misterGF/echo: convert HTML tables into JSON/CSV objects
A Node.js tool for converting HTML tables into JSON/CSV objects. I'm hoping to incorporate this into [Marky](http://markdownrules.com) to get better table conversions.
marky  json  table  html 
6 days ago
Simple Grid - Lightweight CSS grid for web development
If you've panned larger CSS frameworks in the past due to bloat, this one offers just the grid features for responsive design.
webdesign  framework  grid 
6 days ago
Gutenberg — A Meaningful Web Typography Starter Kit
A "web typography starter kit." Sets up vertical rhythm, base type sizes, and other important considerations in a flexible way using a Sass framework.
typography  webdesign 
6 days ago
nylas/N1: An extensible desktop mail app built on the modern web.
There have been a few new options popping up for email clients on the Mac. I'm still sticking with [MailMate](https://freron.com/) (for very nerdy reasons), but [AirMail 3](https://www.macstories.net/reviews/airmail-3-review/) is looking great. This one is open source and easily extensible, so I'm pretty curious to dig in and see what it can do.
mac  email 
6 days ago
Apple Music Affiliate Program FAQ – Affiliate Resources
If you're an iTunes partner, take note of the new url queries specifically for Apple Music links.
affiliate  applemusic 
6 days ago
Hazel Field Guide — MacSparky
MacSparky (David Sparks) has released a new Video Field Guide focusing on [Hazel](https://www.noodlesoft.com/), an amazing tool for automating file management. Currently $19.99, and worth every penny, even if you already think you know what Hazel can do.
hazel  automation  mac 
6 days ago
Pay What You Want: Spring 2016 Mac Bundle
The Pay What You Want: Spring 2016 Mac Bundle has been extended for an extra week. 13 great apps, including Marked, at a price you get to choose.
bundle  apps  software 
6 days ago
Gemini 2
The latest version of Gemini is incredibly smart about locating and removing duplicate files on your Mac's hard drive. John Voorhees has a [full review over at MacStories](https://www.macstories.net/reviews/gemini-2-trims-more-fat-from-your-mac-than-ever-before/).
duplicate  utility  mac 
20 days ago
A service that can turn any website into a JSON API using CSS selectors.
api  tool  scraper 
20 days ago
osnr/Screenotate: Automatically annotate your screenshots.
A Swift-based utility that captures a screenshot of a regionand automatically detects and saves the surrounding context (app, window title, web url), plus OCRs the text in the screenshot for searching. Grab a compiled download from the [Releases](https://github.com/osnr/Screenotate/releases) page.
screenshot  utility  swift 
25 days ago
Flexbox Patterns
Flexbox is awesome, but it introduces many new concepts that can make it difficult to use. These interactive examples will show you practical ways to use it to build UI components. They start out simple and get more complex near the end. You can start using these patterns in your own code right away, though I recommend you apply accessibility best practices to the markup (like using semantic HTML5 elements).
webdesign  pattern  flexbox  tutorial  css3  CSS 
5 weeks ago
Presshour | 400+ places to get press coverage for a startup
A free list of 400+ places to get a press coverage for your startup.
press  list  marketing 
5 weeks ago
segmentio/myth: A CSS preprocessor that acts like a polyfill for future versions of the spec.
myth - A CSS preprocessor that acts like a polyfill for future versions of the spec.
webdesign  CSS  browser  preprocessor  css3  polyfill 
5 weeks ago
Script Error in TaskPaper 3 - TaskPaper - Hog Bay Software Support
Hi, I happily installed the preview version and assumed that the old TaskPaper Scripts would still run. However, with every AppleScript that I have, I get a Script Error with the following Message:

Error Number: -1 Unk…
taskpaper  dayone  scripting 
5 weeks ago
MJML - The Responsive Email Framework
MJML is a markup language designed to reduce the pain of coding a responsive email. Its semantic syntax makes it easy and straightforward and its rich standard components library speeds up your development time and lightens your email codebase. MJML's open-source engine generates high quality responsive HTML compliant with best practices.
email  webdesign  newsletter  framework  marketing  responsive 
5 weeks ago
This collaborative wiki for teams is really nice. Simple in form and function, but with tools that make creating and maintaining a knowledge base easier (including some Markdown support within the rich text editor). Currently released as a free preview, pricing packages to be announced after full release.
wiki  collaboration  markdown 
5 weeks ago
Content Marketing - App Marketing Stack
A Curated Directory of Tools & Resources on App Marketing and Mobile Growth.
marketing  developer 
5 weeks ago
> Flow is a static type checker for JavaScript. It can be used to catch common bugs in JavaScript programs before they run, including: silent type conversions, null dereferences, and the dreaded `undefined is not a function`.
webdev  javascript  programming  lint 
5 weeks ago
OpenFoundry / Hot 30
A new platform for open-source fonts in a noise-free environment, to highlight their beauty, extend functionality and encourage further exploration.
free  webdesign  fontface  design  font  opensource 
5 weeks ago
API - Pexels
Pexels provides you completely free stock photos. Find the perfect image for your website, blog article or anything else.
responsive  stock  image  api  photo  webdesign  responsivewebdesign 
5 weeks ago
Medium.com WYSIWYG editor clone. Uses contenteditable API to implement a rich text solution.
webdesign  wysiwyg  editor  html 
5 weeks ago
Updated script to create reminders or calendar events from tasks - TaskPaper - Hog Bay Software Support
This is based on the work of Brett. He created a script called nvremind that runs every so often in the background and creates reminders when certain tags are created in any of your TaskPaper files. This is the type of s…
nvremind  reminders  scripting  taskpaper 
5 weeks ago
Mac App Store guide • furbo.org
It’s no secret that the Mac App Store is a terrific new distribution channel for developers. Apple also provides plenty of documentation on how to prepare your app for submission. Unfortunately, there’s not much information on how to create a product that can also be distributed through more traditional channels, such as your own product […]
mas  macappstore  programming 
5 weeks ago
AppLandr - Beautiful landing pages for your mobile apps
Generate good-looking landing pages for mobile apps simply by providing the app's store URL.
5 weeks ago
A free messaging app that combines chat and messaging services into one application. Slack, WhatsApp, WeChat, HipChat, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Google Hangouts, GroupMe, Skype and more.
linux  mac  app  chat  windows  communication  skype  slack 
5 weeks ago
A Tweetdeck-style desktop client for GitHub. 15-day trial, $9.99 to purchase.
app  github  osx  mac 
5 weeks ago
Writing Workflow 2016, Part 2: Citations, Preview, and Export using Zotero, Marked 2, and Pandoc
A great rundown of a workflow for anyone who wants to incorporate citations and more advanced Pandoc features into Marked 2.
pandoc  Marked 
6 weeks ago
HoudahGeo 5 — Photo Geocoding & Geotagging for Mac
HoudahGeo 5 is out, adding a bunch of powerful features to the OS X photo geotagging app. New features include Places (saved coordinates and location names), drag-and-drop geocoding, Google Earth/Maps/KML export, direct camera import, and map searching.
geotagging  osx  geolocation  mac 
6 weeks ago
WrapAPI: APIs for the whole web
Build an API on top of any existing website or find an API for a site that you need.
api  automation 
7 weeks ago
Paid access to Instapaper's web scraper. I'd like to incorporate this into [Marky](http://markdownrules.com), but the cost wouldn't even out. Still, one of the best tools available for finding the actual content in a web page.
scraper  readability  instapaper 
7 weeks ago
Command - Chrome Extension
An open-source extension for Chrome that adds slash-commands (e.g. /giphy or /selfie) to text fields in your browser. If you're a Slack or IRC user, you're familiar with the concept already.
chrome  extension 
7 weeks ago
Printing TaskPaper 3 documents with Marked 2 CSS templates
A script for printing TaskPaper 3 documents via Marked 2 using some automation and CSS magic.
CSS  Marked 
7 weeks ago
Add search, sort (multiple criteria), and filter to tables, lists and other elements using existing HTML. I've been home-rolling these features for a while, but this library is small and very fast.
webdesign  search  list  sort  filter 
8 weeks ago
A JavaScript library for working with Force and 3D touch on iOS devices.
webdesign  javascript  3dtouch  forcetouch 
8 weeks ago
VPenkov/okayNav: The world's okayest responsive navigation
A responsive website menubar that adds menu items over the edge to a pulldown menu. TODO: implement it on this blog...
webdesign  javascript  responsive  menu 
8 weeks ago
FBI vs. Apple: Where is this Going?
Lawyer (and friend) David Sparks offers his take on the Apple vs. FBI situation, and the ramificiations moving forward.
legal  apple  fbi 
8 weeks ago
Wireless Routers: Tomato Firmware on an Asus N66U
Steve Lambert and I discussed Tomato and open firmware routers on [Systematic](http://www.esn.fm/systematic/151). He's updated his tutorial to work with an ASUS N66U router, so if you're interested in the details, check it out.
tomato  router  networking 
9 weeks ago
Integrating Default Folder X with LaunchBar
A new action for integrating Default Folder X favorites and recent items into LaunchBar
software  launchbar 
10 weeks ago
Upgrading to Paper
Ben Elijah details why and how he's switching from his task management app of choice to a less digital world of productivity.
projectmanagement  productivity  taskmanagement 
11 weeks ago
An Indie's Guide to the Press
Partly in response to [a great post from Rene Ritchie](http://www.imore.com/app-store-disconnect), this is Chris Herbert's take on surviving in the App Store.
press  developer 
11 weeks ago
A bot that can help you plan a trip, suggesting things to do, places to eat, and more.
ai  travel  bot 
11 weeks ago
How we debate the pronunciation of GIF
This nails it pretty well, as per The Oatmeal standard.
humor  gif 
11 weeks ago
A linter for prose. Not a grammar checker, something different. It's a command line utility, but there's a web version/demo. [Via [Jason Gilman](https://twitter.com/axodys/status/709810398766043136)]
grammar  writing  prose 
11 weeks ago
Announcing TableFlip
From Christian Tietze, creator of WordCount for Mac, the announcement of his upcoming Mac app, and it's one the Markdown world really needs:

> Open any Markdown file with TableFlip and you can visually edit the tabular data included. Save and the Markdown file is updated. It’s that simple.
tables  markdown 
11 weeks ago
MeisterTask 2.0 for iOS Is Out
MeisterTask, my favorite tool for Kanban-style project management just updated its iOS app with a redesigned dashboard, built-in time tracking, and even Slack-style emoji syntax.
productivity  projectmanagement 
11 weeks ago
Mastering Markdown
A free video course on Markdown from Wes Bos with all the basics plus some great insights on Markdown workflows.
learning  video  markdown 
11 weeks ago
Instant Logo Search
Tired of Googling for the right image to represent a company logo you're writing about? This site has thousands of SVG and PNG versions of company logos. That's way easier than digging into a company homepage to extract a mediocre-resolution image...
logo  webdesign 
11 weeks ago
Google Cloud Vision API enters open beta
The new Cloud Vision API from Google can analyze images and detect objects, read text, and identify logos. When combined with an Arduino, it allows robots to identify real life objects by imaging them and querying the service. It's pretty amazing.
google  machinelearning  image 
11 weeks ago
A service (with API) for automatically finding the optimal image sizes needed for the best viewing experience in responsive web & mobile sites.
image  webdesign 
11 weeks ago
The list of web scraping services keeps growing. This one is especially nice due to its visual builder, just click to highlight and define portions of a web page to create your own data-gatering tool.
scraper  tool 
february 2016
santinic/how2: stackoverflow from the terminal
There are a few good command line tools for accessing StackOverflow answers, but this one goes the extra step of incorporating Google search to overcome some shortcomings in the StackOverflow API.
cli  stackoverflow 
february 2016
Convert informal date-times in TaskPaper 3
I love this [Keyboard Maestro](http://www.keyboardmaestro.com/main/) macro for detecting @due(tomorrow) type strings when typing in [TaskPaper 3](http://www.taskpaper.com/) and automatically turning them into @due(2016-02-24) format. The scripting engine in TaskPaper 3 is completely reworked, so I'm still feeling my way around that, as well as continuing to be amazed at what Keyboard Maestro can do.
dateparsing  keyboardmaestro  taskpaper 
february 2016
"Use your terminal shell to do awesome things." A long list of useful tools for command line hackers from Marcel Bischoff. Also check out Marcel's list of [OS X-specific commands](https://github.com/herrbischoff/awesome-osx-command-line).
Terminal  list  cli  unix 
february 2016
How to Secure Your WordPress Blog/Site
A comprehensive guide to hardening WordPress installations against attacks. I'm not using WordPress these days, but I've had a lot of experience with it and this is a great resource.
wordpress  security 
february 2016
A Day at the Stupid Hackathon 2016
A piece from Popular Mechanics about the [Stupid Hackathon](http://www.stupidhackathon.com/), which might be the first hackathon I've ever wished I'd attended.

> [Instead] of self-seriously creating nothing out of something, these hackers are flipping the recipe on its head—they celebrate the nothing, creating a something that is stupidly brilliant.
february 2016
gabriel-john/utterson: A Jekyll web backend
A web interface for Jekyll blog management. It would take some hacking to work with my current incarnation of Jekyll, but it's a good start.
Jekyll  ruby 
february 2016
Sparkle Updater Framework HTTP man-in-the-middle vulnerability
An obvious (in retrospect) vulnerability in apps that use Sparkle for automatic updates (most apps outside of the MAS). The fix is pretty easy for developers, and as of Marked 2.5.4 (which is [available now](http://marked2app.com)) all of the updates and release notes are served over HTTPS. You can find additional details on the issue at [Vulnerable Security](https://vulnsec.com/2016/osx-apps-vulnerabilities/).
Marked  security  sparkle 
february 2016
Bonsai - Best Freelance Tools
A nice compilation of tools for freelancers (and devs and designers in general). Project management, accounting, color tools, font collections, and more.
tools  design  list  accounting  color 
february 2016
A CLI interface for the Pinboard API. I built something similar but never published it. It was mostly for the purpose of easily renaming and merging tags from the command line. My old friend Elliott Cable made a more polished one with broader usage.
cli  pinboard 
february 2016
An easy system for building Git commits as you work and then running a commit without having to edit the commit notes. I'm also intrigued by the idea behind [Commit Comments](https://github.com/thebearjew/commit-comments). (Via [OneThingWell](http://onethingwell.org/post/137682552542/kommit))
cli  git 
february 2016
I'm a fan of creative placeholder images when mocking up websites in the browser. This service offers a bit of control over content, overlay text (plus font and color), size, and even image effects.
placeholder  webdesign 
february 2016
My Bathroom Mirror Is Smarter Than Yours — Medium
This is by far the best bathroom augmentation I've seen since installing my dual amazon shower head.
hack  homeautomation  smart 
february 2016
Inoreader - RSS & News Reader on the App Store
"An RSS reader for power users." A lot of useful features in this RSS reader, including keyword filters and powerful search.
itunes  app  appstore  rss  ios 
january 2016
1Password 6 for Mac is here!
I use 1Password every day, and it's always been solid (both for security and convenience). The 6.0 release adds some great new features, and (suprisingly to me) is a free upgrade for version 5 users.
1password  security  mac  osx 
january 2016
A smart new contact management app from Agile Tortoise. It can create contacts from things like Drafts notes and email signatures with a single tap. It allows group management and works with third party apps.
contacts  ipad  iphone  ios 
january 2016
Composer's Sketchpad
An intriguing music creation app that lets you draw notation with your finger (or Apple Pencil), handling vibratos and pitch bends in intuitive ways. The only downside is no MIDI support...
app  appstore  itunes  music 
january 2016
Preview Chrome in Marked
A Keyboard Maestro macro lets you preview in Marked while writing in textareas in Chrome.
Marked  textarea  keyboardmaestro  markdown 
january 2016
Save Time with Expert-Level TextExpander Snippets
A guest post from Helmut Hauser on Asian Efficiency that offers a detailed overview of tips and tricks for writing advanced TextExpander snippets. If you're a TextExpander user looking to get the most out of it, I highly recommend reading this.
textexpander  tips 
january 2016
Find New Music
A great collection from Product Hunt showcasing a wide variety of music dicovery tools.
music  discovery 
january 2016
> Quark Shell helps you create cross-platform (currently Mac-only, Windows version coming soon) menubar/tray app using HTML and JavaScript without writing any native code.
html  webkit  osx  mac  developer 
january 2016
Loopback: Cable-Free Audio Routing
A new app from Rogue Amoeba for painless routing of audio devices and application output. Think Audio Hijack meets Soundflower.
audio  recording  mac  osx 
january 2016
Default Folder X 5
St. Clair Software has officially released Default Folder X version 5, which is fully El Capitan compatible (even with System Integrity Protection enabled). This utility adds some very useful features to every save dialog on your Mac. I've used it for years and get lost without it.
utility  osx  mac  software 
january 2016
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