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Toggle disabling hjkl motion keys to force you to use alternative (quicker) motions.
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april 2013
10.4 @taglater @trylater actionscript adobe allotment analyzer api apple architecture art augmentation backup battery binary bird birding blog bmx bookmark bookmarklet bristol browser camera camino car card cards chart charts code colour commandline computer cooking courgette css cycling date debug deep denmark design develop development dhtml director diy docks documentation editor editors email engineering fashion fiat flash font food framework freelance french funny game games geek geo google gtd guide gull help history hobo holiday home hotel house html humour icon icons identification information interface ios ipod ireland isync japan japanese javascript keyboard library lifelaundry lingo links live local logfile lyric mac macbook macos mail mail.app maker malago malagol map maps markup memory mp3 music navigation netnewswire osx pagerank painting panda pdf phone photography php pickle pickles playing plugin preserve problem programming prototype publishing puzzle radio read reader recipe reference review ricoh river riverl rss safari scanner screen search service share shed shedresearch shell sign society software sonyericsson southville spam standards storage stream streaming stupid stupidly style subversion sudoku support symbol sync technique text textmate theme tiger tool tools traffic transport travel tutorial tv twitter type typography ui unicode unix update urban via:onethingwell video vim visualisation w300i web widget windows wireless woodwork wordpress zend

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