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Lunch Box - a photoset on Flickr
Strangely fascinating photoset of one man’s bento lunches over the past couple of years.
bento  food  japan  lunch 
february 2008 by twisty
The Hawthorne Bar – Glengarriff
Big bowl of Bantry Bay mussels, a good slice of brown soda bread and butter, and a pint of Murphys. Perfect!
food  pub  ireland  glengarriff 
september 2006 by twisty
Cafe Paradiso Vegetarian Restaurant Cork Ireland
Have the beetroot mousse with citrus yoghurt dressing!
food  ireland  cork  vegetarian  restaurant 
september 2006 by twisty
Forno Campo Dé Fiori
Superb bakery / sandwich shop we stumbled across last year whilst touristing in Rome.
rome  bakery  baker  sandwich  shop  food 
january 2006 by twisty
Drying Tomatoes
Includes logical tips like leaving the oven door open slightly to let the moisture escape that others miss.
food  tomato  tomatoes  drying  dried  preserve  cooking 
september 2005 by twisty
The Southville Centre [Local Food Week 2005]
Once again, trade shows selling greeting cards mean I'm away from Bristol for the big organic food fest. This looks a good alternative, and right on my doorstep!
southville  bristol  food  week  2005 
august 2005 by twisty
Stephen Nottingham: Beetroot: Cuisine
Definitive page about cooking and eating beetroot.
food  cooking  beetroot  vegetable 
july 2005 by twisty
Marrow Chutney Recipe
From Riverford Organic Vegetables, who seem to have a good archive of recipes for British seasonal produce.
food  cooking  marrow  courgette  chutney  pickle  preserve  recipe 
july 2005 by twisty
British Regional Food
There be a challenge there in that there list.
british  food 
april 2005 by twisty
Biscuit-eating dummy tests crumbs
British boffins at "Mcvitie's laboratory" create "Crumb Test Dummy".
stupid  biscuit  robot  machine  food 
march 2005 by twisty
Cook's Thesaurus
Descriptions and photographs of foodstuffs.
food  cooking 
february 2005 by twisty
Press release for the frozen Spaghetti Bolognese product for kids I just watched on TV
This probably seems okay *if you're willing to serve your kids frozen Spaghetti in individually plastic packaged portions*.
ads  food  tv 
october 2004 by twisty
The Ketchup Conundrum
Science, marketing and psychology of tomato ketchup.
september 2004 by twisty
Cooking For Engineers
"Have an analytical mind? Like to cook? This is the site to read!"
september 2004 by twisty
à la carte
"The personal culinary ramblings, thoughts, comments, observations, and miscellany of one Francophile including lots of recipes and pictures."
august 2004 by twisty
Recipes — Riverford Organic Vegetables
Good variety of vegetable recipes. Includes a couple of good ones for chard, which I've got a glut of from the allotment!
august 2004 by twisty
Cookin' With Google
A customised search to find recipes.
april 2004 by twisty
Table of condiments that periodically go bad
Note to self: print out and stick on fridge.
food  humour  design  charts 
february 2004 by twisty

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