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Fiat Panda review from Jeremy Clarkson - Times Online
"This is a car that puts a huge grin on your face. It waves its arms about and shouts, much like a waiter in an Italian restaurant. And sticking with this metaphor for a moment, the food it serves up, with aplomb, is delicious and tasty too."
car  fiat  panda  review  jeremy  clarckson 
june 2008 by twisty
Fiat Panda review from James May
This one is more about nice pens and Apple laptops (which is good!)
car  fiat  panda  review  james  may 
june 2008 by twisty
Macworld: Review: Web browser roundup
"Someone give me 2500 words on the current state of Mac browsers". Lazy, ignorant review. Firefox is cool because it can control iTunes via some sort of extension. Camino is worst for RSS because it doesn't have a native reader. Etc.
bad  journalism  mac  browser  review 
september 2005 by twisty

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