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"Fatcat is a versioned, user-editable catalog of research publications: journal articles, conference proceedings, pre-prints, etc. Features include archival file-level metadata (verified digests and long-term copies, in addition to URLs), a documented API, and work/release indexing (aka, linking together of pre-prints and final copies)."
scholarly-communication  catalog  cataloging  research 
8 weeks ago by tsuomela
Understanding Society: The research university
"Jason Owen-Smith's recent Research Universities and the Public Good: Discovery for an Uncertain Future "
book  review  university  research  innovation 
january 2019 by tsuomela
Binder (beta)
"Have a repository full of Jupyter notebooks? With Binder, open those notebooks in an executable environment, making your code immediately reproducible by anyone, anywhere. "
data-curation  reproducible  python  ipython  programming  notebook  sharing  research  tool  github 
july 2018 by tsuomela
The Censor's Hand | The MIT Press
"Medical and social progress depend on research with human subjects. When that research is done in institutions getting federal money, it is regulated (often minutely) by federally required and supervised bureaucracies called “institutional review boards” (IRBs). Do—can—these IRBs do more harm than good? In The Censor’s Hand, Schneider addresses this crucial but long-unasked question. Schneider answers the question by consulting a critical but ignored experience—the law’s learning about regulation—and by amassing empirical evidence that is scattered around many literatures. He concludes that IRBs were fundamentally misconceived. Their usefulness to human subjects is doubtful, but they clearly delay, distort, and deter research that can save people’s lives, soothe their suffering, and enhance their welfare. IRBs demonstrably make decisions poorly. They cannot be expected to make decisions well, for they lack the expertise, ethical principles, legal rules, effective procedures, and accountability essential to good regulation. And IRBs are censors in the place censorship is most damaging— universities. In sum, Schneider argues that IRBs are bad regulation that inescapably do more harm than good. They were an irreparable mistake that should be abandoned so that research can be conducted properly and regulated sensibly."
book  publisher  irb  human-subjects  research  ethics 
march 2018 by tsuomela
Research Information Management: Defining RIM and the Library's Role
"Research information management (RIM) is the aggregation, curation, and utilization of information about research and is emerging as an area of increasing interest and relevance in many university libraries. RIM intersects with many aspects of traditional library services in discovery, acquisition, dissemination, and analysis of scholarly activities, and does so through the nexus with institutional data systems, faculty workflows, and institutional partners. RIM adoption offers libraries new opportunities to support institutional and researcher goals. In this paper prepared by Rebecca Bryant, OCLC Research Senior Program Officer, and a working group of librarians representing OCLC Research Library Partnership institutions, learn more about what RIM is, what is driving RIM adoption, and the library’s role in RIM."
research  research-data  libraries  metrics  scholarly-communication 
october 2017 by tsuomela
Daniele Fanelli's webpages
"I graduated in Natural Sciences, giving exams in all fundamental disciplines, then obtained a PhD studying the behaviour and genetics of social wasps, and subsequently worked for two years as a science writer. Now I study the nature of science itself, and the mis-behaviours of scientists. Professional highlights I am one of the first natural scientists who specialized 24/7 in the study of scientific misconduct, bias and related issues, and have produced some of the largest studies assessing the prevalence of bias across disciplines and countries. Some of these publications have become quite influential, and my 2009 meta-analysis on surveys about misconduct is one of the most popular papers published in the entire Public Library of Science, currently counting over 185,000 views."
people  science  sts  reproducible  fraud  research  ethics 
may 2017 by tsuomela
The Realities of Research Data Management
"The Realities of Research Data Management is a four-part series that explores how research universities are addressing the challenge of managing research data throughout the research lifecycle. Research data management (RDM) has emerged as an area of keen interest in higher education, leading to considerable investment in services, resources and infrastructure to support researchers' data management needs. In this series, we examine the context, influences and choices higher education institutions face in building or acquiring RDM capacity—in other words, the infrastructure, services and other resources needed to support emerging data management practices. Our findings are based on case studies of four institutions: University of Edinburgh (UK), the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (US), Monash University (Australia) and Wageningen University & Research (the Netherlands), in four very different national contexts. "
research  research-data  management  academic  libraries  report 
april 2017 by tsuomela
Political behaviour and the acoustics of social media : Nature Human Behaviour
"Social networks are not a new phenomenon — people have always associated with like-minded others — but the advent of social media has led to a vast increase in the amount of social information that we see. We need data and experiments to understand how this information shapes our political landscape."
social-media  research  data  access  private  facebook  business 
april 2017 by tsuomela
"Get full-text of research papers as you browse, using Unpaywall's index of ten million legal, open-access articles. "
open-access  research  extension  browser 
march 2017 by tsuomela
"Research4Impact connects people from the academic, nonprofit, and governance spaces who are interested in collaborating with each other. Collaborations answer important questions, increase the effectiveness of policies and programs, and ultimately improve our quality of life."
networks  academic  non-profit  research 
march 2017 by tsuomela
Historical Agricultural News
"Welcome to Historical Agricultural News, a search tool site for exploring the Library of Congress Chronicling America database for information on the farming organizations, technologies, and practices of America’s past. Agricultural history is often presented in terms of economics; once we get beyond subsistence, agriculture is, after all, a business. But farming is also a window into communities, social and technological change, and concepts like progress, development, and modernity. These agricultural connections are of significance to those interested in various topics including immigration and assimilation, language use and communication, education and affiliations, and demographic transitions."
digital-humanities  research  newspaper  journalism  agriculture 
february 2017 by tsuomela
Peter Turchin Home - Peter Turchin
"Peter Turchin is a scientist and an author who wants to understand how human societies evolve, and why we see such a staggering degree of inequality in economic performance and effectiveness of governance among nations (see Research Interests). Peter’s approach to answering these questions blends theory building with the analysis of data. He is the founder of a new transdisciplinary field of Cliodynamics, which uses the tools of complexity science and cultural evolution to study the dynamics of historical empires and modern nation-states."
people  research  complexity  ecology  population  modeling 
january 2017 by tsuomela
GitHub - Factual/drake: Data workflow tool, like a "Make for data"
"Drake is a simple-to-use, extensible, text-based data workflow tool that organizes command execution around data and its dependencies. Data processing steps are defined along with their inputs and outputs and Drake automatically resolves their dependencies and calculates: which commands to execute (based on file timestamps) in what order to execute the commands (based on dependencies) Drake is similar to GNU Make, but designed especially for data workflow management. It has HDFS support, allows multiple inputs and outputs, and includes a host of features designed to help you bring sanity to your otherwise chaotic data processing workflows."
data-science  research  automation  scripting  reproducible 
december 2016 by tsuomela
Social Media Data Stewardship – Researching the lifecycle of social media data
"Social Media Data Stewardship (SMDS) is a set of data- and user-driven principles to guide all aspects of managing social media data including its collection, storage, analysis, publication, reuse, sharing and preservation. "
social-media  research  ethics  data-science  stewardship 
november 2016 by tsuomela
Cultural Dynamics
"Cultural Dynamics is a peer reviewed journal that seeks to publish research focused on the structured inequalities of the contemporary world, and the myriad ways people negotiate these conditions. The journal is thoroughly interdisciplinary, encompassing anthropology, sociology, philosophy, history, and any other areas that can shed light on culture, power, and politics. "
journal  academic  research  social-science  inequality 
november 2016 by tsuomela
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