TeaCode – write code super fast
This one may get a longer writeup from me in the future, but I'm excited enough to point it out now. I love TextExpander (dearly), but for coding, TeaCode offers a basic feature set that's really useful in editors like Sublime, Code, and Xcode. You can include variables in an expansion and have them automatically filled in and transformed in the output. Works in any editor.
snippet  textexpander 
7 days ago
‎NodeBeat - Playful Music
A delightful, node-based music generation app for iOS. Combine generators and nodes to start building songs and rhythms visually. I've spent way too long getting lost in this one.
ipad  iphone  ios  music 
7 days ago
AAlakkad/git-version-bumper at producthunt
If your project is using semantic version numbering, version-bumper can easily increment any part of the version number and create git tags for you. No more looking up the last incremental version with `git tags`.
git  semver  versioning 
7 days ago
A free invoice generator for developers that turns git commits into timesheets and invoices.
freelance  git  github  invoicing 
7 days ago
Like Futura but want something that looks a little less... 90 years old? This pay-what-you want font (named after Futura designer Paul Renner) created by Indestructible Type is worth trying out for your next sans-serif design need. Check out their other fonts while you there, they're doing some really cool stuff.
font  typography 
10 days ago
Katharos Tones
A $10, 60-sound collection of ringtones combining digital and acoustic sounds. If you're tired of checking your phone every time the tri-tone goes off in a TV show, you might want to check these out. I've been using them for a couple of weeks now and can vouch that there are some great ringtone/alert replacements in here. (Admittedly, I still use some [other](http://brettterpstra.com/otherstuff/ringtones/) [ringtones](http://brettterpstra.com/otherstuff/ringtones2/) for per-caller customization...)
android  iphone  ringtone 
10 days ago
Easily create a digital portfolio/résumé. Mural gives you a Pinterest-like way to display and categorize your work, and tell a story with each piece. Handy.
10 days ago
DevTube - The best developer videos in one place
A curated collection of the best tech videos on the web.
developer  video 
10 days ago
‎Text Case on the App Store
A cool $1 utility for iOS that takes selected or copied text and performs case transformations: title case, URL Encoded, uppercase, lowercase, capitalized, reversed, and "Mocking Spongebob" (random capitalization). Available through a share sheet in any editor or text field.
ios  strings  writing 
12 days ago
Chatamo Alexa Skill Builder
Chatamo creates chat bots for automating customer service. They now offer an Alexa skill-building tool that makes it possible to build skills with point and click.
alexa  chatbot  bot 
24 days ago
Nvidia Transforms Standard Video Into Slow Motion Using AI
Nvidia demonstrates using AI to turn 30fps video to super-smooth ultra-slowmo (240fps) video. It's amazing.
video  ai 
24 days ago
This is pretty awesome. Machine learning movie recommendations on the command line. Installs with pip and sources the Carnegie Mellon Movie Summary Corpus to provide recommendations based on a selected movie.
recommendations  Terminal  cli 
24 days ago
Strapdown.js - Instant and elegant Markdown documents
Easy Markdown documents in the browser. Just add a script link at the bottom of an HTML page containing Markdown inside an `<xmp>` tag and it generates an HTML version on the front end using Bootstrap themes (switchable).
documentation  javascript  webdev  markdown 
24 days ago
transfer.sh - Easy and fast file sharing from the command-line.
Easy and fast file sharing from the command-line. Share up to 10GB, fully encrypted and automatically deleted after 14 days. And free.
filesharing  curl  Terminal 
24 days ago
Tripetto - Full-fledged form kit
The world needs better forms. Tripetto includes a visual form editor, a collector for gathering response, and an SDK for developing form building blocks. It's a self-hosted node app, so not for everyone, but really nice for flowing forms.
5 weeks ago
Dialogue : Screenplay Writer
Despite not being a screenwriter, I'm enamored with the idea of writing screen dialog in text message format. Check out the product page, you'll see what I mean.
5 weeks ago
Fathom - simple, trustworthy website analytics
Fathom (now available on GitHub) is a new website analytics platform built on simplicity and trustworthiness (recall the now-unsupported [Mint](https://haveamint.com/)?). Get the analytics you need without giving Google (Analytics) access to any of your visitors data. This site should be switching over soon.
analytics  webdev 
5 weeks ago
Home Assistant
Home Assistant is worth noting in addition to all of my mentions of [homebridge](http://brettterpstra.com/2018/06/06/alexa-and-siri-and-bringing-it-all-together/). Pointed out to me by [Adrian Rudman](https://twitter.com/_rudders/status/1004455282926211072), it has modules for just about everything you can imagine wanting to pull together (and add Siri/Alexa integration to).
python  homeautomation 
5 weeks ago
You’re Missing Out on a Better Mac Terminal Experience
A post from Owen Caulfield with a bunch of great tips for using Hyper, a CSS/HTML-based Terminal alternative. I'm still going to be using iTerm, but this stuff looks like fun.
8 weeks ago
Sir Winston - MacOS Customization Script Generator
A MacOS customization script generator. Choose the applications and settings you want and get a custom script to automate the entire setup process.
8 weeks ago
After 5 years and $3M, here's everything we've learned from building Ghost
From Kickstarter to a successful business model, the story behind Ghost's business model is a heartening read.
startup  from twitter_favs
9 weeks ago
CheatSheet - Know your short cuts
I used to appreciate KeyCue when learning keyboard shortcuts for an app, but it hasn't worked for me for quite a while now. CheatSheet does the same thing flawlessly, and for free. Just hold the ⌘-Key down for a couple seconds to get a popup with a list of all active short cuts of the current application (including custom shortcuts assigned to Services and menu items).
macos  app  utility 
10 weeks ago
A self-hosted Git platform for running your own local GitHub-style repository manager. This project is a fork of [Gogs](https://gogs.io/) with an apparently more group-focused approach to project maintenance.
10 weeks ago
Home | Automation Orchard
Rosemary Orchard is an automation wiz. She's put together Automation Orchard as a central repository for automation articles from across the web. A great stopping place for automation nerds, whether you're looking to create workflows on your iOS device or automate your home. It's all here.
10 weeks ago
CatchUp - Keep in Touch
A free app with no ads, CatchUp simply reminds you to keep in touch with the people you want to. Add a contact, set an interval, and CatchUp reminds you to reach out. This is ideal for people like me who can go years without hearing from someone and still consider them great friends, but who learn in the harshest ways that not everyone else reacts the same way.
ios  app 
10 weeks ago
An RSS-reader-ready collection of independent publishers. I'll be honest, I discovered this list when I was notified I was on it, but was pleasantly surprised by the collection. If you're not using an RSS reader to take back control of your online news, download the OPML file and import it into something like [Reeder 3](https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/reeder-3/id880001334?mt=12&uo=4&at=10l4tL&ct=blog), [ReadKit](https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/readkit/id588726889?mt=12&uo=4&at=10l4tL&ct=blog), or [Feedbin](http://www.feedbin.com)!
bloggers  indie  rss 
10 weeks ago
Troy Hunt: 86% of Passwords are Terrible (and Other Statistics)
As a long-long-time [1Password](https://1password.com) user, having 20-character gibberish passwords unique to every account is easy for me. But at the rate that compromises are happening, having a strong, unique password is only half the battle. And you don't even get to fight the other half of it... but do your half and bulk up your passwords.
security  passwords 
10 weeks ago
Great Astrophotography: a How-To Guide
Note: These photos were taken without a telescope, just a camera on a tripod.Many of us have looked up into the night sky in a particularly dark place and thought,...
11 weeks ago
Ultimate Vegetable "EarthBox" for CHEAP!! :) TeraHydro Boxes (aka TetraHydro Box) DIY HOMEMADE

ATTN! If you like this guide please rate it with a 1-5 star rating to the right of this text and leave comments with constructive criticism :)...
11 weeks ago
The Creatable Pick A Bundle 2018
Creatable's current Pick A Bundle includes Marked, TableFlip, Permute, Timing, and more. Build your own 10 app bundle for $39. Ends this Friday.
bundle  software  mac 
april 2018
Vanilla—hide Mac menu bar icons for free
Just in case you're not already using Bartender, Vanilla is a free Mac app that lets you hide icons from your menu bar. Simpler in functionality, but also faster at disappearing those extra menu bar items than the current incarnation of Bartender.
app  macos  mac  osx 
april 2018
It's Time for an RSS Revival

> No matter what your current disposition, though, in this age of algorithmic overreach there's something deeply satisfying about finding stories beyond what your loudest Twitter follows shared, or that Facebook's News Feed optimized into your life. And lots of tools that can get you there.
rss  news 
april 2018
Announcing the fastest, privacy-first consumer DNS service
> Cloudflare's mission is to help build a better Internet. We're excited today to take another step toward that mission with the launch of — the Internet's fastest, privacy-first consumer DNS service.
privacy  security  dns 
april 2018
Great Podcasting resource site (h/t [Alex Cox](https://twitter.com/alexcox)).

> Transom is a performance space, an open editorial session, an audition stage, a library, and a hangout.
review  podcasting  hardware 
april 2018
How to use Facebook while giving it the minimum amount of personal data - The Verge
> The Cambridge Analytica revelations illustrate why we cannot trust Facebook to police its own platform. So now is as good a time as ever to remind you that — beyond deleting your Facebook account for good — there are some precautions you can take to protect your privacy and make use of Facebook as a utility without compromising your personal data.
privacy  facebook 
april 2018
Save to nvALT
You may have noticed that most of the original extensions for nvALT have kind of disappeared. For Chrome users, this one from Mustafa Paksoy is pretty great. Internal HTML-to-Markdown conversion and instant add to nvALT. [Source available](https://github.com/mustpax/save-to-nvALT).
chrome  nvalt 
april 2018
Should You Delete Your Facebook Page?
I don't know if you read the EasyDNS newsletter, but I've come to appreciate it as a very non-partisan source of information on privacy, technology, and the politics surrounding it. Post Cambridge Analytica revelations, my long-running question of how to handle the paradox of wanting to remain connected while wanting to remain safe, questioning my abillity to use tech to bring change while avoiding tech controlling me, have all become increasingly urgent.
privacy  facebook 
april 2018
Now in Public Beta: The NEW Tower
I've been on the Tower 3 private beta, and I can tell you it's an exciting update for any Git user on Mac. Support for Pull Requests, a sweet interactive rebase GUI, a command palette for keyboard access to ANYTHING, and more. You can hold out for my review after it goes live, or join the beta now, your call.
macos  git  mac 
april 2018
Do You Trust This Computer?
If you feel like digging deeper into the seemingly inevitable AI-driven nightmare reality, _Do You Trust This Computer?_ is happy to be your guide.
ai  movie  documentary  future 
april 2018
A general date-picker script for any tag type - TaskPaper
I learned so much about JSX and nibs playing with this one (another from ComplexPoint).
script  nib  date  javascript  taskpaper 
march 2018
Script to increase and decrease date tag values - TaskPaper - Hog Bay Software Support
Continuing the discussion from Help with moving @start date AppleScript to JavaScript:

It&#39;s set to increase @due date value by one day. But you can change the options to target another tag. You can change the offset va&hellip;
script  javascript  taskpaper 
march 2018
MailMate bundles for fun and profit | 1klb
I usually think of MailMate like the A-10 Warthog of OS X email programs: it’s not as sleek and sexy as the average new email app you see coming out of indie devs’ doors, but it makes up for that in sheer power and efficiency when it comes to dealing with your email
march 2018
Devhints — TL;DR for developer documentation
A large collection of developer cheatsheets, created by [@ricostacruz](https://ricostacruz.com/).
developer  cheatsheet 
february 2018
ARKit+CoreLocation is an open source library that allows items to be placed within an AR world using real-world coordinates and, by using CoreLocation, improves accuracy to a point where things like Point-of-Interest AR get easier. I'm not currently working on any AR, but it's exciting to watch the apps and the tools grow.
arkit  ios  augmentedreality 
february 2018
The app formerly known as MacID has been [renamed to Unlox](https://unlox.it/blog/2017/12/29/hello-unlox-goodbye-macid) and updated to work with Face ID on the iPhone X. If you fancy unlocking your Mac with your face, here you go.
security  ios  faceid 
february 2018
Omoshiro Block
Not my usualy type of link, but this is beautiful. The Omoshiro Block utilizes laser-cutting to reveal objects as the pages are used. Go see the pictures.
paper  craft 
february 2018
Leonard Cohen - Peel Session 1968
For LC fans, the complete July 1968 session recorded with John Peel on BBC Radio 1.
february 2018
ShotBox on the Mac App Store
A handy little (free) utility that adds markup capability to screenshots taken with macOS system tools. No organizer, no built in screenshot tools, just a handy augmentation to default screenshots. If apps like Capto, Monosnap, Pixa, and others are overkill for you, this might be a great solution.
screenshot  app  macappstore 
february 2018
Another warning: Don't convert your Time Machine volume from HFS+ to APFS | Macworld
A warning from Macworld about APFS (macOS High Sierra) and Time Machine. Basically, don't convert your Time Machine disk to APFS, but the details are worth understanding.
macos  apple  apfs  from twitter_favs
february 2018
Farrago: Robust, rapid-fire soundboards
Rogue Amoeba introduced a new app recently called Farrago. I'm giving it a shot right now --- if it fits my use cases I'll be writing it up in more detail. For now, I'll say: it's a soundboard app geared toward broadcasters (or podcasters) with a slick keyboard-navigable interface, extensive customization, and a complete organization toolset including sound banks and sequenced lists with sounds and notes for planning out shows.
soundeffects  audio  podcasting 
february 2018
Rogue Amoeba | SoundSource: A Superior Sound Control
I had totally missed this utility from Rogue Amoeba, but I'm using it daily now. It replaces the Volume control in your menu bar with a panel that allows easy individual control of devices/volumes for Input, Output, and Sound Effects. It also has a Play-Thru feature that lets you easily monitor any input source from any output source. Lastly, if you own any other Rogue Amoeba product (Airfoil, Audio Hijack, Fission, etc.) you get a [complimentary license](https://rogueamoeba.com/store/deals/ComplimentarySoundSource.php).
macos  audio  volume  mac  utility 
february 2018
Findings - All Your Research, In One App
I'm linking this for now because the dev asked me to review it and I don't feel qualified but it looks amazing. A lab notebook: organize experiments, track results, and manage protocols. Free for Mac (Basic version), iOS and Watch.

If you happen to be a researcher and interested in doing a guest review, please let me know!
app  macos  notes  ios  research 
february 2018
Visual Studio Code - Code Editing. Redefined
I'll probably be writing more about this, and maybe everyone already knew this, but Visual Studio Code is a free code editor from Microsoft that is so good it's on the verge of replacing Sublime for me. If you're under the same impression I was --- confusing VS Code with VS IDE and assuming it wasn't for you --- shed the misconceptions and give it a try. It's awesome. For Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows (listed in that order on the website, Windows last, which I find interesting).
code  editor  textediting 
february 2018
mvdan/sh: A shell parser, formatter and interpreter (POSIX/Bash/mksh)
A handy shell parser, formatter and interpreter. Includes `shfmt`, a great tool for beautifying bash scripts.
bash  beautifier 
february 2018
Another great toolbox addition for web designers. Animista offers a place where you can play with and customize ready-to-use CSS animations, with code ready to download and incorporate into your project.
animation  CSS  generator  webapp 
january 2018
I'll admit it, I'm not great with designing gradients. This free, curated collection of 180 linear gradients is a welcome addition to my toolbox. Download them in CSS3, Photoshop and Sketch formats.
design  color  gradient  CSS  webdesign  sketchapp 
january 2018
AppLaunchpad Mockup Generator
A free web app for generating high res product mockups for apps. All iOS devices (including iPhone X and Apple Watch), iMac, Macbook, and even Windows machines. Puts your app screenshot in context easily (and for free). ([AppLaunchPad's tool for generating iOS App Store screenshots](https://theapplaunchpad.com/) is pretty sweet-looking, too.)
appstore  mockup  design 
january 2018
uzairfarooq/arrive: Watch for DOM elements creation and removal
A handy javascript wrapper for Mutation Observer, used to detect the arrival (or removal) of DOM elements without polling.
javascript  mutationobserver 
january 2018
Amazon.com: TrackR pixel - Bluetooth Tracking Device. Item Tracker. Phone Finder. iOS/Android Compatible - White: Electronics
Amazon.com: TrackR pixel - Bluetooth Tracking Device. Item Tracker. Phone Finder. iOS/Android Compatible - White: Electronics
january 2018
Canon imageCLASS LBP7110Cw Color Laser Printer | Staples
Shop Canon imageCLASS LBP7110Cw Color Laser Printer at Staples. Choose from our wide selection of Canon imageCLASS LBP7110Cw Color Laser Printer and get fast & free shipping on select orders.
january 2018
MarsEdit 4 - Powerful web publishing from your Mac.
After a few years of quiet updates, MarsEdit gets a full version bump. If you don't remember, it's a desktop blog editing application (macOS) that works with WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Movable Type, and many other systems.
december 2017
ColorHelper - Packages - Package Control
One of my new favorite Sublime Text packages. "ColorHelper makes work with colors easier by providing inline color previews in your documents (ST3 build 3118+) and offers tooltips with color previews of stylesheet colors, provides color translation, and allows the storing and accessing of favorite colors in color palettes."
sublime  SublimeText 
december 2017
VoodooPad acquired by Primate Labs
VoodooPad has been switched owners again, this time to Primate Labs. Here's hoping that there's a renewed push on development, I'd love to get back into it.
december 2017
Sustainable Software: A User Perspective
Via Luís Queirós: "Thinking about software and humans. Free and utilitarian or expensive and pleasing?"
development  software  from twitter_favs
december 2017
An Open Source Etiquette Guidebook | CSS-Tricks
I wholeheartedly endorse the guidelines that Kent C. Dodds and Sarah Drasner lay out in this post. From "Saying thank you for the project before making an inquiry about a new feature or filing a bug is usually appreciated" to "Don’t close a PR from an active contributor and reimplement the same thing yourself," this is a concise compendium of rules everyone involved in open source should take to heart. (And yes, I've been guilty of some of these in the past and have seen the fallout, so my agreement with them has been earned through experience.)
december 2017
I study liars. I’ve never seen one like President Trump.
I don't usually include politics in the roundups, but this opinion piece covers a topic in our current "situation" that I've found morbidly fascinating. The rate and maliciousness with which Trump lies is historic. Not just for a president, but for a human. The internet makes it possible, but it also makes speedy fact-checking easier. So, break even? Not really.
trump  politics 
december 2017
Shirt Pocket Watch - Snapshot Surprise!
I've gone from "hoo boy, will SuperDuper still work the same with APFS" to "oh man, this is way better." Time machine-like backups with history image restore, plus your bootable clone drive can boot to multiple historical snapshots... awesome.
superduper  filesystem  mac  clone  apfs 
december 2017
Sources: Apple is acquiring music recognition app Shazam
I've been enjoying the simiplicity of "Hey Siri, what song is this," and I think that Apple going ahead and outright acquiring Shazam is a prudent business move.
music  siri  shazam  apple 
december 2017
How to use sudo with Touch ID on your Mac
Cabel Sasser tweeted a tip for enabling MacBook Pro touch bar touch ID for sudo commands. Serenity Caldwell explains it in detail on iMore.
touchbar  Terminal  security 
november 2017
Neal Preston: Exhilarated and Exhausted
Legendary rock tour photographer Neal Preston's coffee table book. "I want the reader at the end of this book to feel like they've just spent a year on the road with Zeppelin with one day off, then six months with Guns 'n' Roses, with one day off and then five years with Bruce Springsteen. Exhilarated and exhausted." -Neal Preston

I haven't bought this, _yet_, but it's on my wish list.
book  music  rockandroll 
november 2017
Tetra - Automatic Call Notes
An AI-based notetaker for phone calls. You can tag a spot in the conversation as a marker, and get a summary of the call afterward. I would love to figure out a way to do this with podcasting, getting show notes and markers delivered to me automatically...
productivity  podcasting  ios 
november 2017
BeatMaker 3 - INTUA
INTUA - State of the art music apps
ipad  ios  music 
november 2017
Insight.io GitHub code browser
I've long used the [OctoTree Chrome extension](https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/octotree/bkhaagjahfmjljalopjnoealnfndnagc) for browsing GitHub with a full tree view of the folders and files. Insight.io adds some full-fledged IDE features to this. Code navigation, find references to classes and methods, definition lookup, and more. ([Also see my other favorite Chrome extensions](http://brettterpstra.com/2017/07/14/web-excursions-for-july-14-2017-chrome-edition/))
firefox  chrome  github  extension 
november 2017
Bescor LED-95DK2 Dual LED Light Kit LED-95DK2 B&H Photo Video
Buy Bescor LED-95DK2 Dual LED Light Kit features Dual 105W LED Lights, Dimmable. Review Bescor LED Lights, LED
led  photography  videography  lighting 
october 2017
Steadicam Volt - Handheld Gyroscopic Smartphone Stabilizer Motorized Gimbal | Tiffen
Steadicam Volt 3-axis gimbal gyroscopic smartphone stabilizer, video stabilizing system designed to reduce shake for shooting Android and iPhone video. The Volt is the first Steadicam handheld gyroscopic camera stabilizer and the most popular of our handheld 3 axis gimbals. Steadicam motorized handheld gyro stabilized 3 axis gimbal technology. Steadicam Volt for steady handheld gyro stabilizer video with a smartphone. Latest Steadicam for shooting steady iphone video with our motorized handheld gyro camera stabilizer. This gyro stabilized camera mount works even when the batteries die, so whether using gyrographic stability or manually using the Steadicam 3 axis gimbal you're in good hands. The Volt, Steadicam's handheld camera gyro stabilizer has an motorized gimbal that also works manually so even when the batteries run out the Volt is still balanced so you can continue getting stable smartphone video on the go. That's why the Steadicam Volt is the rapidly becoming one of the most sought after Android and iPhone stabilizers on the market today. Steadicam's Volt is one of those must have Android and iPhone accessories for shooting stable video. The Volt is a handheld electronically balanced gimbal great for shooting stable iphone 7 video. Handheld smartphone video stabilizer 3 axis video gimbal techniques. Gyroscopic stability in a handheld electronic gimbal stabilizer. Steadicam Volt glatten handkamera 3-Achsen Gimbal Smartphone Stabilisator Gyro für iPhone und Android. Elektronischer stabilisator kardanring, kamera schütteln reduzieren.
october 2017
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