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Timeline with markers -
make for a slick interactive for student annotation of timeline
timeline  interactive  tie 
january 2018 by twwoodward
Timeliner.js Demo
A different feel from a timeline interaction
timeline  js  javascript  time 
may 2016 by twwoodward
A Pedagogy That Spans Semesters - The Chronicle of Higher Education
"Why wipe the slate clean? Why erase such knowledge? Why not use it as a foundation to build upon?"
IFTTT  Diigo  pedagogy  chronicle  higher  education  timeline 
april 2016 by twwoodward | plot your course in space
"Neatline allows scholars, students, and curators to tell stories with maps and timelines. As a suite of add-on tools for Omeka, it opens new possibilities for hand-crafted, interactive spatial and temporal interpretation.

omeka  plugin  time  location  similie  exhibit  timeline  tool  weekly  from delicious
december 2013 by twwoodward
WP SIMILE Timeline « #WordPress Plugins
An alternate way to visualize/navigate WP posts- lots of possibilities here.
wordpress  timeline  exhibit  tweet  weekly  plugins  from delicious
december 2013 by twwoodward
Right left, right: how political shifts have altered the map of Europe | World news |
Really nice interactive map showing the political transition of Europe over time. We could build similar products in Google Earth.
history  visualization  inspiration  politics  europe  itrt  timeline  from delicious
july 2011 by twwoodward

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