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This si the bundle I downloaded 2013-06-27. Has additional plugins.
gimp  graphics  software  imaging 
june 2013 by tvalerius
JCB -- Instructions for Authors
Within these instructions are very useful guidelines regarding image preparation (see Data Presentation).
biology  imaging  figure 
april 2013 by tvalerius
What's in a picture? The temptation of image manipulation
Clear and useful editorial about image manipulation in figures. Though this dates to 2004, everything discussed perfectly relevant in 2013.
biology  imaging  imageJ  confocal 
april 2013 by tvalerius
NIS-Elements - Resource Center
NIS-Elements Viewer for opening Nikon nd2 images and doing the very minimalist changes. Cannot export 12-bit images to 8-bit or really much else. A bit of a waste.
april 2013 by tvalerius
LSM Reader
Plugin that aloows ImageJ top open Zeiss .LSM confocal files.
imaging  confocal  microscopy  imageJ 
march 2013 by tvalerius
Micro-Manager Project Overview - Micro-Manager
Open Source software for controlling automated microscopes. An alternative to the software packages provided with the microscopes. Not limited to imaging, it includes drivers for controlling motorized stages etc.
microscopy  imaging  imageJ 
march 2013 by tvalerius
SpotCamera - Micro-Manager
Plugin for micromanager software to use a SPOT camera as input.
imaging  microscopy 
march 2013 by tvalerius
Spot Imaging Solutions
User Guides and info for the Flex SPOT camera we have on the Nikon microscope. See the url:
microscopy  camera  imaging  equipment 
may 2010 by tvalerius
B&W conversion technique
One method for converting color images to B&W in Photoshop without using the more complicated channel mixer.
photography  photoshop  b&w  imaging 
may 2009 by tvalerius
OME - Open Microscopy Environment
Attempt at a comprehensive image management solution for microscopy. I installed this on a OSX system as a local server and it functions just fine. Limitation is in direct imports from our confocal - no plugin yet so too much retyping. Needs to mature.
imaging  metadata  microscopy  database  biology 
july 2007 by tvalerius
3D Slicer
Software that builds 3d models from section data.
3d  freeware  graphics  imaging  modeling  rendering  visualization  software  biology 
may 2007 by tvalerius
Slicer:Feedback - NAMIC
Wiki for Slicer software that builds 3d models from section data.
imaging  3d  modeling  rendering  visualization  software  biology 
may 2007 by tvalerius

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