Find out what's keeping your Mac awake
Good tip for those annoying times when your Mac just won't sleep and you can't figure out why.
blogit  tips  osx 
19 hours ago
10.8: AppleScript to close iCal Alerts - Mac OS X Hints
I have been meaning to figure this out. When you get a slew of notifications in OS X 10.8+, you have to dismiss them one at a time by clicking "Close." I miss Growl's Opt-click-dismiss-all... This solves the problem perfectly. Add a hotkey with FastScripts or run it from a launcher for instant notification clearing.
blogit  applescript  notificationcenter 
4 days ago
Wry for App.net
Wry is a command-line App.net tool for Mac OS X 10.7+.
adn  cli 
5 days ago
jsonwatch is a command line utility with which you can track changes in JSON data delivered by a shell command or a web (HTTP/HTTPS) API. jsonwatch requests data from the designated source repeatedly at a set interval and displays the differences when the data changes.
json  cli  watcher 
5 days ago
Photo Geotag Tools
Great script from Evan Lovely that lets you run `whereisthis photo.jpg` and open Google Maps to the location the photo was taken (assuming it has location data). Also available as an Alfred workflow.
blogit  geolocation  photo  bash  scripting 
5 days ago
Faster Sass debugging and style iteration with source maps, Chrome Web Developer Tools and Grunt
I just got this working last night and it's awesome. The Chrome Inspector can point me right to a line in a Sass partial... (requires bleeding edge Sass/Compass).
blogit  sass  compass  chrome  webdesign 
7 days ago
The end of the GIF is nigh: Meet the GFY
I just got into using LICEcap thanks to [Zachary Kain](http://5by5.tv/systematic/90), and animated gifs are becoming more a part of my life than they used to be. Thus, this is fascinating.
blogit  video  gif 
7 days ago
Github Cheat Sheet
So much goodness in here. I honestly didn't know about help.autocorrect and had forgotten that `t` will open a file explorer for a repo on the GitHub website. My life is better now.
blogit  github  tips 
7 days ago
If you're not looking to use an entire framework like methadone or GLI for your Ruby CLIs, here are some awesome tools to alleviate some common issues with writing command line scripts in Ruby.
blogit  ruby  cli  scripting 
8 days ago
I don't know why it took me so long to discover these, but they're really handy plugins if you use Sketch.app.
blogit  design  sketch  sketchapp 
9 days ago
Welcome to cx_Freeze’s documentation! — cx_Freeze 4.3.2 documentation
Freeze python scripts as binaries for distribution and codesigning (ala py2exe)
python  programming  codesigning 
9 days ago
CodeHilite Extension — Python Markdown
If the first line begins with three or more colons, the text following the colons identifies the language. The first line is removed from the code block before processing and line numbers are not used.
Marked  python  markdown  syntaxhighlight 
9 days ago
taskpaperparser - TaskPaper Document Parser in AppleScript - Google Project Hosting
This is an AppleScript script that was created in response to a bounty on the official forums for Hog Bay Software's TaskPaper. It parses a TaskPaper document into AppleScript data structures suitable for programmatic manipulation. When you are done manipulating the data, the script can reassemble the data into a TaskPaper document.
applescript  taskpaper 
9 days ago
Playing with CSS3 Animations - Designmodo
To explain this subject, we will create a simple fluid menu based on four squares. Clicking on one of them will display an overlay showing related content, closing the overlay will reverse the process showing the default menu. All delays will be managed directly with CSS — no javascript timeout() here.
css3  animation  tutorial 
9 days ago
A really handy tool for quickly generating baseline grids and vertical rhythm.
blogit  typography  CSS  webdesign 
10 days ago
A handy calorie tracker for Mac. See the levels of nutrients and calories, track your goals and gather a variety of stats. It comes with a big database, and you can add custom foods as needed.
blogit  fitness  health  diet  mac  osx  macappstore 
13 days ago
Another cool way to quickly make presentations for any device. Like [Deckset](http://brettterpstra.com/2014/04/07/deckset-1-dot-0-released/), it also [handles Markdown](http://beta.swipe.to/markdown/).
slides  presentation  markdown  blogit 
13 days ago
Automatically create Calendar events when receiving email
There's a lot of finagling required to make this tip work for specific situations, but it's a pretty cool trick.
applescript  mail.app  calendar  blogit 
13 days ago
Privacy Policy Generator
A neat-looking tool for generating concise and appropriate privacy policies for apps and websites.
blogit  privacy  paperwork 
13 days ago
Save articles from the web on Evernote from iOS
Cool bookmarklet from Phillip Gruneich for using [Marky](http://markdownrules.com) to save nicely formatted articles to Evernote.
marky  markdown  markdownify  blogit 
18 days ago
An HTML5 sanitizer written in Python. In my initial testing it works beautifully.
html  cleanup  markup  blogit 
20 days ago
I always talk about muscle memory when it comes to keybindings and shortcuts. Improve yours.
blogit  keybindings  shortcuts  tutorial 
20 days ago
Interesting project for generating stylesheet references from Markdown comments in Sass files.
sass  markdown  documentation  blogit 
20 days ago
A very cool Sublime Text plugin for blending your shell and your editor. Run commands, build scripts, version control... all from within Sublime.
sublimetext  unix  cli  shell  blogit 
20 days ago
The developer of [Dash](https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dash-docs-snippets/id458034879?mt=12&at=10l4tL&ct=webexc) talked to me a bit about adding Cheatsheets to the app, and I think the new version proves it was a great idea. Yes, it pretty much wipes out [Cheaters](http://brettterpstra.com/projects/cheaters/), but I'm ok with that. The gem linked above makes creating cheatsheets and docsets for Dash from the command line a breeze.
blogit  cheaters  cheatsheets  dash  reference 
5 weeks ago
Stuffing an RFID Card into a Finger Ring
When this kind of thing is perfected, I will be ecstatic. Better than iBeacons for unlocking doors, turning lights on and off and other such pointless but futuristic pursuits.
rfid  wearable  automation  blogit 
5 weeks ago
Jesse Grosjean has started on a CLI for FoldingText (and TaskPaper) in Node. I haven't had a chance to really figure out what the possibilities are yet, but from an initial toying around it looks like it has great potential for extending plain text task management on the command line.
blogit  nodejs  foldingtext  taskpaper 
5 weeks ago
Marked.app PopClip extension
I stumbled on LawSchoolMatt through a DuckDuckGo search, and I love this guy. He whipped up a PopClip extension for previewing selected text in [Marked](http://marked2app.com). Dig around his site, there's a lot of awesome there. Plus [mind maps](http://www.lawschoolmatt.com/mind-maps). Yum.
blogit  scripting  marked  popclip  productivity 
5 weeks ago
Inside DuckDuckGo, Google's Tiniest, Fiercest Competitor
A great dive into what's behind DuckDuckGo and where it's heading. And why.
blogit  duckduckgo  search 
5 weeks ago
This is pretty awesome. It replicates Marked's multi-file document capabilities from the command line. It handles all the merge formats Marked does, with MultiMarkdown and GFM support. Plus, scriptable!
Marked  markdown  cli  github  blogit 
5 weeks ago
Highly efficient file backup system based on the git packfile format. Capable of doing *fast* incremental backups of virtual machine images.
backup  git 
6 weeks ago
A very handy CLI for Bash/ZSH that aids in testing/communicating with REST apis.
blogit  rest  api  cli 
6 weeks ago
A tiny app to turn a Bluetooth LE-equipped Mac into an iBeacon
6 weeks ago
One more that I forgot about, a rich text editor with an excellent collaboration interface.
collaboration  textediting  writing 
6 weeks ago
Gingko App
A way to collaborate on document structure using a "Tree" system. Good keyboard navigation and some interesting features.
blogit  collaboration  textediting  writing  outlining 
6 weeks ago
Starting to Demo the Wolfram Language—Wolfram Blog
For users like me, this video should come with a clear "pornography" warning.
Wolfram  naturallanguage  computing  programming  language  blogit  video 
7 weeks ago
Responsive Lazy Loading plugin for JQuery. It can lazy-load the right image for the right screen size (and Retina), programatically or using data attributes.
blogit  lazyload  retina  responsive  responsivewebdesign  jquery 
7 weeks ago
A modification of Craig Eley's [Sifttter](http://craigeley.com/post/72565974459/sifttter-an-ifttt-to-day-one-logger) --- for collecting info from IFTTT to Day One --- that can run autonomously and does not need to be manually activated. The aim of the project was to use a Raspberry Pi, but should be usable on any *NIX platform.
blogit  Slogger  ifttt  dayone 
7 weeks ago
BrowserSync: Time-saving synchronised browser testing.
A very handy tool if you develop anything for the web. Have changes to your files trigger refreshes in multiple browsers, and have scrolls, clicks and form actions execute in all browsers simultaneously.
blogit  webdesign  grunt 
7 weeks ago
Responsive Web Design Patterns
A collection of Codepen patterns for responsive layouts.
responsive  webdesign  patterns 
8 weeks ago
CSS3 backed JavaScript animation framework
CSS3  javascript  animation 
8 weeks ago
Highlight "weasel words" and passive voice as you write in Sublime Text. I'm using it and it works really well.
blogit  writing  sublimetext 
8 weeks ago
CloudFront custom origin server with Rails, Jammit, and Apache
Great step-by-step for setting up a remote origin pull server on Amazon CloudFront.
cloudfront  cdn  amazon  s3  optimization  webdesign 
9 weeks ago
Dropbox Uploader is a BASH script which can be used to upload, download, list or delete files from Dropbox, an online file sharing, synchronization and backup service.
dropbox  bash  scripting 
9 weeks ago
What Font is
Identify fonts from images
font  fonts 
9 weeks ago
This one has received a lot of attention around the web in the last couple of days. It highlights readability issues in text. Marked 2 can actually do a lot of this, but Hemingway is a pretty handy tool you can use for free.
blogit  writing  editing 
9 weeks ago
This Is Not A Conspiracy Theory
An interesting-looking documentary from the creator of [Everything Is A Remix](http://everythingisaremix.info/). Published as a paid subscription with multiple installments in the series.
blogit  video  documentary  conspiracy 
9 weeks ago
InstantClick – JS lib to make your website instant
If it weren't for server load increase and required script refactoring that I don't have time to tackle, I'd probably test this out today... It essentially turns your website into a single-page application using [pjax](https://github.com/defunkt/jquery-pjax) and hover/click handlers to preload content.
blogit  javascript  optimization 
9 weeks ago
Goodbye, Editorially
I loved this web app, and am sad to see it go. I applaud the team for making the decision fairly early on, though. Thankfully, we still have (the amazing) [Draft](https://draftin.com/).
blogit  webapp  markdown  sunsetting 
9 weeks ago
nvALT and Alfred 2
Alfred 2 workflows by [Geoffrey Roman](http://uryupinsk.github.io/) for searching nvALT notes by content, tags or both. A combination of my [own workflow](http://brettterpstra.com/2013/03/17/nvalt-tag-search-for-alfred-2/) and [Jake Bilbrey's](http://jake.ch/2013/03/18/alfred2/).
9 weeks ago
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