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How a Psychedelic Masterpiece Is Made - The Atlantic
"In this short documentary, filmmakers Jason Stanfield and Jordan Olshansky visit the studio of artist Bruce Riley, who paints abstract wonders with poured resin. His art blooms as he works; each layer of dripped paint reacts with the others, creating deep patterns that bear an uncanny resemblance to what a biologist might see under a high-powered microscope. "It's obvious when it works," Riley says. "It's obvious when it fails.""
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[1106.1915] Abstract art grandmasters score like class D amateurs
"Hawley-Dolan and Winner had asked the art students to compare paintings by abstract artists with paintings made by a child or by an animal. In 67% of the cases, art students said that the painting by a renowned artist is better. I compare this with the winning probability of the chessplayers of different ratings. I conclude that the great artists score on the level of class D amateurs. "
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Seeing the Mind Behind the Art - People can distinguish abstract expressionist paintings from highly similar paintings by children, chimps, monkeys, and elephants
Museumgoers often scoff that costly abstract expressionist paintings could have been made by a child and have mistaken paintings by chimpanzees for professional art. To test whether people really conflate paintings by professionals with paintings by children and animals, we showed art and nonart students paired images, one by an abstract expressionist and one by a child or animal, and asked which they liked more and which they judged as better. The first set of pairs was presented without labels
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A Look At a Beautiful Impasse -- Printout -- TIME
Thus emerged the chief form of American museum art in the early '60s: The Watercolor That Ate the Art World. Of course, one could hardly come right out with it and say the works of Helen Frankenthaler, Kenneth Noland and Morris Louis (quite apart from the thousands of yards of lyric acrylic on unprimed duck done by their many forgotten imitators) were basically huge watercolors. But there was little in the soak-stain methods of color-field painting that did not seek and repeat watercolor effects. The big difference lay in the size, the curtness and (sometimes) the grandeur of the image, and in the scrutiny it received from Greenberg's disciples, rocking and muttering over the last grain of pigment in the weave of these canvases, like students of the Talmud disputing a text, before issuing their communiques about the Inevitable Course of Art History to the readers of Artforum.
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Morris Louis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Morris Louis (Morris Louis Bernstein) (November 28, 1912 - September 7, 1962) is a United States abstract expressionist painter, one of the many such painters to emerge in the 1950s
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