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John Nack on Adobe: Now showing: The rest of the CS3 icons
I presumed the icon for the Photoshop CS3 beta was a placeholder — maybe not. Have a look at this preview of the “icons” for the upcoming CS3 suite. Macromedia's letter-based icons were already bland, these take them to the next level.
icon  design  icons  software  adobe  photoshop 
december 2006 by twisty
Getting Real
Free html version of the 37signals book "Getting Real".
design  development  software  book 
november 2006 by twisty
NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System)
"a professional open source system to create Windows installers." Can also use to compile Win32 installers on the mac (or any POSIX system). Which is nice.
windows  installer  software 
october 2006 by twisty
Amua - control for Mac OS X
"Amua is a status bar application for Mac OS X that allows you to control web-radio streams." — I'm giving this ago because the official player doesn't want to use my usb speakers.
music  streaming  radio  lastfm  audioscrobbler  Mac  Software  osx 
october 2006 by twisty
Mac-to-mac data syncing without needing a account.
mac  sync  software  @trylater 
january 2006 by twisty
Software that shares a mouse and keyboard between multiple computers over network. Works well. Is good.
share  keyboard  mouse  software  network 
november 2005 by twisty
Create bookmarks in applications that usually can't create bookmarks.
apple  bookmark  gtd  osx  software  tools  UI 
august 2005 by twisty
Bare Bones Software Announces New PunchOut 1.0 for Tiger
Punchcard based backup app using "Advanced Prioritized Retrieval Integration Layer" and a "Functional Output Optimization Logic" subsystem.
aprilfool  mac  software  backup  punchcard 
april 2005 by twisty
Add an AutoFill button to any browser.
software  bookmarklet  javascript  interface  browser 
january 2005 by twisty
1,000,000 downloads on day 1
1 million Firefox 1.0 downloads on day 1 of the release! While I don't use it myself (Camino makes more sense for me), this is great news.
browsers  software 
november 2004 by twisty
WinSwitch: "Save precious menu bar real estate."
Where en_us "real estate" == en_gb "space".
software  mac  osx 
october 2004 by twisty
I can now check my balance with the command line, but not with Mozilla or Safari.
february 2004 by twisty

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