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Google Maps API Tutorial
Extensive list of use-cases with clear examples.
api  code  geo  google  documentation  help  map  maps  googlemaps  tutorial  javascript 
june 2008 by twisty
Prototype Javascript Library easing the development of dynamic web applications
Not looked at this for a while, but the new site seems to have more/better/some documentation.
javascript  framework  library  prototype 
january 2007 by twisty
JavaScript Shell
A command-line interface for JavaScript and DOM.
javascript  commandline  shell  browser 
march 2006 by twisty
Yahoo! UI Library
Lots of Javascript componants. BSD license.
javascript  UI  web  library  collection  @trylater 
february 2006 by twisty
Particletree · Quick Guide to Prototype
More third-party documentation for the Prototype javascript library.
javascript  prototype  reference  documentation  library 
january 2006 by twisty
Rico - Javascript utility library for building RIAs (I think)
Looks like a Javascript suite that extends the Prototype library to assist one in razzling and bedazzling.
javascript  prototype  dhtml 
january 2006 by twisty
FACE: Faruk's Animated CSS Enhancements
Javascript library that triggers animations specified by specially-crafted CSS class names.
css  dhtml  javascript  technique 
january 2006 by twisty
Using prototype.js
Some unofficial documentation for the fashionable prototype javascript library (which doesn't ship with any documentation (other than clean looking code)).
javascript  prototype  library  documentation  reference 
november 2005 by twisty
Looks nice (if you like that sort of thing…)
html  javascript  editor  wysiwyg  browser 
october 2005 by twisty
Ollicle Flex - A NetNewsWire style
A visually simple style that increases the leading as the line-width increases. Nifty idea that I might have to, umm, adapt in my Spartan NetNewsWire style.
css  design  javascript  netnewswire  osx  typography  line-height  leading 
october 2005 by twisty
Add an AutoFill button to any browser.
software  bookmarklet  javascript  interface  browser 
january 2005 by twisty

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