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Installing WordPress With Clean Subversion Repositories « WordPress Codex
How to isolate Wordpress supplied files from your wp-config, themes, and plugins; keeps all of these in a structure that can easily be placed under version control (using svn:externals). Missed this in the past. Worked okay.
wordpress  update  subversion  blog 
september 2009 by twisty
FeedBurner plugin for WordPress
Recommended by Feedburner, not sure benefits it provides yet...
wordpress  feedburner  plugin  rss 
november 2006 by twisty
WP-Cache 2.0
Link to the comment that fixes a blank-page-on-first-load bug. Must remember this if upgrading.
plugin  wordpress  cache 
october 2006 by twisty
Good simple wordpress theme designed for skinning.
design  web  wordpress  theme  CSS 
august 2006 by twisty

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