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Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science
"Welcome to Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science. Published since 1966, Zygon is dedicated to the manifold interactions between the sciences and human religious and moral convictions. We seek to consider the whole range of the sciences; cosmology and physics, biology and the neurosciences, sociolog
journal  science  religion  from delicious
february 2013
Solve for X
"A forum to encourage and amplify technology-based moonshot thinking and collaboration."
goal-setting  goals  making  futures  from delicious
february 2013
Rawporter ™ Buy, sell, request & share photos and videos.
"Rawporter helps media outlets large and small source raw video and photos. Whether you're a local blogger or a national news network, our Rawporters can get you the affordable footage you need quickly. Our Rawporters are everyday people, ready to use their smartphones and our App to get you the vide
media  business  business-model  crowdsourcing  journalism  citizenjournalism  from delicious
february 2013
Cosm - Internet of Things Platform Connecting Devices and Apps for Real-Time Control and Data Storage
"Connect devices and apps on the Cosm platform, exchange data and ideas with developers, and bring smart products to the world."
internet-of-things  internet  data  collecting  distributed  computers  sensors  from delicious
january 2013
Idea for supply chains of flying drones takes off - SciDev.Net
"A fleet of small flying drones could speed up the delivery of medicines and other supplies to remote areas, and even provide a cheaper alternative to a road network, according to Matternet, a start-up company in the United States."
drones  technology  third-world  supply-chain  medicine  drugs  from delicious
january 2013
National Intelligence Council - Global Trends
"The National Intelligence Council's (NIC) Global Trends Report engages expertise from outside government on factors of such as globalization, demography and the environment, producing a forward-looking document to aid policymakers in their long term planning on key issues of worldwide importance. Since the first report was released in 1997, the audience for each Global Trends report has expanded, generating more interest and reaching a broader audience that the one that preceded it. A new Global Trends report is published every four years following the U.S. presidential election."
futures  prediction  government  intelligence  america  empire  from delicious
january 2013
Tomgram: Engelhardt, Apocalypse When? | TomDispatch
"Ever since, every few years the National Intelligence Council (NIC), the IC’s “center for long-term strategic analysis,” has been intent on producing a document it calls serially Global Trends [fill in the future year].  The latest edition, out just in time for Barack Obama’s second term, is Global Trends 2030.  Here’s one utterly predictable thing about it: it’s bigger and more elaborate than Global Trends 2025.  "
futures  prediction  government  intelligence  america  empire  from delicious
january 2013
The Incredible Muslim Hulk proves to be no friend of Islam either
This is baffling only until you realise these protesters are not truly protesting to make a point. The protest is the point.
protests  islam  middle-east  religion  outrage  from delicious
september 2012
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