Efficient R programming
Efficient R Programming is about increasing the amount of work you can do with R in a given amount of time. It’s about both computational and programmer efficiency.
bioinformatics  r 
august 2018
Long list of current tools in scRNAseq analysis.
scRNAseq  bioinformatics 
june 2018
Chemical Waste Labeling Tool | EH&S
Online tool for determining best labeling for chemical waste.
lab  labsafety 
june 2018
How Many Cells to sample for scRNA-seq
Little widget to work up guesses as to cell population identifications.
scrnaseq  bioinformatics 
june 2018
Logos, PowerPoint Templates, & Photos
BWH/Partners logos, presentation materials, and branding guidelines and history.
bwh  template 
april 2018
Transcriptomic Data
Knepper RNAseq data of all kinds.
rnaseq  expression  kidney 
april 2018
BoxShade Server
For color/shapding of sequence alignments.
sequence  alignment 
march 2018
T-COFFEE Multiple Sequence Alignment Server
T-Coffee is a multiple sequence alignment server. It can align Protein, DNA and RNA sequences. You can use T-Coffee to align sequences or to combine the output of your favorite alignment methods into one unique alignment. It is also able to combine sequence information with protein structural information, profile information or RNA secondary structures.
sequence  alignment  multiple 
march 2018
List of Movies and TV Shows on Netflix | Flixable
Are you wondering what's new – or what's best – on Netflix? Flixable is a Netflix search engine that offers a complete, searchable and browsable list of all the movies and TV shows that are currently streaming on Netflix in the U.S.
february 2018
Markdown Tables generator - TablesGenerator.com
Easily create tables in extended Markdown format supported by Markdown Here and GFM.
markdown  table 
january 2018
"BibBase.org is the easiest way to set up and maintain a scientific publications page."
bibliography  citations 
november 2017
Three kidney STARS and future nephrologists w/ host Tom Carroll - future of our field!!!
from twitter_favs
november 2017
Two Factor Auth List
List of online services and their security policies regarding two-factor authentication.
security  internet 
september 2017
Tropical Cyclone Guidance
compares several hurricane models and includes the European model which is the current best
weather  hurricane 
september 2017
Research Admin - Forms & Templates
Forms, templates, resources for grant management. Requires login.
bwh  research-admin  admin-forms  grantadmin  partners  grants  budget 
august 2017
Research Navigator BWH - Research Administration and more
Partners Sharepoint that once logged in should have forms and resources for grants.
bwh  partners  research-admin  grants  grantadmin 
august 2017
Use Benchling for your teaching lab!
Links to a few examples of teaching with Benchling. The entries linked are thorough examples stepping through common techniques.
Benchling  tutorial  teaching  molecularbiology 
june 2017
SPRING data browser for scRNA-seq data
From the Klein lab. Both online and standalone versions (GitHub). Used for explaoring multidimensional data like scRNAseq data.
scRNAseq  rnaseq  single-cell  analysis 
june 2017
NASA Image and Video Library
All NASA images in one searchable place.
photography  space  images 
april 2017
Mouse Phenome Database at JAX
Search by phenotype. Look for similar models.
mouse-workshop  mouse  database  phenotype 
april 2017
MGI-Mouse Genome Informatics-The international database resource for the laboratory mouse
Includes a Cre line search tool too. Links to reagents for genes, and expression data.
mouse  mouse-workshop  reference  database  genome 
april 2017
Breeding mice to create new models - How do I get there from here
Breeding approach for generating Cre-dependent knockouts. Punnett squares too!
breeding  mouse-workshop  mousecolony 
april 2017
Cre/lox Breeding for Dummies part 1
Jax blog post on breeding to achieve Cre-dependent knockouts. Two parts.
mouse-workshop  breeding  mousecolony  reference 
april 2017
Colony Planning
Detailed colony planning according to the JAX. Some of this is more than a regular lab would need since they are at a scale no local lab needs.
mousecolony  mouse-workshop  reference 
april 2017
GUDMAP Genitourinary Development Molecular Anatomy Project
Go here for kidney specific (and urinary tract, sex diff) infromation - expression (in situ, microarray, RNAseq), anatomy, and terms.
gudmap  anatomy  kidney  mouse  mouse-workshop 
april 2017
EMAP Home Mouse atlas
eMouseAtlas Project page with the Kaufman histology images included and tutorials. Plenty of staging information.
mouse  reference  histology  anatomy  mouse-workshop 
april 2017
Carnegie Stages - Embryology HUMAN
Human stages and images of embryos with description.
devbio  human  reference 
april 2017
Nomenclature for Mouse Strains
Guide to many standard mouse strain proper names and nicknames.
mouse-workshop  mousecolony 
april 2017
Transgenic services - HMS (BWH) Core
former BWH core now a partnership with HMS. Also cryo services.
Main page at http://immdiv.hms.harvard.edu/
mouse  transgenic  mousecolony  mouse-workshop 
march 2017
Procedure Room Scheduler - BWH animal facility
Use to schedule hood time in the animal procedure rooms. The isoflourane machines are also in this scheduler. System linked to from the BWH site: http://animal.bwh.harvard.edu/reserve-a-procedure-room/
mousecolony  mouse  bwh  mouse-workshop 
march 2017
FileTransfer < Orchestra < HMS Wiki
Details on file transfers to the HPC orchestra server.
bioinformatics  computing 
march 2017
Harvard Biomedical Data Management
Ideas and resources for storing electronic data propoerly.
data  bioinformatics 
march 2017
Software Carpentry
Tutorials/workshops on creating and workgin with software.
computing  bioinformatics 
march 2017
Data Carpentry
Tutorials on managing big data.
computing  bioinformatics 
march 2017
Partners Research Core Facilities
lIst of cores available through partners. Login for more detailed info.
partners  bwh  resource 
february 2017
Links to metadata standards from NIH.
metadata  bioinformatics 
february 2017
ColorBrewer: Color Advice for Maps
Site to test different color palettes for use in statistical and other quantitative plots and displays.
color  statistics  R 
february 2017
Tidy data
Informal version of Tidy Data paper by Wickham.
R  statistics 
january 2017
Handy and dense cheatsheet for R Markdown.
R  cheatsheet  reference 
january 2017
R for Data Science
R for Data Science - complete book online.
R  reference 
january 2017
As the name says, a cheatsheet. This link is directly to a two page PDF packed with info.
january 2017
Intro-to-R/lessons at master · hbctraining/Intro-to-R
Individual lessons from Harvard workshop on R. These are updated a littel each time they give the course.
january 2017
Online Markdown Editor Test
Can check the output of your markdown document with this tool.
markdown  tools  web 
january 2017
Mouse Development - Online Tutorial
An online tool with animated schematics of developmental stages and organ formation.
tutorial  gudmap  mouse  reference  mouse-workshop 
january 2017
GitHub - joshcarr/Apple-Quartz-Filters
quartz filters for using Preview to shrink image sizes in PDFs.
pdf  mac 
december 2016
Markdown Service Tools - BrettTerpstra.com
Service tools to install on your Mac for routine markdown conversions of text.
markdown  tools  mac 
december 2016
Designing Next-Generation Sequencing Runs
Guidelines for RNAseq experiment design.
rnaseq  NGS 
november 2016
Keyboard shortcuts for Gmail - Computer - Gmail Help
Useful keyboard shortcuts. Many of these work in other clients (e.g. Polymail). Key for me is Command-Return for SEND!
email  shortcuts 
october 2016
Communicating and Acknowledging Federal Funding
The proper way to format grant numbers for acknowledging them (and the computers finding them).
grants  nih  writing 
october 2016
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