You the Better, Ericka Beckman on Vimeo
super good video with practical effects I saw in the Whitney's inaugural exhibition "America Is Hard To See"

Has that section with the "subdivide" song... so good.
video  art  video_art 
5 days ago
cool visual effect that sort of looks like fire but could be generally useful for any "touch-sensitive" effect with difference colors applied
code  web_dev  Cool_things  projects  illustration  Design 
13 days ago
The Case of Jane Doe Ponytail - The New York Times
really nice video/photo compositions to start off sections. A video scrolls in, locks into place. Square photo scrolls on top. They scroll away together.
design  journalism  projects 
6 weeks ago
Tool for checking color contrast
color  tools  accessibility 
7 weeks ago
Secret 7"
Beautiful, progamatic, typographic animations
art  design  projects  type_design  generative_art  animation 
9 weeks ago
The Passage (Cronin novel) - Wikipedia
vampiric apocalypse book Madeline read in Maine in a tent lol
september 2018
A tool for color contrast and accessibility
tools  color 
august 2018
Major Open Source Project Revokes Access to Companies That Work with ICE - Motherboard
I am under no obligation to have a rigid code of ethics allowing everyone to use my open source software when the people using it follow no such code of ethics.”
articles  news  open_source  politics 
august 2018
The many contradictions in Trump’s relationship with Russia - Washington Post
Nicely designed. Good example of how text organized differently than an article spine can make information much easier to digest
projects  journalism 
august 2018
Nice. This website looks straight out up 2007.
type_design  type_foundry  Design 
july 2018
honestly so cool
Design  web_dev 
july 2018
It's 34,361 and rising: how the List tallies Europe's migrant bodycount | World news | The Guardian
Nice reveal as you scroll: data viz is unmasked along the main scroll axis. Talk about a walkthrough!
projects  journalism  data_visualization  Design  politics  scroll 
june 2018
Kimchi and Asparagus Stir-Fry With Spam and Fried Egg Recipe | Serious Eats
Very good over rice, but I low-key don't understand the parmesan
may 2018
tech company donations
In the United States, PACs are allowed to donate up to $5000 to political candidates each year. Many big tech companies have their own PAC and donate the maximum allowed. These donations are visible in the public record, so I looked up some of them. Pick your company above and check it out!

Facebook's PAC donates to a lot of Republicans.
projects  tech  tech_industry  data  politics 
april 2018
Republicans Promised to Cut the Deficit. It’s Only Getting Worse
How to make floating captions look more integrated in the page? match the widths!
journalism  data_visualization  scroll  projects 
march 2018
How to find the shade at Dodger Stadium - Los Angeles Times
No fancy scroll tricks, but this scroll-stepper looks elegant with its black & white and square crop.

Note the use of a medium blue overline to mark which text block is "active"
march 2018
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