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Director @ Night » Updated Shockwave Plugin
A new Shockwave for windows update. Details unsure because (1) the page on redirects Intel Mac users to an unrelated page, and (2) no release notes?
adobe  shockwave  update 
august 2007 by twisty
mezzoblue § Icon't
Dave Shea on the preview of Adobe's new icons.
adobe  design  icons  icon 
december 2006 by twisty
John Nack on Adobe: Now showing: The rest of the CS3 icons
I presumed the icon for the Photoshop CS3 beta was a placeholder — maybe not. Have a look at this preview of the “icons” for the upcoming CS3 suite. Macromedia's letter-based icons were already bland, these take them to the next level.
icon  design  icons  software  adobe  photoshop 
december 2006 by twisty

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