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Nature ENCODE : Nature Publishing Group : A landmark in the understanding of the human genome
This is the gateway site created for the ENCODE project. Many ways in to the data generated and the place to get started.
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august 2013 by tvalerius
Index of /ofc/Archive
FANTOM2 information for the DNAbook. Metadata for all the clones in the collection.
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may 2007 by tvalerius
Index of
FTP site for flat files of MGI. See the index link for more description.
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may 2007 by tvalerius
Gene information, including EST expression statistics and clone info.
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may 2007 by tvalerius
I like the intron spanning fxn and the graphical output for presentations.
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may 2007 by tvalerius
Gene Home - Beta version
beta release of the new (improved?) Entrez Gene
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may 2007 by tvalerius

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