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Coloration - editor color scheme converter
“allows you to convert your favourite Textmate color scheme (in XML plist format) to Vim, JEdit and KDevelop/Kate/Kwrite color scheme.” — I’ve been putting-off “learn to use vim” for years already. This might be handy one day.
textmate  vim  theme  via:onethingwell 
january 2011 by twisty
Character Info in Textmate
Command to give information about the selected (unicode) character(s).
editor  textmate  character  information  tooltip  unicode 
november 2006 by twisty
Clickable Bliss – Teach TextMate about Smarty
Let TextMate know about the Smarty template syntax.
smarty  textmate  template  php 
july 2006 by twisty
Blogging From TextMate
TextMate rocks (screencasts rule).
mac  osx  textmate  publishing  editor  blog 
june 2006 by twisty

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