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The Data Curation Network – A shared staffing model for digital data repositories
"We are the Data Curation Network As professional data curators, research data librarians, academic library administrators, directors of international data repositories, disciplinary subject experts, and scholars we represent academic institutions and non-profit societies that make research data available to the public. What we do Data curators prepare and enrich research data to make them findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable (FAIR). Sharing our data curation staff across DCN partner institutions enables data repositories to collectively, and more effectively, curate a wider variety of data types (e.g., discipline, file format, etc.) that expands beyond what any single institution might offer alone."
publishing  online  scholarly-communication  data-curation 
26 days ago by tsuomela
Desmos | Beautiful, Free Math
"Our mission is to help every student learn math and love learning math. We accomplish that goal by building products and partnerships. First, we built our best-in-class HTML5 Desmos graphing calculator, which millions of students around the world use for free, including students who are blind or visually-impaired. Our partners have also embedded the calculator in digital curricula and on digital assessments so students spend less time worrying about technology and more time thinking about math. More recently, we've built hundreds of digital activities, covering grades 6-12 and expanding quickly to other areas of math. Those activities take advantage of everything that makes computers special. They invite students to create their own mathematical ideas, rather than just consuming ours. They encourage students to share their creations with each other, rather than with a grading algorithm. We distribute those activities for free on our website and through partnerships with curriculum publishers."
mathematics  education  pedagogy  online  tool 
9 weeks ago by tsuomela
A Majority of Teens Have Experienced Some Form of Cyberbullying | Pew Research Center
"59% of U.S. teens have been bullied or harassed online, and a similar share says it's a major problem for people their age. At the same time, teens mostly think teachers, social media companies and politicians are failing at addressing this issue."
bullying  online  internet  harassment  teenager 
october 2018 by tsuomela
Storm Prediction Center Severe Thunderstorm Forecasting Video Lecture Series
"We present a video lecture series on severe thunderstorm forecasting, a collaboration between the NOAA Storm Prediction Center, The University of Oklahoma, the NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory, and the NOAA Warning Decision Training Division. This is based on a three-semester-hour graduate-level course offered at The University of Oklahoma about applications of meteorological theory to the forecasting of severe thunderstorms (Meteorology 5403/4403: Applications of Meteorological Theory to Severe-Thunderstorm Forecasting). This course is led by SPC forecasters Ariel Cohen and Richard Thompson, and University of Oklahoma faculty member Steven Cavallo. During each spring semester from 2015 to 2017, this course has provided an opportunity to bridge the academic and operational disciplines of meteorology, allowing students to learn from experienced forecasters who have performed research on a variety of topics. During spring 2017, many lectures comprising Meteorology 5403/4403 and other related lectures relevant to severe thunderstorm forecasting were recorded. YouTube links to these recordings and accompanying descriptions are provided below as an educational resource. "
online  class  meteorology  weather  video  oer 
august 2017 by tsuomela
What the Alt-Right Learned from the Left | New Republic
book  review  alt-right  culture-war  online  anonymous  activism  tactics  critical-theory 
july 2017 by tsuomela
The Future of Free Speech, Trolls, Anonymity and Fake News Online | Pew Research Center
"Many experts fear uncivil and manipulative behaviors on the internet will persist – and may get worse. This will lead to a splintering of social media into AI-patrolled and regulated ‘safe spaces’ separated from free-for-all zones. Some worry this will hurt the open exchange of ideas and compromise privacy"
online  trolling  behavior  social-media  propaganda 
june 2017 by tsuomela
Visualize any Text as a Network - Textexture
"Welcome to Textexture. Using this tool you can visualize any text as a network. The resulting graph can be used to get a quick visual summary of the text, read the most relevant excerpts (by clicking on the nodes), and find similar texts."
text-analysis  visualization  online  tool 
april 2017 by tsuomela
Speaker Deck - Share Presentations without the Mess
"Speaker Deck is the best way to share presentations online. Simply upload your slides as a PDF, and we’ll turn them into a beautiful online experience. View them on SpeakerDeck.com, or share them on any website with an embed code. "
tool  online  presentation  sharing 
march 2017 by tsuomela
Take the time and effort to correct misinformation : Nature News & Comment
"Scientists should challenge online falsehoods and inaccuracies — and harness the collective power of the Internet to fight back, argues Phil Williamson."
science  communication  online  public-understanding  misinformation  propaganda  climate-change 
december 2016 by tsuomela
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