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Julie Ann Horvath, Product Designer – Medium
On my most recent job hunt, I wrote this narrative-based résumé (in addition to a more traditional one) in hopes of reaching the types of teams that are looking for a candidate like myself. I’m…
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december 2016 by tsanzer
Cliff Seal's Resume | Web & WordPress Development, Design, Creative Direction, and Graphic Animation | cliff@logos-creative.com
I create experiences delivered via the web, video, and print by identifying boxes- and helping others think outside of them.
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february 2015 by tsanzer
David Paul Ellenwood | Résumé
Résumé / CV for David Paul Ellenwoood, Interactive Designer, Front End Developer & Web Geek.
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february 2015 by tsanzer
Thomas Hardy - Curriculum Vitae
The Curriculum Vitae of Thomas Hardy a Frontend Web Developer based in Newcastle upon Tyne (UK).
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february 2015 by tsanzer
How to write a Developer CV/Résumé that will get you hired
How to put together a CV or résumé that will get you hired - specifically how to talk to the different groups of people who will be reading your CV. Although i…
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november 2014 by tsanzer
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july 2014 by tsanzer

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