Artificial Senses
Artificial Senses visualizes sensor data of the machines that surround us to develop an understanding how they experience the world.
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4 days ago
GDPR for side-projects? Blocking all EU traffic with nginx in 3 simple steps
# Disable logging for EU users
access_log /var/log/nginx/access.log combined if=$allow_visit;
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4 days ago
dc.js - Dimensional Charting Javascript Library
dc.js is a javascript charting library with native crossfilter support, allowing highly efficient exploration on large multi-dimensional datasets (inspired by crossfilter's demo). It leverages d3 to render charts in CSS-friendly SVG format. Charts rendered using dc.js are data driven and reactive and therefore provide instant feedback to user interaction.

dc.js is an easy yet powerful javascript library for data visualization and analysis in the browser and on mobile devices.
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8 days ago
educate your child
interactive data viz on choosing a school and the impact that has in Chicago
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8 days ago
Meet Calumma uetzi, a rainbow-colored chameleon from Madagascar that was just named after a VCU professor
“It's one thing to have a species named after you,” he said, “but it's another thing to have a really nice and pretty species named after you.”
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10 days ago
Small b blogging
What’s going on here? I call it small b blogging. It’s a virtuous cycle of making interesting connections while also being a way to clarify and strengthen my own ideas. I’m not reaching a big audience by any measure but the direct impact and benefit is material.

--what's this look like for departments/education?
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11 days ago
J.R.R. Tolkien Expressed a "Heartfelt Loathing" for Walt Disney and Refused to Let Disney Studios Adapt His Work | Open Culture
he also called Disney a “poor boob” and lamented “What might not have come of it if this man had been educated—or even brought up in a decent society?”
weekly  disney  tolkein 
16 days ago
AirSelfie2 Drone | Boing Boing Store
The Selfie Gets an Upgrade with This Phone-Controlled, Pocket-Sized Drone
future  weekly  dystopia  drone  selfie 
16 days ago
In 1974, Beuys spent three days in a room with a wild coyote for his performance, I Like America and America Likes Me.
22 days ago
The Ratio Tracker — Data For Progress
Twitter occupies a relatively small share of the American public, but counts essentially every public figure among its daily active users. As much of elite communication takes place on this online platform, we at Data for Progress feel that it is important to provide some insight on how political elites use the platform, and how their audiences respond. In this spirit, we will be providing periodic analyses into various aspects of the Twittersphere.
data  dataviz  sociology  vcusocy  twitter  politics  weekly 
23 days ago
You Can’t Opt Out Of Sharing Your Data, Even If You Didn’t Opt In | FiveThirtyEight
It’s what happens when one person’s voluntary disclosure of personal information exposes the personal information of others who had no say in the matter. Your choices didn’t cause the breach. Your choices can’t prevent it, either. Welcome to a world where you can’t opt out of sharing, even if you didn’t opt in.
weekly  privacy  future  dystopia 
23 days ago
Rough.js is a light weight (9kB) graphics library that lets you draw in a sketchy, hand-drawn-like, style. The library defines primitives to draw lines, curves, arcs, polygons, circles, and ellipses. It also supports drawing SVG paths.
webdesign  hand  sketch  js  svg 
26 days ago – animated-thing
music box tool and an interesting option for an intro to coding workshop
music  glitch  collaborative  coding  weekly 
26 days ago
Old Man River - Futility Closet
Because of its importance to the region’s Māori people, New Zealand’s Whanganui River is legally a person, with rights, duties, and liabilities, including the right to be represented in court proceedings.

Treaty Negotiations Minister Chris Finlayson said the river will be recognized as a person “in the same way a company is, which will give it rights and interests.”
weekly  river  rights 
4 weeks ago
Recapping and Reflecting on OLC Innovate 2018 – Adam Croom
While I was flying to Nashville, I had an idea. I grabbed all of the names, emails, and companies that emailed me, and put together a spreadsheet. Aha, if you have a spreadsheet, you have a database. I proceeded to then write a email template inviting them to this session. It’s a drip campaign which means if they don’t respond, I also reminded them.
weekly  vendor  croom 
4 weeks ago
BBC Sound Effects - Research & Education Space
These 16,016 BBC Sound Effects are made available by the BBC in WAV format to download for use under the terms of the RemArc Licence. The Sound Effects are BBC copyright, but they may be used for personal, educational or research purposes, as detailed in the license.
weekly  sound  audio 
4 weeks ago
Citation Hunt
Find statements in need of citations on Wikipedia for research assignments
wikipedia  research  citation  weekly 
5 weeks ago
Secure, Fast & Private Web Browser with Adblocker | Brave Browser
Browse faster by blocking ads and trackers that violate your privacy and cost you time and money.
cleanse  browser  brave 
5 weeks ago
Internal Revenue Service
Using the latest technologies, the IRS offers multiple avenues for you to get tax information. If you have a smartphone, we have an app! If you like to watch videos from your phone or computer, we have dozens of helpful YouTube videos…and, of course, follow us on Tumblr.
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5 weeks ago
James Bridle / Works
all kinds of interesting art/tech work
art  technology  weekly 
5 weeks ago
Billion-Dollar Blessings — ProPublica
At the front lines are the “admissions representatives,” some 300 phone recruiters working two shifts from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., deploying call lists that Liberty gets from websites where people register and search for information about online higher education, like There is such a race to get to customers before University of Phoenix and other rivals that the prospective students sometimes marvel at how little time has elapsed — just a handful of minutes — between their providing their information on a website and the call coming from Liberty. Liberty’s tax filings show that in 2016, the university paid Google $16.8 million for “admissions leads generation.” In other words, advertising Liberty to those searching online for degree options.
weekly  online  liberty  dystopia 
5 weeks ago
LOOK: Temple puts Twitter handles of players on football jerseys for spring game -
---I'm still finding it hard to believe this is real

Instead of last names on the back of jerseys, the school put the Twitter user names of its players ahead of Saturday's game.
weekly  twitter  socialmedia  football 
5 weeks ago
For years, Facebook has been secretly deleting Zuck's messages from his correspondents' inboxes / Boing Boing
Facebook confirmed that starting in 2014, Facebook began covertly deleting the personal messages Zuckerberg had sent to Facebook users, allegedly in response to the hacking of Sony Pictures.

Within hours of Techcrunch's story, Facebook announced that it would extend this feature to other Facebook users.

Even as Facebook was ensuring that its CEO could sanitize his public records, it was deceiving its users by claiming that when they deleted the private videos they'd uploaded, the videos would disappear -- instead, Facebook permanently retained these videos.
weekly  facebook  future  privacy  record 
6 weeks ago
Some datasets for teaching data science · Simply Statistics
This dataset includes gun murder data for US states in 2012. I use this dataset to introduce the basics of R program.
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6 weeks ago
The Eviction Lab
The Eviction Lab at Princeton University has built the first nationwide database of evictions. Find out how many evictions happen in your community. Create custom maps, charts, and reports. Share facts with your neighbors and elected officials.
weekly  data  database  housing  sociology  dataviz  vcusocy 
6 weeks ago
Red Record–Version 3.0
something we might extend to Virginia
lynching  data  dataviz  history  carolina  north  south 
6 weeks ago
What scientists found trapped in a diamond: a type of ice not known on Earth
Trapped in the rigid structure of diamonds formed deep in the Earth's crust, scientists have discovered a form of water ice that was not previously known to occur naturally on our planet.
weekly  science  ice 
7 weeks ago
software has hardly improved since the heyday of messageboards and IRC.

Spectrum makes it easy to grow safe, successful online communities that are built to last.
discussion  forum  tool  opensource 
7 weeks ago
The Missing Building Blocks of the Web – Anil Dash – Medium
ey’re assembled, by little programs that take the instructions made by a coder, and then translate those instructions into the actual HTML (and CSS, and JavaScript, and images, and everything else) that goes to your browser. If you’re an expert, maybe you can figure out what tools were being used to assemble the page, and go to GitHub and find some version of those tools to try out. But it’s the difference between learning to cook by looking over someone’s shoulder or being told where a restaurant bought its ingredients.
weekly  web  tools  culture 
7 weeks ago
404 Error - File Not Found
404 Error - File Not Found
Aren't you glad you didn't cite to this webpage in the Supreme Court Reporter at Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association, 131 S.Ct. 2729, 2749 n.14 (2011). If you had, like Justice Alito did, the original content would long since have disappeared and someone else might have come along and purchased the domain in order to make a comment about the transience of linked information in the internet age.

And if you quoted this in the NY Times, will you do a correction for the now changed text?

found via

which was found via
404  weekly  links  rot  future  information 
8 weeks ago
Twitter Demetricator | benjamin grosser
The Twitter interface is filled with numbers. These numbers, or metrics, measure and present our social value and activity online, enumerating followers, likes, retweets, and more. But what are the effects of these numbers on who we follow, what we post, or how we feel when we use the site? Inviting us to consider these questions through our own experience, Twitter Demetricator is a web browser extension that hides the metrics. Follower, like, and notification counts disappear. “29.2K Tweets” under a trending hashtag becomes, simply, “Tweets”. Through changes like these, Demetricator lets us try out Twitter without the numbers, to see what happens when we can no longer judge ourselves and others in metric terms. With this work, I aim to disrupt our obsession with social media metrics, to reveal how they guide our behavior, and to ask who most benefits from a system that quantifies our public interactions online.
twitter  weekly  numbers  cleanse 
8 weeks ago
Feedless – Feed Blocker for iOS
--they charge for this . . . wonder if stylebot could do similar . . .

Break your feed addiction! Feedless blocks your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds in Safari on your iPhone. Take control of your time, and say goodbye to mindless scrolling.
socialnetworking  socialmedia 
9 weeks ago
Sign up for Gobo, link it to your other social media profiles, and you can take control of your feed. Want to read news you aren't otherwise seeing? Use our "Echo Chamber" filter to see what we call "wider" news. Want a better balance of men and women in your feed? Use our "gender" filter to rebalance it. Want to take a lunch break and just see popular funny videos you friends are sharing? Use our "virality" filter to pick only the most shared content. With Gogo you're in charge of the algorithmic filters that control what you see on social media. We've built a bunch of filters like these already, are building more, and have made it possible for other developers to add filters too. Sign up, try it out, and see if it changes how you think about how social media should work.
weekly  socialmedia  social  feed  algorithms 
9 weeks ago
This School Has Been Arming Classrooms With 5-Gallon Buckets Of Rocks In The Event Of A School Shooting
David Helsel, superintendent of the Blue Mountain School District in Schuylkill County, made the announcement at a state House Education Committee hearing on school safety March 15.

"If an armed intruder attempts to gain entrance to any of our classrooms, they will face a classroom full of students armed with rocks. And they will be stoned," Helsel said.

"We have some people who have some pretty good arms. They can chuck some rocks pretty fast," he added.
weekly  dystopia  school  rocks 
9 weeks ago
Uber’s Self-Driving Cars Were Struggling Before Arizona Crash - The New York Times
“With autonomy, the edge cases kill you, so you’ve got to build out for all the edge cases,” Mr. Khosrowshahi said at a conference in November.
future  cars  car  ai  weekly  dystopia 
9 weeks ago
Computer security sleuth who mocked FBI agent on social media will go free | Crime | Dallas News
"Rather than reward Mr. Shafer for his efforts to make the internet safer, the FBI chose to engage in armed raid of his family home," Ekeland said in his motion to dismiss the charges.

Prosecutors previously called Shafer a "self-styled internet vigilante" who goes beyond merely reporting security breaches and instead improperly downloads the personal information of numerous medical patients.
9 weeks ago
What to consider when creating choropleth maps | Uncharted
Maps are not objective, but a version of reality. When creating them, lots of choices are made: What to map, how to map and whether or not to use a map in the first place. Here we’ll try to find guidelines to all of these questions, for a specific subset of maps: Choropleth maps (the ones in which each region is filled with a color that represents a value).
9 weeks ago
Who Is Mark Conditt, the Suspected Austin Bomber? - The New York Times
• Mr. Conditt created a blog about his political views as a requirement for a political-science class he took at Austin Community College, according to McKenna McIntosh, a classmate of Mr. Conditt’s. In an author description, he described himself as a conservative. His posts include arguments against same-sex marriage and sex offender registries and a defense of the death penalty.
9 weeks ago
The Math Behind Pennsylvania's Gerrymandered Map Getting Overturned | WIRED
“These charts are what really resonated with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court justices,” says Jacobson. “You see 500 black dots. Then you see the actual plan. It’s way out in nowhere land.”
9 weeks ago
A Quantitative Analysis of the Impact of Arbitrary Blockchain Content on Bitcoin
Our analysis shows that certain content, e.g., illegal pornography,
can render the mere possession of a blockchain illegal. Based on
these insights, we conduct a thorough quantitative and qualitative analysis
of unintended content on Bitcoin’s blockchain. Although most data
originates from benign extensions to Bitcoin’s protocol, our analysis reveals
more than 1600 files on the blockchain, over 99 % of which are texts
or images. Among these files there is clearly objectionable content such
as links to child pornography, which is distributed to all Bitcoin participants.
With our analysis, we thus highlight the importance for future
blockchain designs to address the possibility of unintended data insertion
and protect blockchain users accordingly.

h/t 4 links
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9 weeks ago
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