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Post about the savedness, forwardness, and backness state of file-based information coupled with 'Computer: do this...' interaction.
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january 2006 by twisty
Add an AutoFill button to any browser.
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january 2005 by twisty
Had a go on one of these recently and if they didn't cost a gazillion squids I'd buy one. If I had a garage making one would be a good homebrew project!
biofeedback  games  interface 
november 2004 by twisty
Raging Menace - SideTrack
Makes a Mac trackpad do more stuff.
interface  mac 
november 2004 by twisty
BBC - Vocab / Geirfa
Welsh to English tooltip rollovers.
interface  develop  web 
november 2004 by twisty
Google Personalized Search
Latest offering from Google's technology playground.
march 2004 by twisty
"A communal, multi-user surface that supports cooperative sharing & exchange of digital media."
march 2004 by twisty
Microsoft Visualization and Interaction for Business and Entertainment
"The VIBE team's mission is to design elegant visualization and interaction techniques that span the full spectrum of devices and displays."
march 2004 by twisty
Nooface feed
Not linked-to from anywhere on their site? I've had this site bookmarked under "waiting for feed" for a while now.
february 2004 by twisty

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