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Wealthsimple | Smart investing
Wealthsimple is the smartest and easiest way for Canadians to invest their savings.
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october 2014 by tsanzer
Ello | waxpancake
Ello is a beautiful, simple, and ad-free social network. The Ello interface supports posting and private messaging. Ello allows users to share images, video, text, and sound files in an elegant environment that makes it fast and easy to read, post, and search content submitted by friends. Ello does not mine user data and there are no advertisements. Clutter management tools help users filter noise and minimize unwanted content while helping users focus on the posts that matter most.<...
advertising  money  ello  startup  vc 
september 2014 by tsanzer
Sandwich Video
We make videos, mostly for neat tech products.
design  inspiration  portfolio  video  startup  videos  advertising  marketing 
september 2014 by tsanzer
Hired - Marketplace for Recruiting Startup & Tech Talent
Hired is a two-sided marketplace that connects talent with top tech companies. Originally known as Developer Auction, Hired now works with everyone from early stage startups to large public companies.
jobs  job  recruiting  career  tech  startup  hiring 
july 2014 by tsanzer

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