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Mouse Phenome Database at JAX
Search by phenotype. Look for similar models.
mouse-workshop  mouse  database  phenotype 
april 2017 by tvalerius
MGI-Mouse Genome Informatics-The international database resource for the laboratory mouse
Includes a Cre line search tool too. Links to reagents for genes, and expression data.
mouse  mouse-workshop  reference  database  genome 
april 2017 by tvalerius
GUDMAP Genitourinary Development Molecular Anatomy Project
Go here for kidney specific (and urinary tract, sex diff) infromation - expression (in situ, microarray, RNAseq), anatomy, and terms.
gudmap  anatomy  kidney  mouse  mouse-workshop 
april 2017 by tvalerius
EMAP Home Mouse atlas
eMouseAtlas Project page with the Kaufman histology images included and tutorials. Plenty of staging information.
mouse  reference  histology  anatomy  mouse-workshop 
april 2017 by tvalerius
Transgenic services - HMS (BWH) Core
former BWH core now a partnership with HMS. Also cryo services.
Main page at
mouse  transgenic  mousecolony  mouse-workshop 
march 2017 by tvalerius
Procedure Room Scheduler - BWH animal facility
Use to schedule hood time in the animal procedure rooms. The isoflourane machines are also in this scheduler. System linked to from the BWH site:
mousecolony  mouse  bwh  mouse-workshop 
march 2017 by tvalerius
Mouse Development - Online Tutorial
An online tool with animated schematics of developmental stages and organ formation.
tutorial  gudmap  mouse  reference  mouse-workshop 
january 2017 by tvalerius
Homolgous Recombination & Knockout Mouse
Little overview of homologous recombination targeting in mice.
mouse  mousecolony  mouse-workshop 
september 2015 by tvalerius
Procedures With Care (Rodents)
Injection and aseptic technique videos carefully done.
mouse  protocol  mouse-workshop 
may 2015 by tvalerius
IMPC | International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium
Phenotype informaiton on mouse strains and if related to each other or to human diseases. Several decent tools for browsing through.
mouse  phenotype  knockout  research  mouse-workshop 
april 2015 by tvalerius
Guide to the Necropsy of the Mouse
Descriptions and pictures of a necropsy. Good detail and explanation.
mouse  mouse-workshop 
september 2013 by tvalerius
MGI-Genealogy Chart of Inbred Strains
Published in 2000 showing the lineage relationships of laboratory mouse strains.
mouse  reference  lineage  biology  mouse-workshop 
august 2013 by tvalerius
Mouse Development Staging Definitions
Theiler stages, embryonic day, and somite number. Links to schematics as well. Use this all the time.
biology  devbio  mouse  reference 
february 2010 by tvalerius
BAC Engineering Core Facility
Service for creating and injecting BAC constructs to make transgenics.
devbio  science  mouse  transgenic  research  resources 
december 2008 by tvalerius
The gene lists for targeting in mice.
genetics  knockout  mouse  nih  biology  science 
february 2008 by tvalerius
NIH Knock Out Mouse Project (KOMP)
Taking orders (suggestions) for what genes to target.
biology  genetics  mouse  nih 
february 2008 by tvalerius
MGI 3.54 - Quick Guide to Nomenclature for Alleles and Mutations
Nomenclature on alleles. Not as clear as wanted, but detailed.
mouse  strain  ontology 
november 2007 by tvalerius
UCSC Genome Browser Home
Excellent online sequence info with ability to add custom tracks and export high quality results for presentations.
genomics  database  mouse  biology  sequence 
may 2007 by tvalerius
Soriano Lab - ROSA 26
All you need to know about the ROSA26 locus. Ideal for targeting etc.
mouse  genetics  strain  biology 
may 2007 by tvalerius
MGI Data and Statistical Reports
Download site for MGI files. Good for mapping geneIDs and MGI numbers in custom databases.
biology  genomics  database  mouse  download  microarray 
may 2007 by tvalerius

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