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Digitally Endangered Species - Digital Preservation Coalition
"The DPC's 'Bit List' of Digitally Endangered Species is a crowd-sourcing exercise to discover which digital materials our community thinks are most at risk, as well as those which are relatively safe thanks to digital preservation. By compiling and maintaining this list over the coming years, the DPC aims to celebrate great digital preservation endeavors as entries become less of a ‘concern,’ whilst still highlighting the need for efforts to safeguard those still considered ‘critically endangered.’ "
digital  digital-library  preservation  risk  assessment 
december 2017 by tsuomela
Digital History & Argument White Paper – Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media
"This white paper is the product of the Arguing with Digital History Workshop organized by Stephen Robertson and Lincoln Mullen of George Mason University, with funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The two-day workshop, which involved twenty-four invited participants at different stages in their careers, working in a variety of fields with a range of digital methods, was conceived with a focus on one particular form of digital history, arguments directed at scholarly audiences and disciplinary conversations. Despite recurrent calls for digital history in this form from digital and analog historians, few examples exist. The original aim of the workshop was to promote digital history that directly engaged with historiographical arguments by producing a white paper that addressed the conceptual and structural issues involved in such scholarship. Input from the participants expanded the scope of the white paper to also elaborate the arguments made by other forms of digital history and address the obstacles to professional recognition of those interpretations. The result was a document that aims to help bridge the argumentative practices of digital history and the broader historical profession. On the one hand, it aims to demonstrate to the wider historical discipline how digital history is already making arguments in different forms than analog scholarship. On the other hand, it aims to help digital historians weave the scholarship they produce into historiographical conversations in the discipline."
digital-humanities  digital  history  methodology 
november 2017 by tsuomela
The New Analog | The New Press
"What John Berger did to ways of seeing, well-known indy musician Damon Krukowski does to ways of listening in this lively guide to the transition from analog to digital culture Having made his name in the late 1980s as a member of the indie band Galaxie 500, Damon Krukowski has watched cultural life lurch from analog to digital. And as an artist who has weathered the transition, he has challenging, urgent questions for both creators and consumers about what we have thrown away in the process: Are our devices leaving us lost in our own headspace even as they pinpoint our location? Does the long reach of digital communication come at the sacrifice of our ability to gauge social distance? Do streaming media discourage us from listening closely? Are we hearing each other fully in this new environment? Rather than simply rejecting the digital disruption of cultural life, Krukowski uses the sound engineer’s distinction of signal and noise to reexamine what we have lost as a technological culture, looking carefully at what was valuable in the analog realm so we can hold on to it. Taking a set of experiences from the production and consumption of music that have changed since the analog era—the disorientation of headphones, flattening of the voice, silence of media, loudness of mastering, and manipulation of time—as a basis for a broader exploration of contemporary culture, Krukowski gives us a brilliant meditation and guide to keeping our heads amid the digital flux. Think of it as plugging in without tuning out."
book  publisher  digital  analog  signals  noise  technology-effects 
november 2017 by tsuomela
Ranking Digital Rights - Ranking ICT sector companies on respect for free expression and privacy
"The 2015 Index evaluated 16 of the world’s most powerful internet and telecommunications companies on their disclosed commitments, policies, and practices that affect users’ freedom of expression and privacy. The 2017 Index scheduled for launch on March 23rd will evaluate 22 internet, mobile, and telecommunications companies."
digital  rights  privacy  technology  technocracy 
february 2017 by tsuomela
XFR Collective
"XFR Collective is a non-profit organization that partners with artists, activists, individuals, and groups to lower the barriers to preserving at-risk audiovisual media – especially unseen, unheard, or marginalized works – by providing low-cost digitization services and fostering a community of support for archiving and access through education, research, and cultural engagement."
archives  citizen  volunteer  amateur  diversity  minorities  media  digital 
february 2017 by tsuomela
What is Digital Scholarship? - Digital Pedagogy and Scholarship - LibGuides at Guilford College
"Thanks to a grant awarded to Guilford College by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Digital Directions for the Arts and Humanities, our community can explore the realm of digital scholarship, specifically as it relates to the growing field of the digital arts and humanities. From harnessing IBM punch card technology in the 1950s to using scores of Dominican monks to create a concordance in the 1200s, there is a rich history of scholars using available technology to analyze historic texts."
academic-center  education  pedagogy  digital  technology  scholarship  digital-scholarship 
november 2016 by tsuomela
Digital Literacy > An NMC Horizon Project Strategic Brief | The New Media Consortium
"Digital Literacy: An NMC Horizon Project Strategic Brief was commissioned by Adobe Systems to explore an increasingly pressing challenge for United States higher education institutions: advancing digital literacy among students and faculty. Unfortunately, lack of agreement on what comprises digital literacy is impeding many colleges and universities from formulating adequate policies and programs. The aim of this publication is to establish a shared vision of digital literacy for higher education leaders by illuminating key definitions and models along with best practices and recommendations for implementing successful digital literacy initiatives. Findings from our digital literacy survey as well as from the NMC Horizon Project environmental scanning process will depict the benefits of digital tools and approaches, providing positive exemplars in higher education. Adobe’s support of this publication is significant as their technologies are increasingly being adopted by colleges and universities to foster greater digital literacy, particularly the Adobe Creative Cloud and the design, production, and storytelling apps it encompasses."
digital-literacy  literacy  digital  technology  digital-library  strategy 
october 2016 by tsuomela
Home - Digital Preservation Coalition
"Digital information is increasingly important to our culture, knowledge base and economy. The Handbook, first compiled by Neil Beagrie and Maggie Jones in 2001, is maintained and updated by the DPC. This full revision (the 2nd Edition) has expanded and updated content to cover over 30 major sections (see Contents). The 2nd edition was compiled with input from 45 practitioners and experts in digital preservation under the direction of Neil Beagrie as managing editor and William Kilbride as chair of the Management and Advisory Boards. The Handbook provides an internationally authoritative and practical guide to the subject of managing digital resources over time and the issues in sustaining access to them. It will be of interest to all those involved in the creation and management of digital materials."
digital  preservation  libraries  handbook  reference 
june 2016 by tsuomela
Reuters Institute Digital News Report
"This year's report reveals new insights about digital news consumption based on a YouGov survey of over 50,000 online news consumers in 26 countries including the US and UK. The report suggests that publishers across the world are facing unprecedented levels of disruption to business models and formats from a combination of the rise of social platforms, the move to mobile and growing consumer rejection of online advertising."
digital  news  online  media  journalism  audience 
june 2016 by tsuomela
"Digital History and Philosophy of Science (dHPS) brings together historians and philosophers of science, with informaticians, computer scientists, and reference librarians with the goal of thinking of new ways to integrate traditional scholarship with digital tools and resources."
sts  philosophy  history  science  libraries  archives  digital  professional-association 
may 2016 by tsuomela
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