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Yes, It Was That Bad : Democracy Journal
"Network Propaganda: Manipulation, Disinformation, and Radicalization in American Politics By Yochai Benkler, Robert Faros, and Hal Roberts • Oxford University Press • 2018 • 472 pages • $27.95 Cyberwar: How Russian Hackers and Trolls Helped Elect a President By Kathleen Hall Jamieson • Oxford University Press • 2018 • 314 pages • $24.95"
books  review  election  2016  media-studies  social-media  propaganda  politics  communication 
5 days ago by tsuomela
Will a robot take your job? | Inside Story
"2062: The World that AI Made By Toby Walsh | Black Inc. | $34.99 | 336 pages Made by Humans: The AI Condition By Ellen Broad | Melbourne University Press | $29.99 | 277 pages The Future of Everything: Big, Audacious Ideas for a Better World By Tim Dunlop | NewSouth | $29.99 | 272 pages"
books  review  artificial-intelligence  work  labor 
september 2018 by tsuomela
A Tale of Two States - Los Angeles Review of Books
"The Fall of Wisconsin:The Conservative Conquest of a Progressive Bastion and the Future of American Politics By Dan Kaufman Published 07.10.2018 W. W. Norton & Company 336 Pages State of Resistance: What California’s Dizzying Descent and Remarkable Resurgence Mean for America’s Future By Manuel Pastor Published 04.03.2018 The New Press 288 Pages"
books  review  political-science  state 
august 2018 by tsuomela
Normcore | Dissent Magazine
"How Democracies Die by Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt Penguin Random House, 2018, 320 pp. The People Versus Democracy: Why Our Freedom is in Danger and How to Save It by Yascha Mounk Harvard University Press, 2018, 400 pp. Trumpocracy: The Corruption of the American Republic by David Frum Harper Collins, 2018, 320 pp. Antipluralism: The Populist Threat to Liberal Democracy by William A. Galston Yale University Press, 2018, 176 pp. One Nation After Trump: A Guide for the Perplexed, the Disillusioned, the Desperate, and the Not-Yet-Deported by E.J. Dionne Jr., Norman J. Ornstein, and Thomas E. Mann St. Martin’s Press, 2017, 354 pp."
books  review  democracy  political-science  america  norms 
may 2018 by tsuomela
How Tech Companies Became a Political Force | The New Republic
books  review  technology  silicon-valley  culture  business  idealism  advertising  surveillance 
february 2018 by tsuomela
The Invention of the “White Working Class” | Public Books
Review of 6 books on the concept of the White Working Class (WWC). What makes us accept the WWC as authentic, or the bedrock of America?
books  review  class  american-studies  poverty  whiteness  race  authenticity 
february 2018 by tsuomela
How John Wayne Became a Hollow Masculine Icon - The Atlantic
"Wayne and Ford: The Films, the Friendship, and the Forging of an American Hero By Nancy Schoenberger Nan A. Talese / Doubleday Hank and Jim: The Fifty-Year Friendship of Henry Fonda and James Stewart By Scott Eyman Simon & Schuster"
books  review  american-studies  culture  film  cinema  history  20c  biography 
november 2017 by tsuomela
The Party’s Over: Looking Back on Communism - Los Angeles Review of Books
Vanguard of the Revolution by A. James McAdams and Red Hangover by Kristen Ghodsee
books  review  communism  history  20c  capitalism 
october 2017 by tsuomela
Marketing Modernism - Los Angeles Review of Books
"Cheap Modernism Expanding Markets, Publishers’ Series and the Avant-Garde By Lise Jaillant"
book  review  books  history  publishing  modernism  20c  popular  culture  lowbrow 
july 2017 by tsuomela
Lessons of the North Pond Hermit - The Atlantic
"The Stranger in the Woods: The Extraordinary Story of the Last True Hermit By Michael Finkel Knopf The Nature Fix: Why Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier, and More Creative By Florence Williams W. W. Norton Solitude: In Pursuit of a Singular Life in a Crowded World By Michael Harris Thomas Dunne"
books  reviews  solitude  hermits  technology  information-overload 
march 2017 by tsuomela
They Could Be Heroes | New Republic
Reviews: Lethem, Chabon, Eggers, Whitehead, Saunders
books  review  fiction  21c  escapism  literature 
march 2017 by tsuomela
A Time for Treason – The New Inquiry
"A reading list created by a group of Black, Brown, Indigenous, Muslim, and Jewish people who are writers, organizers, teachers, anti-fascists, anti-capitalists, and radicals."
books  recommendations 
december 2016 by tsuomela
<em>Green Earth</em> - Text Patterns - The New Atlantis
Robinson as a technocratic liberal universalist humanitarian with occasional failure to imagine sympathetic political opponents.
books  review  commentary  sf  politics  environment 
october 2016 by tsuomela
"PLAY ANYTHING The Pleasure of Limits, the Uses of Boredom, and the Secret of Games By Ian Bogost 266 pp. Basic Books. $26.99. THE TETRIS EFFECT The Game That Hypnotized the World By Dan Ackerman 264 pp. PublicAffairs. $25.99. DEATH BY VIDEO GAME Danger, Pleasure, and Obsession on the Virtual Frontline By Simon Parkin 254 pp. Melville House. $25.95."
books  reviews  games  game-studies  gaming  psychology  culture  design  history 
september 2016 by tsuomela
TLSWikipedia all-conquering – The TLS
"Jack Lynch YOU COULD LOOK IT UP The reference shelf from ancient Babylon to Wikipedia 464pp. Bloomsbury. £25 (US $30). "
book  review  reference  books  history 
may 2016 by tsuomela
Modern Masters of Science Fiction
"Science fiction often anticipates the consequences of scientific discoveries. The immense strides made by science since World War II have been matched step by step by writers who gave equal attention to scientific principles, to human imagination, and to the craft of fiction. The respect for science fiction won by Jules Verne and H. G. Wells was further increased by Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, Robert Heinlein, Ursula K. Le Guin, Joanna Russ, and Ray Bradbury. Modern Masters of Science Fiction is devoted to books that survey the work of individual authors who continue to inspire and advance science fiction. Books are forthcoming on Gregory Benford, Alfred Bester, Ray Bradbury, John Brunner, Lois McMaster Bujold, Arthur C. Clarke, Philip K. Dick, Greg Egan, William Gibson, Joe Haldeman, China Miéville, and Connie Willis. "
publisher  books  series  sf  fiction  literature  criticism 
february 2016 by tsuomela
A worrying truth | TLS
"Francis O’Gorman WORRYING A literary and cultural history 192pp. Bloomsbury Academic. £14 (US $20). 978 1 4411 5129 2 Stuart Sim A PHILOSOPHY OF PESSIMISM 208pp. Reaktion. Paperback, £14.95 (US $24.95). 978 1 78023 505 9"
books  review  pessimism  worry  psychology  literature 
december 2015 by tsuomela
Talk About the Weather - The New Yorker
Weatherland by Alexandra Harris The Weather Experiment by Peter Moore
books  review  weather  meteorology  literature 
november 2015 by tsuomela
Strategies for Social Inquiry | Cambridge University Press
"This new book series presents texts on a wide range of issues bearing upon the practice ofsocial inquiry. Strategies are construed broadly to embrace the full spectrum of approachesto analysis, as well as relevant issues in philosophy of social science."
publisher  books  series  social-science  methods  methodology 
september 2015 by tsuomela
Object Lessons
"Object Lessons is an essay and book series about the hidden lives of ordinary things, from St. Louis to deficiencies, psychologists to rocks. ↻ Series Editors: Ian Bogost and Christopher Schaberg"
books  publisher  objects  object-oriented-ontology  philosophy  metaphysics  infrastructure  series 
september 2015 by tsuomela
The Creepy New Wave of the Internet by Sue Halpern | The New York Review of Books
"The Zero Marginal Cost Society: The Internet of Things, the Collaborative Commons, and the Eclipse of Capitalism by Jeremy Rifkin Palgrave Macmillan, 356 pp., $28.00 Enchanted Objects: Design, Human Desire, and the Internet of Things by David Rose Scribner, 304 pp., $28.00 Age of Context: Mobile, Sensors, Data and the Future of Privacy by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel, with a foreword by Marc Benioff Patrick Brewster, 225 pp., $14.45 (paper) More Awesome Than Money: Four Boys and Their Heroic Quest to Save Your Privacy from Facebook by Jim Dwyer Viking, 374 pp., $27.95"
books  review  internet-of-things  surveillance  privacy  futurism  futures  internet  technology  technology-effects 
november 2014 by tsuomela
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