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Boostnote | Boost Happiness, Productivity, and Creativity.
"The note-taking app for programmers that focuses on markdown, snippets, and customizability. Edit your code and wikis from anywhere."
macintosh  software  markdown 
april 2018 by tsuomela
Search Brew
"When you search homebrew with brew search it only filters the name of the package. This website searches the description as well. "
macintosh  programming  installation  search 
december 2016 by tsuomela
"Work quickly, safely, and without headaches. The Git interface you've been missing all your life has finally arrived."
software  macintosh  git  version-tracking 
june 2015 by tsuomela
"BusyContacts is a contact manager for OS X that makes creating, finding, and managing contacts faster and more efficient."
macintosh  software  contacts 
february 2015 by tsuomela
Insync is Google Drive sync & backup with multiple account support
"The most powerful Google Drive client ever built. Insync extends Drive's web functionality to your desktop by integrating tightly with Windows, Mac and Linux so you can get work done."
tool  software  macintosh  windows  linux  google-drive 
august 2014 by tsuomela
SourceGear | DiffMerge
"DiffMerge is an application to visually compare and merge files on Windows, OS X and Linux."
software  utility  diff  macintosh  windows  linux 
march 2014 by tsuomela
Anki - powerful, intelligent flashcards
"Anki is a program which makes remembering things easy. Because it's a lot more efficient than traditional study methods, you can either greatly decrease your time spent studying, or greatly increase the amount you learn"
software  memorization  training  learning  windows  macintosh  linux  education 
september 2013 by tsuomela
Genius: Opensource Software Project
"Genius organizes your information and carefully chooses questions using an intelligent "spaced repetition" method that's based on your past performance. It performs fuzzy answer checking and even highlights errors visually."
software  memorization  training  learning  macintosh  education 
september 2013 by tsuomela
Decibel from sbooth.org
"Decibel is an audio player tailored to the particular needs of audiophiles."
macintosh  software  music  mp3 
june 2013 by tsuomela
Contour | Mariner Software
"Contour, the proven story development system developed by Emmy Award-nominated Jeffrey Alan Schechter, is designed to take your idea and turn it into a solid outline – the same kind of character-based structure used by many of the biggest blockbuster movies."
writing  screenwriting  story-telling  software  macintosh  windows 
april 2013 by tsuomela
Anvil for Mac - Available Now
Anvil for Mac. A menubar app for managing local sites.
macintosh  software  development  web-programming  via:deusx 
october 2012 by tsuomela
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