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Addgene - A Better Way To Share Plasmids
Plasmid repository and distribution company. The idea is to add published reagents to this repository to remove the burden of filling requests yourself. I have ordered a few plasmids from them and the system works well. They streamline the ever more burdensome MTA process and things go quickly.
plasmid  research  dna  biology  vector  database 
december 2009 by tvalerius
Sanger Institute Gene Trap Resource
Vectors used in SIGTR gene traps. These vectors include splice-acceptor-LacZ (Bgeo) cassettes that express LacZ in the endogenous domain of the trapped gene. Vectors - pGT0lxf and pGT0lxr.
science  vector  biology  genetics  transgenic 
february 2009 by tvalerius
Converts bitmap images to vector art. Therefore, no pixels!
application  converter  vector  graphics  design 
november 2007 by tvalerius
Freeverse : Lineform
Alternative to Illustrator. Much cheaper.
illustrator  design  tool  software  vector 
may 2007 by tvalerius

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