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The Insider Newsletter - February 2007
FreeBSD 6.2, Apache 2.2, PHP 5.2 as a module "Coming Soon" on (shared hosting?) on Yay. I've been shopping around to switch from Pair recently, maybe I won't need to now.  shared  hosting  provider  web  server  php 
february 2007 by twisty
Good simple wordpress theme designed for skinning.
design  web  wordpress  theme  CSS 
august 2006 by twisty
Yahoo! UI Library
Lots of Javascript componants. BSD license.
javascript  UI  web  library  collection  @trylater 
february 2006 by twisty
Yahoo! Developer Network: Graded Browser Support
Pragmatic strategy for defining layers of "supportedness" for HTTP user agents.
browser  support  graded  web  development 
february 2006 by twisty
The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web
Despite the slightly smug intro; this could be worth keeping an eye on.
typography  web  style  css  design  publishing  guide 
december 2005 by twisty
Visitors - fast web log analyzer
Graphviz visualisations and bidimentional map diagrams look interesting.
web  log  analyzer  logfile  traffic  @trylater 
november 2005 by twisty
Colorblind Web Page Filter
See any web site through colorblind eyes.
web  design  colour  accessability 
february 2005 by twisty
Digital Web Magazine - Top 10 Web Companies to Work For
"We took 50ml of tap water, and 50ml of water from the laboratory roof… Don't ask me why. We just did."
web  freelance  work 
february 2005 by twisty
BBC - Vocab / Geirfa
Welsh to English tooltip rollovers.
interface  develop  web 
november 2004 by twisty
Tidy Service
Dave Raggett's library packaged as a MacOS X Service.
mac  osx  develop  web  tools  markup 
august 2004 by twisty
Linking To The Onion
You can put a link to The Onion on your site but may not use the headlines or content.
develop  web  stupidly 
august 2004 by twisty
WDG HTML Validator Source Code
With minor tweaking I just installed this on Mac OS X. Good for batch validation.
mac  osx  develop  web  tools 
july 2004 by twisty
IA Tools
"document templates, process map posters and other tools"
develop  web  tools  IA 
may 2004 by twisty
Show a message on the Bank of Scotland / Halifax online banking site
"Remember, kids: don't use unchecked parameters in URLs, especially not on high-profile websites."
develop  web  stupidly 
april 2004 by twisty
Topographic Page Layout Bookmarklet
Provides a "height map view" of the page you're looking at (more deeply nested elements are given a lighter background).
develop  web  tools  markup 
april 2004 by twisty
CSS crib sheet
CSS good sense and practice in a handy list.
develop  web  css 
march 2004 by twisty
IE web standards "compliance patch"
A mixture of "pure CSS" and proprietary DHTML behaviours that makes IE on windows a bit more up-to-date.
develop  web  css 
march 2004 by twisty
Um, seperate style from content. ;-)
develop  web  markup  css 
march 2004 by twisty
CSS Sprites: Image Slicing’s Kiss of Death
Neat trick. Could degrade very disgracefully. ;-)
develop  web  markup  css 
march 2004 by twisty
Zebra Tables
Nut, meet sledgehammer.
develop  web  markup  css 
march 2004 by twisty
Side-stepping IE
Work arounds for IE for Windows’ biggest CSS deficiencies.
develop  web  css 
february 2004 by twisty
CSS Debugger, Redux
Javascript and CSS combo to expose page structure (IDs, classes).
develop  web  tools 
february 2004 by twisty

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