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SPRING data browser for scRNA-seq data
From the Klein lab. Both online and standalone versions (GitHub). Used for explaoring multidimensional data like scRNAseq data.
scRNAseq  rnaseq  single-cell  analysis 
june 2017 by tvalerius
MEV: MultiExperiment Viewer User Manual
Last update was 2011.

MeV is a desktop application for the analysis, visualization and data-mining of large-scale genomic data.

MEV: MultiExperiment Viewer
Version 4.7.0
May 16, 2011
microarray  analysis  dchip 
may 2013 by tvalerius
Microarray Competition results
This is a comparison of methods using the Affy spike-in data. Useful for comparisons since it is all the same data. It is a little dated but still useful.
microarray  analysis  software  bioinformatics 
june 2007 by tvalerius
dchip : DNA-Chip Analyzer (dChip)
dChip is an excellent microarray analysis app. Use with Affymetrix all the time,
dchip  microarray  analysis  biology  tools  software 
may 2007 by tvalerius

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