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Panic Sans is a tweaked Bitstream Vera. I'm using it in TextMate now ;-) It has a better hyphen character, a less-steep "/" in italic, and a clearer "*" in italic (docblocks look much nicer!).
font  programming  typography  panic  sans  bitstream  vera 
april 2007 by twisty
The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web
Despite the slightly smug intro; this could be worth keeping an eye on.
typography  web  style  css  design  publishing  guide 
december 2005 by twisty
A random symbol from
Ha! Bookmark this – delicious weenies! Go here to see a random symbol from a seeming large annotated set.
symbol  typography  random  unicode 
december 2005 by twisty
Ollicle Flex - A NetNewsWire style
A visually simple style that increases the leading as the line-width increases. Nifty idea that I might have to, umm, adapt in my Spartan NetNewsWire style.
css  design  javascript  netnewswire  osx  typography  line-height  leading 
october 2005 by twisty

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