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The Value of W, or, Interdisciplinary Engagements on Culture - Los Angeles Review of Books
"Darwin’s Unfinished Symphony: How Culture Made the Human Mind By Kevin Laland Published 03.07.2017 Princeton University Press 464 Pages"
book  review  culture  evolution  biology  humanism  interdisciplinary 
november 2018 by tsuomela
Habeas Data » Melville House Books
"Habeas Data shows how the explosive growth of surveillance technology has outpaced our understanding of the ethics, mores, and laws of privacy. Award-winning tech reporter Cyrus Farivar makes the case by taking ten historic court decisions that defined our privacy rights and matching them against the capabilities of modern technology. It’s an approach that combines the charge of a legal thriller with the shock of the daily headlines. Chapters include: the 1960s prosecution of a bookie that established the “reasonable expectation of privacy” in nonpublic places beyond your home (but how does that ruling apply now, when police can chart your every move and hear your every conversation within your own home — without even having to enter it?); the 1970s case where the police monitored a lewd caller — the decision of which is now the linchpin of the NSA’s controversial metadata tracking program revealed by Edward Snowden; and a 2010 low-level burglary trial that revealed police had tracked a defendant’s past 12,898 locations before arrest — an invasion of privacy grossly out of proportion to the alleged crime, which showed how authorities are all too willing to take advantage of the ludicrous gap between the slow pace of legal reform and the rapid transformation of technology."
book  publisher  surveillance  big-data  computer  culture 
september 2018 by tsuomela
Matters of Care — University of Minnesota Press
"Matters of Care presents a powerful challenge to conventional notions of care, exploring its significance as an ethical and political obligation for thinking in the more than human worlds of technoscience and naturecultures. A singular contribution to an emerging interdisciplinary debate, it expands agency beyond the human to ask how our understandings of care must shift if we broaden the world. "
book  publisher  ethics-of-care  care-work  nature  culture 
july 2018 by tsuomela
Coming Apart? Cultural Distances in the United States over Time
"We analyze temporal trends in cultural distance between groups in the US defined by income, education, gender, race, and political ideology. We measure cultural distance between two groups as the ability to infer an individual's group based on his or her (i) media consumption, (ii) consumer behavior, (iii) time use, or (iv) social attitudes. Gender difference in time use decreased between 1965 and 1995 and has remained constant since. Differences in social attitudes by political ideology and income have increased over the last four decades. Whites and non-whites have converged somewhat on attitudes but have diverged in consumer behavior. For all other demographic divisions and cultural dimensions, cultural distance has been broadly constant over time."
american-studies  america  culture  culture-war  class  partisanship 
july 2018 by tsuomela
The Sustainable Heritage Network
"The Sustainable Heritage Network (SHN) is an answer to the pressing need for comprehensive workshops, online tutorials, and web resources dedicated to the lifecycle of digital stewardship. The SHN is a collaborative project that complements the work of indigenous peoples globally to preserve, share, and manage cultural heritage and knowledge. The SHN, along with our Partners, organize and offer face-to-face workshops, produce educational resources, and link people and resources through our digital workbenches. The SHN is part of a network of individuals, communities, and institutions who work together to provide each other with digital tools and preservation assistance. We call this: Collaborative Stewardship."
indigenous  culture  training  heritage  cultural-heritage-institution 
march 2018 by tsuomela
How Tech Companies Became a Political Force | The New Republic
books  review  technology  silicon-valley  culture  business  idealism  advertising  surveillance 
february 2018 by tsuomela
"As ideas move from one context to another, something new is created. This continuous shifting of the line that separates the valuable from the worthless, culture from profanity, is at the centre of Boris Groys's investigation."
book  publisher  aesthetics  art  novelty  culture 
february 2018 by tsuomela
The evolution of lossy compression | Journal of The Royal Society Interface
"In complex environments, there are costs to both ignorance and perception. An organism needs to track fitness-relevant information about its world, but the more information it tracks, the more resources it must devote to perception. As a first step towards a general understanding of this trade-off, we use a tool from information theory, rate–distortion theory, to study large, unstructured environments with fixed, randomly drawn penalties for stimuli confusion (‘distortions’). We identify two distinct regimes for organisms in these environments: a high-fidelity regime where perceptual costs grow linearly with environmental complexity, and a low-fidelity regime where perceptual costs are, remarkably, independent of the number of environmental states. This suggests that in environments of rapidly increasing complexity, well-adapted organisms will find themselves able to make, just barely, the most subtle distinctions in their environment."
evolution  culture  fitness  perception  metaphor  computer-science 
january 2018 by tsuomela
How is science like the military? They are politically extreme yet vital to the nation - Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science
Very interesting point that the liberalism of the professoriate is in the same cultural context as the conservatism of the military. Does anyone call for greater viewpoint diversity in the military?
academic  discipline  political-science  culture  military  liberal  conservative  diversity  ideology  political-correctness 
january 2018 by tsuomela
How John Wayne Became a Hollow Masculine Icon - The Atlantic
"Wayne and Ford: The Films, the Friendship, and the Forging of an American Hero By Nancy Schoenberger Nan A. Talese / Doubleday Hank and Jim: The Fifty-Year Friendship of Henry Fonda and James Stewart By Scott Eyman Simon & Schuster"
books  review  american-studies  culture  film  cinema  history  20c  biography 
november 2017 by tsuomela
Why Are Video Games so Sexist? | New Republic
"READY PLAYER TWO: WOMEN GAMERS AND DESIGNED IDENTITY By Shira ChessUniversity of Minnesota Press, 240 pp., $27.00"
book  review  games  gaming  gender  culture  design 
november 2017 by tsuomela
Marketing Modernism - Los Angeles Review of Books
"Cheap Modernism Expanding Markets, Publishers’ Series and the Avant-Garde By Lise Jaillant"
book  review  books  history  publishing  modernism  20c  popular  culture  lowbrow 
july 2017 by tsuomela
Jeremiah, American-Style | New Republic
"Hope in a Scattering Time: A Life of Christopher Lasch By Eric Miller"
book  review  biography  culture  critique  conservative  liberalism  populism  democracy 
july 2017 by tsuomela
The Radical Lasch | The American Conservative
"The Marxian social historian saw past the limits of liberalism to a true middle-class populism."
culture  critique  conservative  liberalism  populism  democracy 
july 2017 by tsuomela
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