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Create your own podcast.
Find links to audio files on the Web.
Huffduff the links—add them to your podcast.
Subscribe to podcasts of other found sounds.
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june 2010 by tsuomela
Chill Pill brings RSS Fever to your desktop Review | E-mail and Internet | Mac Gems | Macworld
But folks on the lookout for a different—better, some say—experience have been checking out Fever, a self-hosted, Web-based reader with a flexible interface and a fresh approach to slicing through the Internet's thick jungle of news. Mac users now have another big reason to take a look: Chill Pill, a free desktop client for Fever.
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september 2009 by tsuomela
Filter RSS feeds with Feed Rinse
Feed Rinse is an easy to use tool that lets you automatically filter out syndicated content that you aren't interested in
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march 2007 by tsuomela
another feed manipulater or creator
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july 2006 by tsuomela
Submit your RSS Feed
submit feeds to mulitple rss search sites
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january 2005 by tsuomela
A news aggregator currently under development.
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december 2004 by tsuomela
Planet Planet!
Python software to combine news feeds into unified whole.
python  rss  software  webos 
december 2004 by tsuomela
feed on feeds - about
Server side rss news aggreator.
april 2004 by tsuomela

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