  UW:Tacoma  Vox 
9 hours ago
Joel Connelly | West Coast states fight against Trump's 'Muslim ban 2.0' | seattlepi.com
The attorney generals from 16 states, including California, Oregon and Washington, argue that they will suffer "substantial and immediate harms" as a result of Muslim travel ban No. 2. The UW is used as example of having students who may be directly impacted by the ban.
seattlepi.com  politics  !UWitM  2017 
9 hours ago
First the city, then the state: The fight for an income tax begins (again) | Seattle Met
Seattle Mayor Ed Murray announced his plans to propose the progressive tax in the next several weeks. Justin Marlowe, UW professor of public policy and governance, is quoted.
Seattle.Met  !UWitM  2017  Marlowe.Justin  Evans.School 
9 hours ago
Governor’s phone call impresses UW professor unsure of Seattle March for Science | The Seattle Times
Ed Lazowska at the University of Washington got an unexpected phone call Thursday after saying he planned to sit out Saturday’s March for Science in Seattle.
Lazowska.Ed  !UWitM  2017  College:Engineering  Allen.School  Seattle.Times 
9 hours ago
University of Washington among top schools at turning ideas into patents and startups, study says | GeekWire
According to a new report from the Milken Institute, UW is ranked seventh among U.S. universities in commercializing ideas that come from students, staff and researchers and turning them into patents, licenses and startups.
CoMotion  !UWitM  2017  GeekWire  GIX  rankings 
9 hours ago
Opinion | On Earth Day, check your privilege | Crosscut
"It is communities of color and poor and low-income people who are bearing the brunt of environmental pollution today. And without significant engagement and planning, they will be hit hardest by climate change," writes Thaisa Way, professor of landscape architecture at the UW.
Way.Thaisa  !UWitM  2017  College:Built.Environments  Department:Landscape.Architecture  Crosscut  opinion.analysis 
9 hours ago
Faye Flam | Happy Earth Day — enjoy it while you last | Bloomberg View
Earth's special features make it habitable, not simply being in the "habitable" zone. Peter Ward, professor of biology at the UW, is quoted.
Bloomberg  Ward.Peter  !UWitM  2017  Department:Biology 
9 hours ago
Once more with feeling: Climate models don’t exaggerate warming | Ars Technica
There are several different timeframes we can use to describe climate sensitivity. In a new study, the UW's Kyle Armour (oceanography and atmospheric sciences), points out the flawed methods for estimating Earth's changing climate.
Climate.Change  !UWitM  2017  Ars.Technica  Armour.Kyle  School:Oceanography  Department:Atmospheric.Sciences  College:Environment 
9 hours ago
Is #Hashtagging your environment on Instagram enough to save it? | Smithsonian
Location-based data might help pinpoint key ecosystems — or make conservation a popularity contest. Spencer Wood, a senior research scientist with the UW's Center for Creative Conservation, is mentioned.
Center.Creative.Conservation  !UWitM  2017  Wood.Spencer  Smithsonian.Magazine  College:Environment 
10 hours ago
National Multi-Media Megafires event comes to Seeley Lake | Outdoors Briefs | missoulian.com
Paul Hessburg of the Pacific Northwest Research Station in Wenatchee and the University of Washington helps kick of "Wildfire Awareness Month" at an event in Seeley Lake, Montana.
Missoulian  !UWitM  2017  Hessburg.Paul 
11 hours ago
Biking and distracted drivers | KQED
According to one University of Washington survey, the most cited reason women give for opting out of cycling is fear of distracted drivers.
KQED  !UWitM  2017 
11 hours ago
How Elon Musk and Neuralink aim to meld minds and machines | GeekWire
Three weeks after word leaked out that billionaire deep-thinker Elon Musk was backing a venture called Neuralink, his detailed vision for linking brains and computers is laid out in a 36,000-word white paper. Experiments at the UW are referenced.
GeekWire  !UWitM  2017  Rao.Rajesh  College:Engineering  Allen.School  Center.Sensorimotor.Neural.Engineering 
11 hours ago
UW class launches pair into caffeinated-chocolate business | The Seattle Times
As a class project, two undergrads at the UW’s Foster School of Business dreamed up a company to sell quality chocolates infused with caffeine. Now they’ve got their product on the shelves at Bartells and at Nordstrom’s cafes.
Foster.School.Business  !UWitM  2017  students  Seattle.Times 
11 hours ago
Opinion | UW's proposed new building would encourage innovative teaching methods | Puget Sound Business Journal
"The program we have built at the UW focuses on interprofessional education and collaborative practice," writes Brenda Zierler, co-director of the UW's Center for Health Sciences Interprofessional Education, Research and Practice.
Puget.Sound.Business.Journal  !UWitM  2017  Zierler.Brenda  Center.HSIERP 
11 hours ago
Connelly: Earth Day reminds us that science trumps lies, liars and 'alternative facts' | seattlepi.com
"In 2017, the Earth Day message requires the mind as well as the eyes and nose. Its theme is defending embattled truth tellers, the scientists whose irrefutable findings point to a threatened planet," writes Joel Connelly. UW research and funding is referenced.
seattlepi.com  !UWitM  2017  Cauce.Ana.Mari 
11 hours ago
Analysis | Defending science: How the art of rhetoric can help | San Antonio Express-News
"When they march for science, they will do well to consider insights from the field of study known as the 'rhetoric of science,'" writes Leah Ceccarelli, a professor of communication at the UW. [This article originally appeared in The Conversation]
The.Conversation  !UWitM  2017  Ceccarelli.Leah  Department:Communications 
11 hours ago
How Seattle's March for Science came to be | Crosscut
The March for Science is happening this Saturday in Seattle and around the world. The UW's Luanne Thompson (atmospheric sciences and director of the UW Program on Climate Change), Cliff Mass (atmospheric sciences) and Sarah Myhre (oceanography) are quoted.
Mass.Cliff  Department:Atmospheric.Sciences  School:Oceanography  Myhre.Sarah  Thompson.LuAnne  Climate.Change  Crosscut  !UWitM  2017 
11 hours ago
UW President Cauce: Skepticism is critical to science, but don't be skeptical about science itself | KUOW
University of Washington President Ana Mari Cauce says the federal budget cuts being proposed by President Donald Trump would be devastating for science. So she's speaking up for science, and she told KUOW's David Hyde that scientists should, too.
Cauce.Ana.Mari  !UWitM  2017  KUOW  politics 
11 hours ago
He robbed banks and went to prison; his time there put him on track for a new job: Georgetown law professor | The Washington Post
Shon Hopwood's journey from a bank robbery conviction to becoming a law professor at Georgetown University is chronicled. The UW School of Law granted him a full scholarship that helped make it possible.
Washington.Post  School:Law  !UWitM  2017  students 
11 hours ago
The 25 best public colleges for big paychecks | Money
PayScale's newly released "2017 College ROI Report" tallies earnings as a return on investment, or how much more you earn than a high school graduate, minus how much you paid for the degree. The UW ranks 13th on the list.
TIME  !UWitM  2017  rankings 
11 hours ago
Patterns of death in the South still show the outlines of slavery | FiveThirtyEight
On major health metrics in the U.S., the shaded counties on the antebellum map still stand out today. Ali Mokdad of the UW's Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation is quoted.
Five.Thirty.Eight  !UWitM  2017  Institute.Health.Metrics&Evaluation  Mokdad.Ali 
11 hours ago
IHME releases reports on global health financing, path to universal health coverage | Kaiser Family Foundation
In addition to describing the trends in development assistance for health, this year’s report features an expanded discussion of domestic spending across low-, middle- and high-income countries. The UW's Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation is cited.
Institute.Health.Metrics&Evaluation  !UWitM  2017 
11 hours ago
Analysis | Melding mind and machine: How close are we? | Space
"How close are we really to successfully connecting our brains to our technologies? And what might the implications be when our minds are plugged in?" write James Wu, bioengineering, and Rajesh Rao, computer science and engineering. [This article was originally published on The Conversation]
Rao.Rajesh  !UWitM  2017  College:Engineering  Allen.School  Wu.James  students  Department:Bioengineering  The.Conversation  Space 
11 hours ago
How Elon Musk and Neuralink aim to meld minds and machines with a ‘Wizard Hat’ | Yahoo! News
Three weeks after word leaked out that billionaire deep-thinker Elon Musk was backing a venture called Neuralink, his detailed vision for linking brains and computers is laid out in a 36,000-word white paper. Experiments at the UW are referenced. [This article originally appeared in GeekWire]
GeekWire  !UWitM  2017  Yahoo.News 
11 hours ago
Cities seek deliverance from the e-commerce boom | CityLab
It’s the flip side to the “retail apocalypse:” A siege of delivery trucks is threatening to choke cities with traffic. But not everyone agrees on what to do about it. Anne Goodchild, director of the Supply Chain Transportation and Logistics Center at the UW, is quoted.
City.Lab  !UWitM  2017  Goodchild.Anne  College:Engineering 
11 hours ago
River piracy may be climate change's weirdest effect; it just happened in Canada | Upworthy
Over the course of four days in May 2016, river gauge data shows that all of the water from the Slims River in Canada just ... disappeared. Daniel Shugar, a geoscience professor at UW Tacoma, is quoted.
Climate.Change  !UWitM  2017  Upworthy  Shugar.Daniel  UW:Tacoma  College:Environment 
11 hours ago
Earth Day 2017: Here are the five environmental fights we've already lost | Mic
Mic examines five environmental battles we have already lost, or are very close to losing. Research by Daniel Shugar of UW Tacoma on a recent case of "river piracy" is mentioned.
Earth.Day  Shugar.Daniel  UW:Tacoma  College:Environment  Climate.Change  !UWitM  2017 
11 hours ago
Alien planet could have life | Inquisitr
A recently discovered planet orbiting a star just 40 light-years from Earth might be home to alien life. Victoria Meadows, an astronomer at the UW, is quoted.
Meadows.Victoria  !UWitM  2017  Department:Astronomy  Inquisitr  exoplanets 
11 hours ago
The habitability hype around LHS 1140b is real; here's why | Inverse
There’s more hope that LHS 1140b possesses better odds of hosting life than two other recently discovered systems — and it all comes back to atmosphere. David Catling, a professor in the UW's astrobiology and Earth and space sciences departments, is quoted.
Catling.David  Department:Earth&Space.Sciences  !UWitM  2017  College:Engineering  Inverse  Department:Astrobiology 
11 hours ago
'Pacemaker' for the brain can help memory, study finds | The New York Times
Well-timed pulses from electrodes implanted in the brain can enhance memory in some people, scientists reported on Thursday. UW research is referenced.
New.York.Times  !UWitM  2017  Institute.Health.Metrics&Evaluation 
11 hours ago
Do US strikes send a 'message' to rivals? There's no evidence | The New York Times
The notion that military action in one part of the world will deter adversaries in all others, popular in stump speeches and on cable news chatter, has at times profoundly influenced American foreign policy. Jonathan Mercer, a political science professor at the UW, is quoted.
New.York.Times  !UWitM  2017  Department:Political.Science  politics  Mercer.Jonathan 
11 hours ago
Editorial | A lesson on warming, from an icy river | The New York Times
New UW research on a Canadian river that was diverted due to climate change " should serve as an urgent call to action, not only for carbon reduction, but also to consider the onerous emergency plans that will be needed should those crucial efforts fail," writes The New York Times Editorial Board.
New.York.Times  !UWitM  2017  Climate.Change  College:Environment  Shugar.Daniel  UW:Tacoma 
4 days ago
Cardiac Insight raises $4.5M, wins FDA approval to launch wearable ECG sensor | GeekWire
Kirkland, Wash.-based Cardiac Insight, a UW startup, is hoping to break into the consumer wearables market with Cardea Solo, a lightweight disposable electrocardiogram (ECG) test that monitors a patient’s heartbeat.
GeekWire  !UWitM  2017  startup 
4 days ago
NASA puts $50M into creating fusion thrusters, space robots and more | GeekWire
Fusion-driven rockets, remote control systems for space robots, and satellites that build themselves up in orbit are among the made-in-Washington projects getting a share of $49.9 million in NASA grants. A few projects involve the UW.
GeekWire  !UWitM  2017  Slough.John 
4 days ago
Why tens of thousands could turn out Saturday for Seattle’s March for Science | The Seattle Times
UW emeritus professors John Macklin (chemistry) and Phil Bereano (human centered design and engineering) are quoted in this article about the Seattle March for Science. Ed Lazowska, professor of computer science and engineering, and Tim Essington, UW professor of aquatic and fishery sciences, are also quoted.
Macklin.John  Department:Chemistry  Bereano.Phil  Human.Centered.Design&Engineering  College:Engineering  Seattle.Times  politics  !UWitM  2017 
4 days ago
Newfound alien planet is best place yet to search for life | Space
A newly discovered planet around a distant star may jump to the top of the list of places where scientists should go looking for alien life. Victoria Meadows, a professor of astronomy at the UW, is quoted.
Meadows.Victoria  !UWitM  2017  Department:Astronomy  Space  exoplanets 
4 days ago
Opinion | Why the global March for Science is already a success | The Guardian
"From Oklahoma to Greenland, scientists and their champions will gather on April 22 for the much anticipated March for Science," writes Michael Halpern for The Guardian. Sarah Myhre, an oceanographer and climate scientist at the UW, is quoted.
Myhre.Sarah  !UWitM  2017  The.Guardian  College:Environment  Climate.Change  politics  School:Oceanography 
4 days ago
UW's John Ross: From injury list to 'NFL's fastest man' | KING 5
John Ross, a UW wide receiver, is finishing up his senior year coursework. After tearing first his right meniscus and then his ACL on his left, he had both surgically repaired at UW Medicine. Dr. Albert Gee, an orthopedic surgeon for UW Medicine, is quoted.
Gee.Albert  athletics  !UWitM  2017  KING  UW:Medicine 
4 days ago
Google's cloudy image recognition is easily blinded, say boffins | The Register
Google's Cloud Vision API is easily blinded by the addition of a little noise to the images it analyses, say a trio of researchers from the Network Security Lab at the University of Washington.
!UWitM  2017  The.Register  College:Engineering  Department:Electrical.Engineering 
4 days ago
New clingfish species found | RD Mag
A new species of clingfish that has been stuck in a preserved jar in Australia since the 1970s has finally been identified. A team of scientists from the UW, Texas A&M University and the Western Australian Museum have recently discovered a new genus and species of clingfish dubbed the duckbilled clingfish.
RD.Mag  !UWitM  2017  College:Environment  Department:Biology  Summers.Adam 
4 days ago
Scientists witness first modern case of 'river piracy' | CBS News
Scientists have witnessed the first modern case of what they call “river piracy” and they blame global warming. Daniel Shugar, professor of geoscience at UW Tacoma, is quoted.
CBS.News  !UWitM  2017  Shugar.Daniel  UW:Tacoma  Climate.Change  College:Environment 
4 days ago
Seattle has dealt with more than 130 days of measurable rain | MyNorthwest.com
Tuesday marked the 139th day since Oct. 1 that Seattle has received measurable precipitation. Cliff Mass, professor of atmospheric sciences at the UW, is mentioned.
Mass.Cliff  !UWitM  2017  Department:Atmospheric.Sciences  College:Environment  KIRO 
4 days ago
How climate change dried up a Canadian glacier river in a matter of days | CS Monitor
In only four days, the retreat of the Kaskawulsh Glacier caused the Slims River to suddenly and unexpectedly disappear in an unusual phenomenon known as "river piracy." Daniel Shugar, professor of geoscience at UW Tacoma, is quoted.
Shugar.Daniel  !UWitM  2017  csmonitor  UW:Tacoma  College:Environment  Climate.Change 
4 days ago
Sugary-drinks tax could be in Seattle’s future; here’s how it’s working in Berkeley | The Seattle Times
A new study of Berkeley’s tax on sugary drinks, the first in the nation, suggests it may be accomplishing its goals. Adam Drewnowski, a University of Washington professor of epidemiology, is quoted.
Drewnowski.Adam  !UWitM  2017  School:Public.Health  Seattle.Times 
4 days ago
She had a choice: Defend climate science or keep a Customs officer happy | KUOW
University of Washington professor and climate researcher Abigail Swann tells politics reporter David Hyde about why she signed a protest letter directed at EPA chief Scott Pruitt. She also shares a story about the time a border official told her climate science is a hoax.
KUOW  !UWitM  2017  Swann.Abigail  College:Environment 
4 days ago
The 'Pokemon Go' autopsy: It got people outside | Crosscut
A new UW study finds that parents who regularly play “Pokemon Go” with their children spend more time outdoors, exercise more and have more family bonding time. Paper co-authors Jin Ha Lee and Jason Yip, both Information School professors, are quoted.
Human.Centered.Design&Engineering  Information.School  !UWitM  2017  College:Engineering  Crosscut  Yip.Jason  Ha.Lee.Jin 
4 days ago
UW research shows brain bio-markers help detect signs of Autism in infancy | Q13
Researchers from the University of Washington were part of a North American effort led by the University of North Carolina to use MRI to measure the brains of “low-risk” infants, with no family history of autism, and “high-risk” infants who had at least one autistic older sibling.
autism  !UWitM  2017  Q13  Fisher.Deanna 
4 days ago
How much money could Trump take from science in WA? | KUOW
A quick glance around Lake Union and you can tell there’s a lot of science happening in our state. With the Trump administration threatening cuts to research funding, we examined how much money this could mean for Washington state. The University of Washington is by far the biggest player, bringing in 50 percent of Washington’s grants from the NSF and NIH.
KUOW  !UWitM  2017  politics 
4 days ago
Time on the swings can develop kids' collaborative skills, study finds | KING 5
Spending time on a swing set can help kids learn to cooperate in other activities, a study released Tuesday by University of Washington researchers revealed.
Institute.Learning&Brain.Sciences  !UWitM  2017  KING  Meltzoff.Andrew 
4 days ago
Marriage could bring health bonus to same-sex couples | CBS News
The health benefits of tying the knot may extend to couples of all sexual orientations. A new study shows that older same-sex couples who have married are healthier and happier than their single counterparts. Jayn Goldsen, research study supervisor in the UW School of Social Work, is quoted.
School:Social.Work  !UWitM  2017  CBS.News  Goldsen.Jayn  LGBTQ 
4 days ago
Male robins can guess and satisfy their partner’s food cravings | New Scientist
It’s not just humans who get pregnancy cravings. The females of one bird species also seem to get an itch for certain foods when they are incubating eggs – and their partners are able to pander to their dietary whims, a new study shows. John Marzluff, a UW professor of environmental and forest sciences, is quoted.
New.Scientist  !UWitM  2017  School:Environmental&Forest.Sciences  College:Environment  Marzluff.John 
4 days ago
A river in Canada just started flowing the wrong direction | Popular Mechanics
Climate change has a sent a river in the Canadian Yukon flowing the opposite direction. The finding, from the University of Washington, shows one of "the less anticipated shifts" due to climate change. Daniel Shugar, a geoscientist at UW Tacoma, is quoted.
Popular.Mechanics  !UWitM  2017  Shugar.Daniel  UW:Tacoma  Climate.Change  College:Environment 
4 days ago
A 'river pirate' can be a criminal — or another river | Atlas Obscura
This is a story about climate change, and a glacier in the Yukon, and a muddy lakebed full of miniature hoodoos, but it’s going to start with a brief detour, to more than 200 years ago, some 3,600 miles to the south. Daniel Shugar of the UW Tacoma is quoted.
Atlas.Obscura  Shugar.Daniel  Climate.Change  !UWitM  2017  UW:Tacoma  College:Environment 
4 days ago
Climate change reroutes river in Canada's Yukon | US News
Human-caused climate change has dried up a Yukon river in a shift that has abruptly altered the Canadian landscape, a new study says. Daniel Shugar, professor of geoscience at UW Tacoma, is quoted.
Shugar.Daniel  !UWitM  2017  UW:Tacoma  Climate.Change  US.News  College:Environment 
4 days ago
H-1B visa holders may get more expensive, more educated | USA Today
Companies that want to fill positions with non-U.S. workers on H-1B visas will end up having to pay them more under a new executive order signed by President Trump on Tuesday that could make the business model of tech outsourcing firms less viable. Ed Lazowska, UW professor of computer science and engineering, is quoted.
USA.Today  !UWitM  2017  Lazowska.Ed  College:Engineering  Allen.School 
4 days ago
Scientists have discovered vast systems of flowing water in Antarctica — and that worries them | The Washington Post
The surface of the remote Antarctic ice sheet may be a far more dynamic place than scientists imagined, new research suggests. Decades of satellite imagery and aerial photography have revealed an extensive network of lakes and rivers transporting liquid meltwater across the continent’s ice shelves. Knut Christianson, a glaciologist at the University of Washington who was not involved in the research, is quoted.
Washington.Post  !UWitM  2017  Christianson.Knut  Department:Earth&Space.Sciences  College:Environment 
4 days ago
Fine particles in traffic pollution tied to lower ‘good’ cholesterol | Reuters
People who live near sources of heavy traffic exhaust may be at higher risk of heart disease because the fine particles in this type of pollution lower levels of “good” cholesterol needed for healthy blood flow, a new UW study suggests.
Reuters  !UWitM  2017  UW:Medicine 
4 days ago
Hepatitis C drugs approved for treatment of kids, too | NPR
With the approval this month of two drugs to treat hepatitis C in children, these often overlooked victims of the opioid epidemic now have a better chance at a cure. Dr. Karen Murray, a UW professor of pediatrics, is quoted.
children  Department:Pediatrics  UW:Medicine  !UWitM  2017  NPR  Murray.Karen 
4 days ago
Our climate future is actually our climate present | The New York Times
Some communities will face new problems and varieties of weather; in others, existing ones will intensify. Already-vulnerable societies — the poor, the poorly governed — may be stressed to grim breaking points. Peter Kahn, a UW professor of psychology and of environmental and forest sciences, is quoted.
New.York.Times  !UWitM  2017  Kahn.Peter  Department:Psychology  School:Environmental&Forest.Sciences  College:Environment 
4 days ago
Respecting the environment: Nordstrom + Urban Freight Lab | Nordstrom
The Urban Freight Lab at the UW is focused on addressing the negative logistic and environmental impacts of delivering packages in dense urban areas.
College:Engineering  !UWitM  2017 
6 days ago
In a rare case of river piracy, climate change is the culprit | Alaska Public Media
Scientists are pointing to climate change as the reason a river that used to feed into the Yukon has nearly disappeared. Daniel Shugar, professor of geoscience at UW Tacoma, is quoted.
!UWitM  2017  Shugar.Daniel  College:Environment  UW:Tacoma  Climate.Change 
6 days ago
‘River piracy’ phenomenon taking place at ‘breakneck speed,’ climate change to blame | RT Viral
A river in the Yukon territory in Canada has been re-routed as a result of climate change. Daniel Shugar, professor of geoscience at UW Tacoma, is quoted.
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6 days ago
What caused an entire Yukon river to vanish almost overnight? | Gizmodo
For the past century, the massive Kaskawulsh Glacier in northern Canada has been steadily retreating, but as documented in a study led by the University of Washington Tacoma, this retreat has now resulted in a rare geological phenomenon known as “river piracy.”
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6 days ago
Yikes! A river just changed direction — here's what's blamed | USA Today
The waterflow of a river in the Yukon has been pirated by another due to a glacier retreating. Daniel Shugar, professor of geoscience at UW Tacoma, is quoted.
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6 days ago
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