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Dissent Magazine - Online Features - Universities and the Urban Growth Machine -
"With mortgage and other credit markets still in the doldrums, universities have become a very attractive option for investors looking for high returns on debt-financed growth. Money capital has poured into construction bonds, student loans, and other financial instruments spun out of the tuition bubble. When universities become the apple of the financier’s eye, they begin to generate debt in every direction, as I have shown here. NYU’s own long-term debt is a hefty $2.6 billion, far outpacing that of other comparable urban universities: Columbia ($1.3 billion), USC ($0.973 billion), and Penn ($1.7 billion)."
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october 2012 by tsuomela
The Spreading Scourge of Corporate Corruption - NYTimes.com
"Just consider the scale of recent wrongdoing. Libor is one of the most important rates in the economy. It determines the return on the savings of millions of people, as well as the rate they pay on their mortgage and car loans. It is the benchmark for hundreds of trillions of dollars worth of financial contracts.

Bigger markets allow bigger frauds. Bigger companies, with more complex balance sheets, have more places to hide them. And banks, when they get big enough that no government will let them fail, have the biggest incentive of all. A 20-year-old study by the economists Paul Romer and George Akerlof pointed out that the most lucrative strategy for executives at too-big-to-fail banks would be to loot them to pay themselves vast rewards — knowing full well that the government would save them from bankruptcy. "
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july 2012 by tsuomela
Half-formed thoughts about Twitter, social silos, web APIs, and mashups « blog.lmorchard.com
"What’s left behind are things that aren’t owned by a single entity. RSS, rssCloud, Atom, AtomPub, PubSubHubbub, JSON Activity Streams, Salmon, WebFinger, OStatus, etc and so forth. We could talk to each other with these things, and make beautiful mashups.

But, a lot of us have been distracted by shiny corporate APIs, building value for others and sometimes making a little for ourselves. Why bother writing a web spider chasing microformatted relationships to build a social graph, when we could make a single HTTP GET and have a JSON-formatted friends list tossed back – and thus, get on with the real thing we wanted to do with that list?"
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july 2012 by tsuomela
Table of Contents — December 2011, 31 (6)
"Special Issue: The Social Study of Corporate Science
Guest editors: David Schleifer and Bart Penders"
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april 2012 by tsuomela
Op-Ed Columnist - The Class War We Need - NYTimes.com
In the age of Barack Obama, many rank-and-file conservatives have been more upset about redistribution of a different sort — the kind that takes money from the prosperous and “spreads the wealth” (as Obama put it, in his famous confrontation with Joe the Plumber) down the income ladder.

This kind of spending can be problematic. But conservatives need to recognize that the most pernicious sort of redistribution isn’t from the successful to the poor. It’s from savers to speculators, from outsiders to insiders, and from the industrious middle class to the reckless, unproductive rich.
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july 2010 by tsuomela
6 Shocking Ways Conservatives Helped Cause the Economic Destruction of America | | AlterNet
Since 1981 America has gone from creditor to debtor, labor share of productivity has declined, wealth has concentrated upward, personal savings have declined, debt has increased, and economic growth has been fickle.

"The anti-government, pro-corporate-rule Reagan Revolution screwed a lot of things up for regular people and for the country. Some of this disaster we saw happening at the time and some of it has taken 30 years to become clear. But for all the damage done these "conservative" policies greatly enriched a few entrenched interests, who use their wealth and power to keep things the way they are. And the rest of us, hit so hard by the changes, don't have the resources to fight the wealth and power."
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july 2010 by tsuomela
Our New York Times Op Ed on the Corporate Savings Glut « naked capitalism
Unbeknownst to most commentators, corporations in the US and many advanced economies have been underinvesting for some time.

The normal state of affairs is for households to save for large purchases, retirement and emergencies, and for businesses to tap those savings via borrowings or equity investments to help fund the expansion of their businesses...

The big culprit in America is that public companies are obsessed with quarterly earnings. Investing in future growth often reduces profits short term.
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july 2010 by tsuomela
Open Left:: Projection Marches On!
it's a whole lot easier to document the projection involved. That's because the dynamic of wealthy special interests supporting street thuggery against "the left" is exactly how both Mussolini and Hitler came to power.
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august 2009 by tsuomela
Revealed: Amazon staff punished for being ill - Times Online
Behind the scenes Amazon, which can expect its busiest day of the year tomorrow, is employing thousands of casual workers in Britain to fetch and package items under arduous conditions. An investigation by The Sunday Times at Amazon’s enormous warehouse in Bedfordshire has found that workers were:

– Warned that the company refuses to allow sick leave, even if the worker has a legitimate doctor’s note. Taking a day off sick, even with a note, results in a penalty point. A worker with six points faces dismissal.
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december 2008 by tsuomela

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