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Dense and Thick | the human network
Golden Age, a time of rosy dawns and bright beginnings, when everything seems possible. But this age is drawing to a close. Two recent developments will, in retrospect, be seen as the beginning of the end. The first of these is the transformation of the oldest medium into the newest. The book is coextensive with history, with the largest part of what we regard as human culture. Until five hundred and fifty years ago, books were handwritten, rare and precious. Moveable type made books a mass medium, and lit the spark of modernity. But the book, unlike nearly every other medium, has resisted its own digitization. This year the defenses of the book have been breached, and ones and zeroes are rushing in...
On the other hand, the arrival of the Web-as-appliance means it is now leaving the rarefied space of computers and mobiles-as-computers, and will now be seen as something as mundane as a book or a dinner plate.
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february 2010 by tsuomela

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