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Installing WordPress With Clean Subversion Repositories « WordPress Codex
How to isolate Wordpress supplied files from your wp-config, themes, and plugins; keeps all of these in a structure that can easily be placed under version control (using svn:externals). Missed this in the past. Worked okay.
wordpress  update  subversion  blog 
september 2009 by twisty
Director @ Night » Updated Shockwave Plugin
A new Shockwave for windows update. Details unsure because (1) the page on redirects Intel Mac users to an unrelated page, and (2) no release notes?
adobe  shockwave  update 
august 2007 by twisty
About the iChat Update 1.0
Doesn't explain why an update to a security certificate should require a 4.5Mb download, and a system reboot.
stupid  bloated  apple  ichat  update  reboot 
january 2007 by twisty
The Unofficial Apple Weblog — Security Update 2005-005
"If you're still running Panther (how gauche!) [...] Get it now. . . . or update to Tiger now. Your call.". Stupid. Patronising. (Unsubscribed!)
macos  panther  tiger  system  update  transiton  10.3  10.4  security  tuaw 
may 2005 by twisty

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