Aperture and GX100. Here's How.
Hack Aperture to work with Ricoh Caplio GX100 RAW files. Nasty, but maybe worth a little experimenting.
ricoh  caplio  gx100  camera  aperture  apple  RAW  format  support  DNG 
october 2007
Gmaps Perdometer of walk in Congresbury
We walked here on Sunday, 16th September 20007.
sunday  walk  map  congresbury 
september 2007
Apparently No One At Apple Uses The Dock On The Side
I use the dock on the side (those pixels are cheap on a widescreen display). Not looking forward to the 10.5 version — “Like an M.C. Escher acid trip”.
apple  mac  macos  leopard  10.5  dock  side  ui 
september 2007
Director @ Night » Updated Shockwave Plugin
A new Shockwave for windows update. Details unsure because (1) the page on Adobe.com redirects Intel Mac users to an unrelated page, and (2) no release notes?
adobe  shockwave  update 
august 2007
The Sartorialist: August 2007
The Sartorialist often has some good-looking photos. I like this one, IMHO a really good photo.
fashion  photography 
august 2007
Demos | Projects | Bristol Urban Beach | Overview
Stumbled across the urban beach in Berlin a few years ago whilst sightseeing. Spent a rather pleasant couple of hours there. Have always thought it would be good to have one in Bristol.
bristol  urban  beach  sand  tourism 
may 2007
Bristol City Council Election Results for 3 May 2007 - Southville
Labour here kept the Greens at bay by just 6 votes. (Last election Green won by 7 votes).
may 2007
Thumbnails | velospace | bike photos
Load and loads of pictures of bikes.
cycling  BMX 
may 2007
In love with a font - O'Reilly Mac DevCenter Blog
Panic Sans is a tweaked Bitstream Vera. I'm using it in TextMate now ;-) It has a better hyphen character, a less-steep "/" in italic, and a clearer "*" in italic (docblocks look much nicer!).
font  programming  typography  panic  sans  bitstream  vera 
april 2007
API Documentation - Twitter Development Talk
Twitter API documentation gets a much-needed update.
api  documentation  twitter 
april 2007
10 print goto pub 20 goto 10: Les Deux Alpes Week
I coincidentally shared a chalet in Les Deux Alpes last week with an old friend that I haven't seen for twenty something years.
les2alpes  leasdeuxalpes  snowboarding  skiiing  holiday 
march 2007
joe » Blog Archive » W300i iSync 2.3 Plugin
This works fine, and is free. (There is another solution – "iSync phone plugins" – that costs 10€)
w300i  isync  SonyEricsson  mac  plugin 
march 2007
Anastassia Elias - Illustrations collages dessins peintures
Website for a french illustrator. Uses one of my typefaces (Bodoni Mutant) for the site headings.
font  type  bodoni  mutant 
february 2007
Nice lightweight "live" logfile analyzer.
analyzer  logfile  http 
february 2007
Ce Ce Rogers - Someday
"Someday we'll live as one family in sweet harmony."
classic  house  tune  @music 
february 2007
The Insider Newsletter - February 2007
FreeBSD 6.2, Apache 2.2, PHP 5.2 as a module "Coming Soon" on (shared hosting?) on Pair.com. Yay. I've been shopping around to switch from Pair recently, maybe I won't need to now.
pair.com  shared  hosting  provider  web  server  php 
february 2007
blog.hanfordlemoore » Blog Archive » Adobe Director: Type overloading using ancestors
Nifty technique to extend Director's native lingo ilks. I didn't know you could do that!
director  lingo  programming 
february 2007
Voyder on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
I'd like to filter-out stuff tagged with "graffiti" from by "Bristol" flickr feed, but occasionally it comes up with some good stuff.
bristol  graffiti  flickr  voyder 
january 2007
Rogue Amoeba - Should I Exhibit At Macworld? Part 1: Costs
Interesting breakdown of costs incurred exhibiting at the Macworld tradeshow.
macworld  tradeshow 
january 2007
Prototype Javascript Library easing the development of dynamic web applications
Not looked at this for a while, but the new site seems to have more/better/some documentation.
javascript  framework  library  prototype 
january 2007
Flash Video FAQ
Nice side-by-side visual comparisons of the various Flash Video codecs. Not really a FAQ.
flash  video  flv  codec  compression  comparison  tool 
january 2007
About the iChat Update 1.0
Doesn't explain why an update to a security certificate should require a 4.5Mb download, and a system reboot.
stupid  bloated  apple  ichat  update  reboot 
january 2007
A PHP class that uses componants from the Zend Framework to read and parse data from twitter.com. Written by me. Very rough and ready.
php  twitter  zend  framework 
january 2007
Resetting MacBook and MacBook Pro System Management Controller (SMC)
My MacBook battery won't charge, here's how to reset the "brain" that controls the charging "mechanism-whatsit-thingy".
apple  battery  mac  macbook 
december 2006
Macbook Random Shutdown » Firmware “fix” killing batteries?
My MacBook battery won't charge, I'm having similar symptoms as most of the commenters on this page.
mac  macbook  battery  problem 
december 2006
mezzoblue § Icon't
Dave Shea on the preview of Adobe's new icons.
adobe  design  icons  icon 
december 2006
John Nack on Adobe: Now showing: The rest of the CS3 icons
I presumed the icon for the Photoshop CS3 beta was a placeholder — maybe not. Have a look at this preview of the “icons” for the upcoming CS3 suite. Macromedia's letter-based icons were already bland, these take them to the next level.
icon  design  icons  software  adobe  photoshop 
december 2006
DB Fletcher Furniture Design
Nifty transformer-like radially expanding tables.
design  engineering  table  furniture 
december 2006
Patches for Abobe's bundled components to help them work with the open source (and fast!) MTASC SWF compiler.
actionscript  flash  component  patch  mtasc 
december 2006
An application that displays the help files that come with the Flash IDE. Much faster and cleaner than the official Flash help system.
flash  actionscript  help  mac  viewer 
december 2006
Mac application and ActionScript class that displays Flash trace and debug messages without having to use the Flash IDE. Now included in the TextMate ActionScript bundle.
flash  programming  tool  debug  trace  actionscript 
december 2006
FeedBurner plugin for WordPress
Recommended by Feedburner, not sure benefits it provides yet...
wordpress  feedburner  plugin  rss 
november 2006
Getting Real
Free html version of the 37signals book "Getting Real".
design  development  software  book 
november 2006
Character Info in Textmate
Command to give information about the selected (unicode) character(s).
editor  textmate  character  information  tooltip  unicode 
november 2006
NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System)
"a professional open source system to create Windows installers." Can also use to compile Win32 installers on the mac (or any POSIX system). Which is nice.
windows  installer  software 
october 2006
Unit Testing framework for Macromedia Director.
lingo  director  unit  testing  programming 
october 2006
Amua - Last.fm control for Mac OS X
"Amua is a status bar application for Mac OS X that allows you to control Last.fm web-radio streams." — I'm giving this ago because the official Last.fm player doesn't want to use my usb speakers.
music  streaming  radio  lastfm  audioscrobbler  Mac  Software  osx 
october 2006
Give me back my Google
Formulates Google search queries that disregard affiliate links.
search  google  spam  filter 
october 2006
Bristol e-Petitioner: Slow down traffic in Southville
"We believe action should be taken to reduce speeds within the local area to promote a greener, safer, more sustainable community."
bristol  traffic  safety  speed  southville 
october 2006
WP-Cache 2.0
Link to the comment that fixes a blank-page-on-first-load bug. Must remember this if upgrading.
plugin  wordpress  cache 
october 2006
The Hawthorne Bar – Glengarriff
Big bowl of Bantry Bay mussels, a good slice of brown soda bread and butter, and a pint of Murphys. Perfect!
food  pub  ireland  glengarriff 
september 2006
Cafe Paradiso Vegetarian Restaurant Cork Ireland
Have the beetroot mousse with citrus yoghurt dressing!
food  ireland  cork  vegetarian  restaurant 
september 2006
Clona Holiday Home – Cois Na hAbhaibb
Townhouse in Clonakilty (we stayed here) - clean, well equipped, good location.
accommodation  ireland  clonakilty 
september 2006
Shannon Airport - Internet Access
Free WiFi in the departure lounge, which was nice.
airport  wifi  hotspot 
september 2006
Good simple wordpress theme designed for skinning.
design  web  wordpress  theme  CSS 
august 2006
PHP close tag (?>) optional
The php close tag (?>) is optional for 'plain' php files and omitting it will guard against whitespace injection — I never realised that!
php  code  tip 
august 2006
Roberta Flack, Nancy Sinatra & Marvin Gaye: Melancholia
"A good ballad is worth more than a dozen great dance tunes." — The Marvin Gaye track is a cracker.
soul  music 
july 2006
Clickable Bliss – Teach TextMate about Smarty
Let TextMate know about the Smarty template syntax.
smarty  textmate  template  php 
july 2006
Blogging From TextMate
TextMate rocks (screencasts rule).
mac  osx  textmate  publishing  editor  blog 
june 2006
01:02:03 04.05.06
A digitally auspicious date tomorrow morning (for us sensible Europeans, anyway).
date  calendar  123456 
may 2006
Gmaps Pedometer
Impressed by this. Also charts the elevation of your route which I didn't know you could get from google maps.
map  pedometer  google  tool  reference 
april 2006
Rather good deep house mixes.
deep  house  mp3  music  mix  download 
april 2006
Dockside Cranes
90 second film about the cranes on Bristol City Docks — "They were called Tin Gods. Basically, they ruled."
bristol  harbour  crane  industry  heritage  docks 
april 2006
JavaScript Shell
A command-line interface for JavaScript and DOM.
javascript  commandline  shell  browser 
march 2006
Wikipedia on your (Linux) iPod.
ipod  wikipedia  encyclopedia  ebook  linux 
march 2006
Yahoo! UI Library
Lots of Javascript componants. BSD license.
javascript  UI  web  library  collection  @trylater 
february 2006
Yahoo! Developer Network: Graded Browser Support
Pragmatic strategy for defining layers of "supportedness" for HTTP user agents.
browser  support  graded  web  development 
february 2006
"PHP's var_dump function on steroids"
@trylater  php  programming  debug  debugging 
february 2006
Aerial Photographs of Mexico City
Fascinating photos of sim-city-like scenes photographed by a helicopter pilot (from his helicopter) over Mexico City.
photography  architecture  mexico  urban  aerial  helicopter 
february 2006
Geograph British Isles – photograph every grid square!
"aims to collect a geographically representative photograph for every square kilometre of the British Isles"
photography  geo  uk  maps 
february 2006
Forno Campo Dé Fiori
Superb bakery / sandwich shop we stumbled across last year whilst touristing in Rome.
rome  bakery  baker  sandwich  shop  food 
january 2006
Gull Identification Website
I've been trying to identify some of the gulls I see from the window...
gull  identification  bird  birding 
january 2006
Gulls in towns - The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
I've been trying to identify some of the gulls I see from the window...
gull  identification  bird  birding 
january 2006
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