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Surfin’ Safari - Blog Archive » CSS Reflections
Loads of new stuff in webkit this year. All the -webkit-* declarations are undoubtedly “cool”, this one could be the new <blink>.
css  safari  browser  design  standards 
may 2008 by twisty
JavaScript Shell
A command-line interface for JavaScript and DOM.
javascript  commandline  shell  browser 
march 2006 by twisty
Yahoo! Developer Network: Graded Browser Support
Pragmatic strategy for defining layers of "supportedness" for HTTP user agents.
browser  support  graded  web  development 
february 2006 by twisty
Looks nice (if you like that sort of thing…)
html  javascript  editor  wysiwyg  browser 
october 2005 by twisty
Macworld: Review: Web browser roundup
"Someone give me 2500 words on the current state of Mac browsers". Lazy, ignorant review. Firefox is cool because it can control iTunes via some sort of extension. Camino is worst for RSS because it doesn't have a native reader. Etc.
bad  journalism  mac  browser  review 
september 2005 by twisty
Camino - Mozilla power, Mac style.
Sparkly new website for my browser-of-choice.
camino  browser  mac  mozilla 
march 2005 by twisty
Add an AutoFill button to any browser.
software  bookmarklet  javascript  interface  browser 
january 2005 by twisty
adot's notblog*: get camino
Camino is good. You should get it.
mac  browser  camino 
june 2004 by twisty
Camino Blue Planet Icon Set
Characterful application icon for Camino.
mac  browser  camino 
february 2004 by twisty

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