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PhET: Free online physics, chemistry, biology, earth science and math simulations
"Founded in 2002 by Nobel Laureate Carl Wieman, the PhET Interactive Simulations project at the University of Colorado Boulder creates free interactive math and science simulations. PhET sims are based on extensive education research and engage students through an intuitive, game-like environment where students learn through exploration and discovery."
simulation  science  math  teaching  pedagogy 
september 2016 by tsuomela
Introduction to Probability
This introductory probability book, published by the American Mathematical Society, is available from AMS bookshop. It has, since publication, also been available for download here in pdf format.
probability  math  statistics  reference  book  textbook 
november 2008 by tsuomela
Shtetl-Optimized » Blog Archive » Shor, I’ll do it
to explain Shor’s algorithm without using a single ket sign, or for that matter any math beyond arithmetic.
computer-science  computing  programming  quantum  math  number  theory  factoring 
november 2007 by tsuomela
A practical model for analyzing long tails
This article provides a simple formula and a practical methodology for analyzing long tails. The same model can be applied to topics as diverse as books, search phrases, size of companies, and geographical distribution of populations.
math  complexity  longtail  powerlaw  research  networks 
june 2007 by tsuomela
Self-organizing map - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The self-organizing map (SOM) is a subtype of artificial neural networks. It is trained using unsupervised learning to produce low dimensional representation of the training samples while preserving the topological properties of the input space. This make
visualization  math  neuralnetworks  machine  learning 
may 2007 by tsuomela
Benford's Law -- from Wolfram MathWorld
A phenomenological law also called the first digit law, first digit phenomenon, or leading digit phenomenon. Benford's law states that in listings, tables of statistics, etc., the digit 1 tends to occur with probability , much greater than the expected 11
math  statistics  reference 
may 2007 by tsuomela
To Dissect a Mockingbird: A Graphical Notation for the Lambda Calculus with Animated Reduction
The lambda calculus, and the closely related theory of combinators, are important in the foundations of mathematics, logic and computer science. This paper provides an informal and entertaining introduction by means of an animated graphical notation.
computer  computer-science  programming  logic  math 
may 2007 by tsuomela
Good Math, Bad Math : Using Bad Math to Create Bad Models to Produce Bad Results
modeling evolution as a search of a fitness landscape. It's pretty common to model evolution that way but it is worth pointing out that while search is a useful model of evolution, it's far from a perfect o
math  evolution  simulation  modeling  commentary 
may 2007 by tsuomela
The Wolfram Demonstrations Project
The Wolfram Demonstrations Project is an open-code resource that uses dynamic computation to illuminate concepts in science, technology, mathematics, art, finance, and a remarkable range of other fields.
math  education  demonstration  example 
may 2007 by tsuomela
PlanetMath is a virtual community which aims to help make mathematical knowledge more accessible. PlanetMath's content is created collaboratively: the main feature is the mathematics encyclopedia with entries written and reviewed by members. The entries a
math  education  open-content  open-education  peer-production 
april 2007 by tsuomela
HotEqn - Equation Viewer
java based tool to display latex math equations online, embedded in web page applet
html  latex  math  online  tools  java 
october 2006 by tsuomela
Welcome to the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications (IMA)
Math and related research institute at University of Minnesota, also host a public program called math matters.
umn  math  institutes  academic  academic-department  academic-programs  public  education 
october 2006 by tsuomela
Solve Sudoku (Without even thinking!)
a good example of an instructable page, with sudoku
math  logic  tutorial  web  education  learning 
july 2006 by tsuomela
EasyLatex Wiki: EasyLatex
Project to quicky write LaTex math expressions in text.
latex  math  text-markup 
june 2005 by tsuomela
Graph Theory - Electronic version
online textbook in graph theory. pub in 2000.
math  graphs  books  textbook 
june 2005 by tsuomela
WSJ.com - The Numbers Guy
regular column on numbers in the news
math  statistics  economics  media 
may 2005 by tsuomela
number watch
Current event, debunking statistics web site.
february 2005 by tsuomela
Math That Makes You Go Wow
Topology and non-orientable surfaces.
january 2005 by tsuomela
Browse Lesson Plans By Topic - Math
Lesson plans connecting news events to math topics.
education  math  via:scoutreport 
october 2004 by tsuomela

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