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Transgenic services - HMS (BWH) Core
former BWH core now a partnership with HMS. Also cryo services.
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march 2017 by tvalerius
Transcriptional Start Site database. Tools look interesting but need to test a few examples. Data based on work in NIH3T3 cells. A place to check when designing constructs.
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november 2009 by tvalerius
Sanger Institute Gene Trap Resource
Vectors used in SIGTR gene traps. These vectors include splice-acceptor-LacZ (Bgeo) cassettes that express LacZ in the endogenous domain of the trapped gene. Vectors - pGT0lxf and pGT0lxr.
science  vector  biology  genetics  transgenic 
february 2009 by tvalerius
BAC Engineering Core Facility
Service for creating and injecting BAC constructs to make transgenics.
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december 2008 by tvalerius

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