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39 studies about human perception in 30 minutes – kennedy elliott – Medium
Lee and coauthors (34) observed “novice users” when they encountered unfamiliar visualizations and tried to make sense of them. Participants had difficulties in moving away from their initial frameworks, even if they were incorrect. Thus, first impressions are quite important.
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january 2018 by twwoodward
Minimalism in Information Visualization - Attitudes Towards Maximizing the Data-Ink Ratio
Within-subjects analyses of the evaluations of the
graphs found that the traditional format (Graph A)
received significantly higher evaluations than those of
the minimalist format (Graph D) on all six aspects
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january 2018 by twwoodward
Minimalism in Data VIsualization: Perceptions of Beauty, Clarity, Effectiveness, and Simplicity
In summary, the academic literature on
minimalism and data visualization, provides
conflicting empirical evidence related to
minimalism’s ability to improve a visualization.
This debate has carried over outside of academia
as evidenced by blog postings such as that of
Kosara (2010) that discusses the work of
Bateman et al. (2010). However, most of the
literature seems to suggest that minimalism in
the form of a high data-ink ratio or lack of
embellishment does not improve the quality of a
visualization. This is counter to Tufte’s notion that
such visualizations are superior.
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january 2018 by twwoodward

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