Common Voice
Voice is natural, voice is human. That’s why we’re fascinated with creating usable voice technology for our machines. But to create voice systems, an extremely large amount of voice data is required. Most of the data used by large companies isn’t available to the majority of people. We think that stifles innovation. So we’ve launched Project Common Voice, a project to help make voice recognition open to everyone. Now you can donate your voice to help us build an open-source voice database that anyone can use to make innovative apps for devices and the web.
mozilla  audio  software 
22 days ago
The Trap Set » with Joe Wong
"The Trap Set is a podcast about the lives of drummers."
podcasts  music 
23 days ago
obensonne / poole — Bitbucket
"Poole is an easy to use Markdown driven static website generator. You write the content of your pages in Markdown and Poole creates a nice and simple site with a navigation menu."
python  web  software 
26 days ago
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