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CAP API | Caselaw Access Project
"The Caselaw Access Project API, also known as CAPAPI, serves all official US court cases published in books from 1658 to 2018. The collection includes over six million cases scanned from the Harvard Law Library shelves."
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october 2018 by tsuomela
Red Light, Green Light | Ithaka S+R
A proposal by Roger Schonfeld to help libraries assess the value of the resources they use.
libraries  collection  management  value  scholarly-communication  publishing 
june 2018 by tsuomela
"Reframing Library Instruction: Applying Metacognitive Pedagogy to One" by Heather K. Beirne and Nicole Montgomery
"Metacognition, or the ability to think about one’s own thinking, is being adopted across higher education. Teaching and Learning Centers are offering campus wide workshops and initiatives, nationally known speakers are being brought in, and the language is even being incorporated into QEP plans. But can these same strategies that are being embraced by subject faculty be used to assist students in the research process? The session will discuss metacognition, what it is, some of its key strategies, and how it is being applied in higher education. The presenters will provide successful (and unsuccessful) examples of metacognitive pedagogy from their own library instruction. The presenters and participants will brainstorm together, using facilitation methods, about how metacognitive strategies can add value to library instruction, even helping to address the threshold concepts of the new ACRL Framework. Extended discussion and brainstorming will surround the different levels of collaboration with faculty, helping participants create a take away list of good, better and best concrete strategies for incorporating metacognitive pedagogy into their library instruction."
metacognition  instruction  libraries  information-literacy 
may 2018 by tsuomela
Shifting to Data Savvy: The Future of Data Science In Libraries - D-Scholarship@Pitt
"The Data Science in Libraries Project is funded by the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS) and led by Matt Burton and Liz Lyon, School of Computing & Information, University of Pittsburgh; Chris Erdmann, North Carolina State University; and Bonnie Tijerina, Data & Society. The project explores the challenges associated with implementing data science within diverse library environments by examining two specific perspectives framed as ‘the skills gap,’ i.e. where librarians are perceived to lack the technical skills to be effective in a data-rich research environment; and ‘the management gap,’ i.e. the ability of library managers to understand and value the benefits of in-house data science skills and to provide organizational and managerial support. This report primarily presents a synthesis of the discussions, findings, and reflections from an international, two-day workshop held in May 2017 in Pittsburgh, where community members participated in a program with speakers, group discussions, and activities to drill down into the challenges of successfully implementing data science in libraries. Participants came from funding organizations, academic and public libraries, nonprofits, and commercial organizations with most of the discussions focusing on academic libraries and library schools."
data-curation  libraries 
april 2018 by tsuomela
Descriptive Metadata for Web Archiving
"OCLC Research established the Web Archiving Metadata Working Group (WAM) to develop recommendations for descriptive metadata. Their approach is tailored to the unique characteristics of archived websites, with an eye to helping institutions improve the consistency and efficiency of their metadata practices in this emerging area. The result of this collaboration is three publications that cover recommendations to help institutions improve the consistency and efficiency of their metadata practices, a literature review of user needs, and a review of web harvesting tools."
metadata  web-archive  description  libraries 
february 2018 by tsuomela
Civic Switchboard
"Civic Switchboard is an Institute of Museum and Library Services supported effort that aims to develop the capacity of academic and public libraries in civic data ecosystems. switchboard This project encourages partnerships between libraries and local data intermediaries; these partnerships will better serve data users, further democratize data, and support equitable access to information. The project will create a toolkit for libraries interested in expanding (or beginning) their role around civic information. In Year 1, to broaden networks and expand resources, the project team will host workshops at two conferences: The National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership (May 2018) and the Digital Library Federation (October 2018). Stipends will be available for libraries and data intermediary organizations interested in participating in these workshops; a limited number of complimentary registration fees for the associated conferences will also be available. In Year 2, the project will offer stipends to partnerships between libraries and local data intermediaries for field testing the toolkit. "
libraries  government  open-data  open-government 
january 2018 by tsuomela
Library Publishing Coalition | Academic & Research Libraries Engaged in Scholarly Publishing
"The LPC is an independent, community-led membership association of academic and research libraries and library consortia engaged in scholarly publishing. We welcome strategic affiliate relationships with other membership organizations with similar values and interests, and relationships with publishers and service providers who are interested in working with the community of library publishers."
libraries  publishing  scholarly-communication 
december 2017 by tsuomela
RECOMMENDED: Computation in Conversation ← dh+lib
"I want to talk today about some of the current work happening around collections as data and some of the challenges that are holding us back from a collections as data revolution, but I really want to focus on how we as data producers can build better relationships and start productive conversations around our own libraries and how being more inclusive about who we invite into our data design and publishing processes can help us generate more usable datasets and further creative and responsible data reuse by our patrons and staff alike. "
data  collection  libraries 
november 2017 by tsuomela
Research Information Management: Defining RIM and the Library's Role
"Research information management (RIM) is the aggregation, curation, and utilization of information about research and is emerging as an area of increasing interest and relevance in many university libraries. RIM intersects with many aspects of traditional library services in discovery, acquisition, dissemination, and analysis of scholarly activities, and does so through the nexus with institutional data systems, faculty workflows, and institutional partners. RIM adoption offers libraries new opportunities to support institutional and researcher goals. In this paper prepared by Rebecca Bryant, OCLC Research Senior Program Officer, and a working group of librarians representing OCLC Research Library Partnership institutions, learn more about what RIM is, what is driving RIM adoption, and the library’s role in RIM."
research  research-data  libraries  metrics  scholarly-communication 
october 2017 by tsuomela
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