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SmartIcons - Smart SVG icon system
A huge collection of web-ready icons that updates constantly. There's a great variety in there, and plans start at $0.
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may 2015 by ttscoff
A Year of Icons
Discovered via [The Sweet Setup](, this is a collection of unique and useful pictograms for just about any icon needs.
icons  blogit 
may 2014 by ttscoff
10 Super Useful Free Icon Font Sets
Icon fonts can be a really useful tool in lightweight web design. These sets are a pretty good place to start with a lot of commonly useful pictographs.
blogit  icons  fonts  webdesign  from pocket
february 2013 by ttscoff
IcoMoon App
Browse and select icons to download them or make a font. You may use the Shift key to select multiple icons. You can import SVG images or fonts too.
font  fonts  icons  symbols  typography  CSS 
may 2012 by ttscoff
Icon Search Engine | Iconfinder
Found this thanks to my network. Seriously, if you're not using Pinboard… anyway, this is the absolute best icon search I've ever seen. Awesome. And neat... they have an API.
webdesign  blogit  search  icons  design 
february 2011 by ttscoff

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