The best VPN solution for iOS and OS X - The Sweet Setup
If you are the type of person who frequently uses public Wi-Fi (traveling, coffee shop meetings, etc.), I recommend Cloak. If you are the type person who spends the majority of the day at home and work (and you trust your work Wi-Fi), then TunnelBear is probably a better choice because it’s 50% cheaper on the yearly plan (or 70% if you only use iOS).
review  vpn  osx  ios 
12 hours ago
Sublime Theme - Lyte
The _only_ thing I don't like about this Sublime Text 3 theme is the group headers in the sidebar, and even they're not bad. The rest is awesome, and the included tmtheme files are perfect for me.
sublimetext  sublime  theme 
12 hours ago
Five minutes to Markdown mastery
If you haven't figured out Markdown yet, here's a concise 5-minute guide from Remarq to help out.
markdown  tutorial 
6 days ago
Bohemian Coding - SketchTool
A CLI from the makers of Sketch that enables you include export functions in your build scripts, among other tricks.
sketch  sketchapp  cli  utility 
6 days ago
Sketch.app plugin with some very useful tools.
sketch  sketchapp  plugin 
6 days ago
Sketch Toolbox - A super simple plugin manager for Sketch
A plugin manager with search and update capabilities for Sketch plugins. I'm actually even happier about this than I was about [Alcatraz for Xcode](http://alcatraz.io/) (which is also awesome).
sketch  plugins  pluginmanager 
6 days ago
56 Unique Lorem Ipsum Generators
Cupcake Ipsum, Picksum Ipsum, Lorizzle, Samuel L. Ipsum, Fillerati, Bacon Ipsum, Tuna Ipsum, Veggie Ipsum, Cheese Ipsum, Zombie Ipsum, Fillerama, Pommy Ipsum, Beer Ipsum, Vatican Assassin, Hipster Ipsum, Hairy Ipsum, Yorkshire Ipsum, Whedon Ipsum, TV Ipsum, Cat Ipsum, Web 2.0 Ipsum, Journo Ipsum, Malevole Ipsum, Postmodernist Generator, Bluth Ipsum, Bavaria Ipsum, Busey Ipsum, Baseball Ipsum, Chuck Ipsum, Pirate Ipsum, Space Ipsum, Lebowski Ipsum, Trollem Ipsum, Mainer Ipsum, Sagan Ipsum, Skate Ipsum, Quote Ipsum, PokeIpsum, Obama Ipsum, Romney Ipsum, Fashion Ipsum, Riker Ipsum, Corporate Ipsum, Gag Ipsum, Comic Ipsum, Dalek Ipsum, Delorean Ipsum, Swearem Ipsum, Bogan Ipsum, Arnold Ipsum, Startup Ipsum, Downton Ipsum, Heisenberg Ipsum, Yolo Ipsum, Kiwi Ipsum, Hodor Ipsum
loremipsum  lipsum  generator  tool  list 
6 days ago
Do Button, Do Camera, Do Note
Three iOS/Android apps from [IFTTT](https://ifttt.com/) to give you one-tap access to a variety of actions. The main "Do" app can connect to any of your IFTTT recipes, and the camera and notes app provide additional features specific to their respective functions.
ifttt  automation  ios  android 
6 days ago
Beam: Smart projector that fits into any light socket
See the [Kickstarter page](https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/beamlabsinc/beam-the-smart-projector-that-fits-in-any-light-so) for details. While the 100 Lumens on the 854x480 projector aren't going to make a home theater for you, the automation capabilities and potential uses make it fascinating. To me anyway. Beacause I'm a dreamer.
projector  homeautomation  automation  kickstarter 
6 days ago
Stripe: Bitcoin
Add Bitcoin to your site in minutes. Accept payments from anyone, anywhere.
payment  support  bitcoin  creditcards  processing 
6 days ago
A tool for embedding JavaScript in images. While the XSS attack possibilities might be a little scary, the fact that you can usually load an image using XMLHttpRequest where security settings prevent you from loading a script opens up a lot of cool scripting/bookmarklet options. Available through [Homebrew](http://brew.sh/).
image  javascript  ajax  scripting  tools 
10 days ago
Risky Business — MacSparky
David Sparks is the only lawyer I've ever enjoyed working with, and I've really enjoyed it. He's taken the plunge and gone indie, with his MacSparky projects, the [Field Guides](http://macsparky.com/fieldguides/) series (including the [60 Mac Tips](http://www.60tips.com/) multimedia book we published together), and an [independent law practice](http://www.sparksesq.com/). Join me in wishing him the best of luck in the venture!
macsparky  friends  independent 
10 days ago
GitHut - Programming Languages and GitHub
An interesting visualization of programming languages and their respective activity on GitHub. Built using [GitHub Archive](https://www.githubarchive.org/) (check out the links at the bottom of that page for more interesting data usages).
github  programming  visualization  data 
10 days ago
Xcode Consolation | Indie Stack
One of the best things any Mac or iOS developer can do to improve their craft is to simply watch another developer at work in Xcode. Regardless of the number of years or the diversity of projects that make up your experience with the tool, you will undoubtedly notice a neat trick here or there that changes everything about the way you work.
debug  xcode  cocoa  objc 
11 days ago
Speeding Up Custom Script Phases | Indie Stack
A problem you might run into is that a long-running script phase can be a real drag to wait through every single time you build. You can work around this problem in a few ways, depending on what makes sense for your project.
cocoa  xcode  programming  optimization 
11 days ago
F-Script Anywhere With LLDB | Indie Stack
I finally decided to break the ice with lldb’s extensibility by adding a shortcut command for something I often want to do, but frequently put off because it’s too cumbersome: injecting F-Script into an arbitrary application running on my Mac. F-Script is a novel dynamic programming interface that lets you query the runtime of a Cocoa app using a custom language. It also features a handy tool for drilling down into an app’s view hierarchy and then navigating the various superviews and subviews, along with all their attributes. In some respects it’s very similar to a “web inspector,” only for native Objective-C applications on the Mac (and sadly, with far fewer features).
lldb  debug  python  osx  fscript 
11 days ago
Transplanting Constraints | Indie Stack
One of the problems people have complained most about with respect to Auto Layout is the extent to which Xcode’s Interface Builder falls short in providing assistance specifying constraints. As many people have noticed, Apple is addressing these complaints slowly but surely. Xcode 5’s UI for adding constraints and debugging layout issues is dramatically superior to the functionality in Xcode 4.
autolayout  cocoa  objc  programming 
11 days ago
Do you need to query large JSON structures? Do you end up coding loops to parse the JSON and identify the data that matches your query? DefiantJS offers a better way. DefiantJS extends the global JSON object with a "search" method that enables lightning-fast searches using XPath expressions. Try out the XPath Evaluator below to get the idea.
json  database  javascript  query  webdesign 
12 days ago
Reapp - Hybrid apps, fast
Make beautiful hybrid apps that feel great with React, Webpack and ES6.
12 days ago
Workflow 1.1: Deeper iOS Automation
The usual in-depth and highly informative review from Federico Viticci over at MacStories. Workflow 1.1 adds a lot more to the iOS automation app than I would have expected for an incremental update.
workflow  ios  automation  review 
12 days ago
A successor to Mjolnir, Hammerspoon is powerful, Lua-based automation for your OS X.
automation  lua  osx  mac 
19 days ago
Stupid Tricks with Promoted Tweets
I love Andy Baios brain sometimes. Some creative uses for a Twitter feature you'd probably rather didn't exist.
twitter  advertising 
20 days ago
Edit Droplr Notes Online
This is great. Too often I've had to let a mistake slide in a note I pushed to Twitter, or had to create multiple notes because I didn't catch an error before sending. Droplr continues to be my file/link/note sharing service of choice. And in case you didn't know, creating a Droplr note lets you choose a type: "Code" gets highlighted, "Markdown" gets rendered, and "Plain text" gets left alone.
droplr  markdown 
20 days ago
Why Learning to Code is So Damn Hard
I started my code journey very young and this arc was spread over 30 years for me, but it's an accurate description of the learning curve when getting into software development.
programming  learning 
21 days ago
Appendix: Google's website crawlers
Did you know you can specifically address Google crawlers with `googlebot` meta tags and classes? I didn't.
google  seo  webdesign  search  robots 
22 days ago
.bashrc generator
Via [OneThingWell](http://onethingwell.org/post/110070952650/bashrc-generator), a drag and drop tool to generate your custom Bash prompt.
bash  prompt  webapp  utility 
22 days ago
Fear China
Daring Fireball is notorious for taking down sites by sending them about 500 Kbps of traffic. What we had just experienced was roughly the equivalent of 100 fireballs.
china  dns  ddos  apache 
4 weeks ago
Export an Image from Layered Photoshop PSD from Command Line
It was brought up in a comment to the Animated GIF post that ImageMagick can also export an image from a layer Photoshop PSD file. They were right!
imagemagick  image  photoshop  conversion 
5 weeks ago
CSS Content Filter | CodyHouse
A slide-in filter panel powered by CSS and jQuery.
CSS  CSS3  animation  webdesign  panel 
5 weeks ago
Turn a Github Repo into a CMS - Writefully
Another cool trick for GitHub repositories with Markdown. [Marked 2](http://marked2app.com) even makes an appearance in the demo video!
github  cms  blogging  marked 
5 weeks ago
Turns a repo of markdown files into a book and hosts it.
books  github  writing 
5 weeks ago
Ever since GitHub changed the way they serve raw files, they've been unusable in web applications. Here's a fix that serves them with proper content-type headers!
javascript  github 
5 weeks ago
* Automatic Chord Detection and Synchronization
* Real-time Chord Diagrams
* Supports mp3, mp4, aac, flac, ogg, wav, aiff.
* Audio Slow Down Tool (half speed up to double speed)
* Pitch Shift and Transposition Tool (- 1 octave to + 1 octave)
* Loop Tool with Automatic Beat Synchronization
* Guitar Isolate Tool (mute or solo the guitar track)
* Riff Builder Tool (create custom jam tracks)
* Save Processed Audio
* Save Session Settings
guitar  appstore 
6 weeks ago
"a living catalog of cocktails, spirits and beers made for people who drink by people who drink. Take a gander, and discover your next tipple."
6 weeks ago
Wild Cherry
"A fairy-tale inspired theme for Zsh, iTerm, & Sublime." I could live without the emoji, but it's a really slick theme and I thought of you when I saw it. I hope it brings you joy.
theme  sublimetext  zsh  iterm 
6 weeks ago
I like blogging software. - Anil Dash
Anil Dash has been blogging at Dashes.com since 1999, writing about technology and pop culture. More about him at http://anildash.com/
blogging  cms 
6 weeks ago
bash tip colors and formatting
The ANSI/VT100 terminals and terminal emulators are not just able to display black and white text ; they can display colors and formatted texts thanks to escape sequences. Those sequences are composed of the Escape character (often represented by ”^[” or ”<Esc>”) followed by some other characters: ”<Esc>[FormatCodem”.
bash  terminal  color  ansi  vt100  escape 
6 weeks ago
Mixtura - Cocktail Recipes
iOS app of cocktail recipes using what you have on hand.
cocktail  recipe  iphone  ios 
6 weeks ago
Aqua Notes - Waterproof Notepad
These came up in Systematic 125, and I'm enamored with them. Write notes in the shower with a #2 pencil. h/t [Merlin Mann](https://twitter.com/hotdogsladies)
shower  waterproof  notes  notetaking 
6 weeks ago
The Marked Bonus pack is now living on GitHub in the care of [kotfu](https://github.com/kotfu). We're hoping it will stay more up-to-date as changes are required.
integration  script  utilities  marked 
6 weeks ago
Input: Fonts for Code
I'm always up for playing with new monospace programming fonts...
font  monospace  programming  coding 
6 weeks ago
Regulex: Regular Expression Visualizer
Very neat tool for converting regular expressions into diagrammatic views.
regex  regularexpression  visualization 
6 weeks ago
I think this is the one. Presenter notes, fullscreen, cloned view, mirrored mode, Markdown support...
htmlpresentation  slides  markdown 
8 weeks ago
2048 for Mac
This is my current favorite time-killer game on my iPhone. I play it as much as I used to play [Super Monsters Ate My Condo](https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/super-monsters-ate-my-condo!/id553509171?mt=8&uo=4&at=10l4tL&ct=webexcursions) (which is still the greatest game the iPhone has seen, thanks [Mike](https://twitter.com/mikeschramm)). Now I accidentally find out that it's been available for OS X for almost a year...
games  mac  macappstore  osx 
9 weeks ago
A successor to my [Pinboard to Openmeta](http://brettterpstra.com/projects/pinboard-openmeta/) project that brings the script up to date with Yosemite and Finder tagging. Rewritten in Python by [Ryan M](http://ryanmo.co/).
pinboard  python  tagging  bookmarking 
9 weeks ago
Text Editors in The Lord of the Rings
Just for fun, a metaphorical look at the most popular text editors in the context of _The Lord of the Rings_.
texteditors  literature 
9 weeks ago
Datamancer Typewriter Keys [TypeKeys] - $100.00 : Datamancer.com, Modern Heirlooms with Classic Style
You like mechanical keyboards? Here's a set of "typewriter" Cherry Blue keycaps, compatible with any Cherry MX board. That's right. A clicky typewriter for the modern era. What will these kids think of next?
9 weeks ago
Day One to doing
An integration between Day One and my [doing](http://brettterpstra.com/projects/doing) project. Doing has grown immensely in the 1.0.8pre version. I still need to write it up, but you can see where it's at on [GitHub](http://github.com/ttscoff/doing) and install it with `gem install doing --pre`. It's quite stable at this point... Now I just want to make a Slogger plugin that makes digest entries in Day One from the "what was I doing file."
doing  dayone 
9 weeks ago
How Broken is Discovery on the App Store? This Broken.
Much has been made over the years about how the App Store [could be improved](ªªhttp://furbo.org/2009/07/10/year-two/) forºº both developers and customers. Areas like [interactive reviews](http://www.fastcolabs.com/3037828/4-ways-developers-say-apple-can-improve-the-mac-app-store),[trial periods](http://www.cultofmac.com/151955/apple-hints-at-free-trials-in-the-app-store-with-new-itunes-terms-and-conditions/), an [App Store VP](ªªhttp://www.imore.com/editors-desk-vp-app-store) and [paidºº upgrades](ªªhttp://www.macworld.com/article/2048194/opinion-apple-needs-a-handle-on-app-store-paid-upgrade-problem.html) areºº all important. One of the key areas many agree is the biggest problem Apple has yet to [correctly address](ªªhttp://toucharcade.com/2014/06/02/new-ios-8-app-store-features/) isºº discovery. For small developers like myself, a potential customer’s ability to find your app on the App Store is critical. If customers can’t easily discover and download your software, your app (and indeed your business) has little chance of survival.
appstore  ios  mac  opinion 
10 weeks ago
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