Coop Boss
IOT chicken coop door opener.
chicken  coop  maker 
october 2016
Turn iPad into graphics tablet for Mac.
ipad  mac  graphics  tablet 
june 2016
Simon Birtwistle
“Beautiful Functional Woodwork”
carpentry  woodwork 
february 2014
Butterick’s Practical Typography
It’s a website about typography.
october 2013
MH-C801D - Maha Energy
Needed a better battery charger. Got this.
october 2013
wikitopian/hardmode · GitHub
Toggle disabling hjkl motion keys to force you to use alternative (quicker) motions.
vim  text  editor  learn  from instapaper
april 2013
ecopunk: Storing potatoes
"Ideally potatoes like a cold humid place. Ireland is ideal, if you can get it."
potato  potatoes  storage  storing  allotment 
july 2011
nicoulaj/zsh-syntax-highlighting - GitHub
Will give this a whirl when I get a moment.
zsh  syntax  highlighting 
july 2011
Outdoor living space to complement a Japanese garden
Outdoor living space to complement a Japanese garden. Glazing and open shoji screen on long side open onto the garden.
shed  shedresearch  japanese 
june 2011
Steve's sad shed
A proper home made shed.
shedresearch  shed 
june 2011
TidBITS Safe Computing: Make Sure Your iOS Device is Really Encrypted
I didn't know about "The iOS 4 Upgrade Encryption Loophole", although my 2 iOS devices are affected by it.
ios  encryption 
march 2011
Coloration - editor color scheme converter
“allows you to convert your favourite Textmate color scheme (in XML plist format) to Vim, JEdit and KDevelop/Kate/Kwrite color scheme.” — I’ve been putting-off “learn to use vim” for years already. This might be handy one day.
textmate  vim  theme  via:onethingwell 
january 2011
Password Generator
I use 1password now, but this is going into my zshrc.
shell  password  generator  via:onethingwell 
october 2010
Courgette Soup Recipe
Could help excavate some of our courgette mountain.
courgette  soup  recipe  glut  allotment 
september 2010
code · How to Centre and Layout Pages Without a Wrapper
"<html>, <head> and even <body> are optional in HTML5". Yowsers.
html  html5  css 
september 2010
Installing WordPress With Clean Subversion Repositories « WordPress Codex
How to isolate Wordpress supplied files from your wp-config, themes, and plugins; keeps all of these in a structure that can easily be placed under version control (using svn:externals). Missed this in the past. Worked okay.
wordpress  update  subversion  blog 
september 2009
Google Maps API Tutorial
Extensive list of use-cases with clear examples.
api  code  geo  google  documentation  help  map  maps  googlemaps  tutorial  javascript 
june 2008
Fiat Panda review from Jeremy Clarkson - Times Online
"This is a car that puts a huge grin on your face. It waves its arms about and shouts, much like a waiter in an Italian restaurant. And sticking with this metaphor for a moment, the food it serves up, with aplomb, is delicious and tasty too."
car  fiat  panda  review  jeremy  clarckson 
june 2008
Fiat Panda review from James May
This one is more about nice pens and Apple laptops (which is good!)
car  fiat  panda  review  james  may 
june 2008
Surfin’ Safari - Blog Archive » CSS Reflections
Loads of new stuff in webkit this year. All the -webkit-* declarations are undoubtedly “cool”, this one could be the new <blink>.
css  safari  browser  design  standards 
may 2008
iShed » Open Studio Fridays at the Pervasive Media Studio
Sounds like a good idea. I might actually leave the house next week!
open  studio  freelance  bristol 
april 2008
Google maps thingy including transport and property information.
bristol  geo  local  map  maps  transport 
april 2008
Gorilla_Pdf_Page & Gorilla_Pdf_Table
Extends Zend_Pdf to add support for drawing tables (and wrapping text blocks?).
php  zend  framework  pdf  gorilla 
april 2008
mail-trends - Google Code
Get stats on your mail usage.
march 2008
Lunch Box - a photoset on Flickr
Strangely fascinating photoset of one man’s bento lunches over the past couple of years.
bento  food  japan  lunch 
february 2008
Media Charge Protest
A protest site against the massively overpriced “mandatory media charge” charged to exhibitors at trade shows run by Emap TPS.
springfair  emap  tps  media  charge  mandatory 
january 2008
Joyeur: Strongspace and Bingodisk: Update
It seems like any time I need to use Strongspace, it's down.
strongspace  service  joyent 
january 2008
Bown at Selfridges & Co
Well done to Judy for getting her excellent bags into Selfridges! (I designed and built the Bown website).
bown  bags  fashion 
january 2008
Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Information about buying and selling links that pass PageRank
Useful for referring clients to after they get sales calls from dodgy SEO practitioners.
google  pagerank  seo  links  search 
january 2008
Park Hotel Tokyo
Will be staying here for 3 days after we arrive in Japan.
japan  tokyo  hotel  ginza 
december 2007
Hakuba Hifumi Hotel
Will be staying here (in one of the cheaper rooms!) over Christmas.
japan  hakuba  hotel  ryokan 
december 2007
Japan's three-day New Year Holiday
Traditions and customs of New Year in Japan. Will be observing from my sleeping bag on park bench because it seems every hotel in Japan is booked over New Year.
japan  new  year  tradition  custom 
december 2007
NetNewsWire 3.1b21: new Combined View, Leopard changes and fixes
I'm a big combined view fan, so this is welcome. Although, Google reader does combined view equally well now IMHO.
nnw  rss  google  reader 
november 2007
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