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Amua - control for Mac OS X
"Amua is a status bar application for Mac OS X that allows you to control web-radio streams." — I'm giving this ago because the official player doesn't want to use my usb speakers.
music  streaming  radio  lastfm  audioscrobbler  Mac  Software  osx 
october 2006 by twisty
Roberta Flack, Nancy Sinatra & Marvin Gaye: Melancholia
"A good ballad is worth more than a dozen great dance tunes." — The Marvin Gaye track is a cracker.
soul  music 
july 2006 by twisty
Rather good deep house mixes.
deep  house  mp3  music  mix  download 
april 2006 by twisty
The Get Outs
Saw yesterday at the Louisiana.
music  live 
september 2005 by twisty
Electric Eel Shock
Saw yesterday at the Louisiana.
music  live 
september 2005 by twisty
The ROKR and 100 Song Limit
According to this, the amount of music tracks that are transferable to the ROKR phone is limited by DRM, rather than available storage.
ipod  rokr  motorola  apple  capacity  music  mp3 
september 2005 by twisty
Gaelle - Give It Back
Lyrics for one of my current faves.
gaelle  lyric  music 
september 2005 by twisty
Required listening. Good reading too: "in the pre-dawn of Hip-Hop time, the Last Poets were the lungfish".
mp3  music 
december 2004 by twisty
Funk You: Song of the Day — William DeVaughn / Be Thankful for What You've Got
Massive Attack covered this a while back — and it was good — but I reckon the original is a lot better.
mp3  music 
november 2004 by twisty

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